Top 10 Best Stainless Steel Rice Cooker in India Ranked by Top Brands

Top 10 Best Stainless Steel Rice Cooker in India Ranked by Top Brands

Do you know anyone who dislikes rice? In my opinion, no.

We have all struggled with this goal—perfectly cooked rice that is fluffy and tender—at least once in our lives. However, a stainless steel rice cooker is just what you need if you want to master this technique without being concerned about overcooking or undercooking them.

Rice can be cooked in a variety of ways in today’s society. Using an electric rice cooker is one of the most widely used techniques. These rice cookers are available in a range of colours, sizes, and styles. They may be built from plastic, metal, or ceramic.

These rice cookers can also be used to prepare soup, veggies, or fish. The biggest advantage of utilising an electric rice cooker is that the rice is consistently cooked to perfection. It doesn’t boil over and doesn’t need constant care. Cooking rice quickly and easily is convenient when using an electric rice cooker. With these electric rice cookers, you can make rice properly and effortlessly.

Are you trying to find the best stainless steel rice cookers in India? We have sorted out the 10 best pressure cooker models out of the 32 different models that we tested. Examine the list to choose which best stainless steel rice cooker is perfect for your kitchen.

How We Test

Our picks are based on

  • Types of lids
  • Ease of use
  • Capacity
  • Size
  • Budget
  • Design
  • Multi-purpose
  • Automatic shutoff
  • Warranty
S.No.Best stainless steel rice cookerCapacity of productPrice range
1.Expresso Induction Friendly Rice Cooker1.5L1,734
2.Aroma Housewares Rice Cooker (ARC-743G)3 cups6,412
3.Expresso Stainless Steel Induction-Friendly Rice Cooker0.75L1,910
4.Butterfly thermal rice cooker1L2,310
5.T Terra cookware Stainless Steel Thermal Rice Cooker with Pot5.5L2,099
6.Panasonic SR-WA22H (E) Automatic Rice Cooker2.2L2,898
7.iBELL Hold The World. Digitally! Stainless Steel Steam Pot, Thermal Rice Cooker with Gasket1.5L2,270
8.USHA Steamer Automatic Rice Cooker1.8L2,790
9.Bajaj RCX 5 Rice Cooker1.8L1,898
10.Macook Mini Rice Cooker0.6L2,231

Expresso Stainless Steel Induction Friendly Rice Cooker

Among the best kitchen appliances, an Expresso stainless steel cooker is something every home should have. You can save a lot of time by purchasing this item rather than utilising the traditional pot.

The modern stainless-steel cooker from the brand can easily steam a range of foods and vegetables. Additionally, it can be used in place of the gas oven to prepare exquisite soups, sauces, and savoury rice. Anyone who wants to include healthier, steamed dishes in their daily diet should have this product.

With the simple flip of a button, this pressure cooker can quickly prepare a variety of meals whether you’re late for work or hosting a party at home.


Pressure indicator

The Expresso stainless steel rice cooker has a pressure cooker indicator that ensures user safety when making use of the item. This kitchen gadget also comes with easy-to-hold handles that make it simple for anyone to use.

Premium polishing

The pressure cooker’s beauty is enhanced by a high-quality finish created from premium stainless steel. The cooker’s exteriors ensure its durability and enable it to withstand normal wear and tear.


The 1.5-litre pressure cooker is induction-compatible stainless steel cookware that makes cleaning it simple without tiring your wrist.


The cooker’s base is constructed from induction-friendly materials, allowing consumers to use it with any other induction appliance.

Gasket release system

This device’s internal gasket release mechanism is made to increase security by releasing internal pressure. It stops the device from blowing up.

A lock opener and a whistle are included in addition to the built-in whistle

The Expresso stainless steel rice cooker will have an alarm and an opening lock that ensures food won’t be steam-cooked when the pressure is at its highest. Additionally, it lowers the device’s internal temperature.

Capacity: 1.5 litresIt’s simple to use.polished stainless steel exteriorssimple to washA pressure gaugeManufacturer: ExpressoWeight: 1kg 950g
Utilization is simpler.The item is more strong because of its stainless-steel body.The object’s standard handles make it usable by everyone.An indicator of pressure to ensure user security.Compatible with induction and gas stove.Relatively little capacity.


The stainless-steel rice cooker is made with premium materials and features that are not present in any of the existing pressure cookers. If you’re a working woman, this device can be your ideal cooking partner because it enables you to quickly produce delicious meals, sauces, and more.

Since it contains the most advanced features, such as the conventional handles that make it simple to carry and a pressure gauge that ensures the safety of pressure cooking, you may purchase this item without worry even if you’re new to cooking.

But the product’s exteriors are gorgeous, made of premium polished stainless steel. Additionally, this pressure cooker will reduce your cooking time by more than two-thirds when compared to other models.

Aroma Housewares 6-Cup (Cooked) (3-Cup UNCOOKED) Pot-Style Rice Cooker (ARC-743G)

Are you trying to find a reliable kitchen gadget that could take the place of your cooking pans? You’ve come to the right place since this rice cooker made of stainless steel from Aroma Housewares meets all the requirements for a perfect pressure cooker.

With the push of a button, this kitchen appliance can be used to cook, steam, or warm up many types of vegetables. For nutritionists and those looking to adopt a healthier lifestyle, it is the best choice.

Despite its cutting-edge features, the surgical grade 304 stainless steel used in this kitchen gadget offers increased durability. Additionally, it includes 3 cups of capacity oven that can easily accommodate a family of six.


Easy one-touch operation

With a simple one-touch operation, the stainless steel rice cooker has three cooking options—steam, cook, and auto-shutoff—to help keep food warm. Due to its simple controls, this pressure cooker may be used by people of all ages.

Stainless Steel inner pot

This feature offers a special advantage for this cooker. The pot’s interior is made of surgical-grade stainless steel (304), which is of high quality and has a non-stick coating. It may serve many generations of your family.

Tempered glass lid

When the appliance has finished cooking your food, use the tempered glass lid to cover it and use it as a storage container.

Spatula holder

When stirring their food, the majority of people drop their spatula into the cooker’s bowl. This is when the spatula holder in the gadget is useful. It is simple to store your spatula in the holder after using the gadget, which is located just next to the handle that is typically used.

Compact design

This Aroma Housewares pressure cooker is defined by a compact design with an eye-catching look. Due to its lightweight and space-efficient qualities, the device may be used in even compact kitchen spaces.

Brand Name: AromaMaterial: Stainless SteelThe capacity of Product 3 Cups350W Power ConsumptionDimensions of the Product: 20.8cm x 20.6cm x 26.2cmWeight: 1kg460gManufacturer: Aroma Housewares
It’s easy to use because of the easy 1-touch controls.Automatic heating function.Additional accessories: a rice measuring cup and a serving spatula.Tempered glass lid that covers the food items.Small design and space-efficient.Spatula holders improve the ease of accessInside the bowl is made of stainless steel of surgical grade 304.Serves approximately 6 people at once.Easy cleanup.6 cups capacity with removable steam tray.Exclusively for induction cooktops.


The days of anticipating the whistle, when the pressure cooker would sound, are long gone. When the meal has been sufficiently cooked, the ceramic rice cooker has an automatic power-off function that turns the cooker off.

This item will comfortably accommodate up to 6 people at once, whether you’re a family of six or organising an event. This gadget might be a blessing for those who work regular jobs because it can steam a range of veggies and other foods.

This device includes several top-of-the-line features like stainless steel design, tempered glass lids, spatula holders, and more, while not being as time-efficient.

Expresso Stainless Steel Induction-Friendly Rice Cooker, 0.75L (Silver)

Do you get sick of eating unhealthy food? Are you seeking cookware that can prepare a variety of meals for your entire family? This stainless steel rice cooker from Expresso has high-end interiors and a stainless steel frame that will undoubtedly go with every part of your kitchen.

This fantastic product is packed with a range of possibilities that can replace other kitchen appliances, whether it’s a beef stock or another exquisite soup.

The kitchen equipment is very simple to use and easy to keep clean. A 0.75-litre rice cooker is also included, and it has a lot of features that make it safe to use with gas stoves and induction cooktops.


Stainless steel body

This kitchen appliance has high-quality furnishings that can withstand any kind of wear in the kitchen, as well as a premium stainless steel frame.

Induction stove and gas stove compatible

There is a myriad of rice cookers, but none of them works with induction or gas stoves. To ensure that it can be used with both induction and gas stoves, this superb stainless steel cookware was built using a variety of materials.

Gasket Release Protection

This pressure cooker has gasket release protection, unlike other models. This ensures that the cooker’s top will remain fixed regardless of how much internal pressure is generated.

A lock opener and a whistle are included in addition to the built-in whistle

For the utmost level of security, this cooker also includes an inbuilt lock opener and whistle. It’s crucial to use the whistle properly to release the steam once the meal has been cooked to perfection.

Easy to wash

This pressure cooker is a fantastic kitchen gadget for regular use because it can be easily disassembled into separate components and cleaned.

Producer: ExpressoASIN: B01C1CCEAIItem model number: JK 1011 750Source of the Country: IndiaManufacturer: Expresso, JK StainlessItem weight: 1.58 kgThe capacity of the item: 0.75 litresThe dimensions of this product are in LxWxH 23.5 x 23.5 x 21 Centimeters.
Can suit large families.Induction cooktops are compatible with gas stoves.Polishing stainless steel.It is simple to clean.Easy to use.Plastic was used in the construction of the opener.


Unlike other pressure cookers, the premium stainless steel rice cooker has a stainless steel interior and cutting-edge features. All kinds of food, including sauces made with chicken stock, chicken stock, and many others, can be steam-cooked quickly and effortlessly.

This item’s bottom is made of high-quality stainless steel materials that ensure that it may be used with gas stoves and induction appliances right away. It allows you to prepare wholesome meals without taxing the kitchen’s other appliances.

Its unusual lid and stainless steel design give it a distinctive design with optimum durability. For individuals who are new to cooking, the pressure cooker has a built-in whistle function, pressure indicators, and gasket release security. You won’t have any trouble using this appliance.

Butterfly Stainless Steel Solid Cook and Serve Pot Bowl – 1 kg, Silver

The stainless-steel rice cooker is known for its time-saving features and quick cooking process. It is made with a sleek design and stainless steel fixtures that can improve any kitchen’s appearance.

This object’s exterior has been polished to capture the sense of traditional Indian cultural values. It has a variety of characteristics that make it an important piece for any household.

Regarding durability, it is made of premium, heavy-duty food-grade material, giving it a long lifespan. Additionally, its capacity of 1000ml may be sufficient for larger families.

This gadget can be useful if you’re just starting in the kitchen because it has cool-touch bakelite handles that will make your life easier.


Steel with a heavy gauge

In the creation of this product, heavy gauge steel was used. It can handle high temperatures as well as general wear and tear that occurs in a kitchen daily.

Mirror polish

To ensure long-lasting durability, the stainless steel bowl within is embellished with a mirror shine. Additionally, it streamlines higher steam pressures.

Cool-touch bakelite handles

Pressure cookers no longer slip and strike the boiling edges as frequently. Bakelite handles with a cool touch are included with this appliance. These maintain the internal temperature of the cooking bowl and improve everyone’s convenience with this device.

Food-grade material

This kitchen tool’s design is made of food-grade and non-toxic materials, making it safe for the storage of hot and acidic foods by preventing the mixing of dangerous chemicals.

Four plates and a serving dish

The pressure cooker includes four plates and a serving dish so you can serve the cooked food without using other traditional cookers.

1000 ml capacity

The cooking bowl of this appliance has a capacity of 1000 ml, which is significantly more than that of normal pressure cookers and makes it highly useful when feeding a large family size.

Thermal rice cooker.Dimensions of the item: 27.2 x 27.2 x 24.6 CentimetersASIN: ‎B07D463WQRItem weight: 2 kg 970 gSpecial Feature‎: Gas Stovetop Compatible, Dishwasher-Safe, HandlesAvailable components are: Plates, 4 Pieces plates 1-Piece Pressure Cooker (4.5 Liters), 4-Pieces Plates
Made using high gauge stainless steelPremium furniture.Internal lid with sparkling mirror polish.Cool-Touch bakelite handles for maximum accessibility.Food-grade material to avoid mixing dangerous chemicals.Capacity-1,000 ml and four pieces of plates.Value for money.The gasket release mechanism on this cooker is unreliable.


In the fiercely competitive market, Butterfly’s stainless-steel rice cooker is establishing a strong position. The item’s premium furniture and heavy gauge stainless steel body increase its lifespan.

This product’s lid is made of components that are safe for consumption. It is designed to prevent potentially dangerous substances from contaminating food that is being steamed.

To give a bit of an edge, the stainless steel cooker has a capacity of 1,000 millilitres and comes with additional accessories, including four plates and a serving bowl.

T Terra cookware Stainless Steel Thermal Rice Cooker with Pot – 1.5 kg (Silver)

Are you looking for a stainless steel rice cooker with several uses that can steam many food items? This kitchen item from Terra has a shiny mirror polish to fit your kitchen’s elegant decor.

This pressure cooker is more durable thanks to the top-level stainless steel, which may make it one of the most reliable kitchenware. This pressure cooker is suitable for many gas burners and induction appliances because it is made of induction-friendly stainless steel cookware.

This appliance’s high-quality stainless steel can resist high temperatures and easily outperforms other cookers in this price range.

Additionally, this cookware has a top-quality Bakelite handle that makes it simple to use and aids in preventing accidents in the kitchen.


Stainless steel body

Due to its superior stainless steel construction, this item is completely durable and has a longer lifespan than other household appliances.


The stainless steel rice cooker’s bottom is made up of different components, making it easy to use induction appliances such as induction cooktops to cook many food items.

High-quality and superior Bakelite handles

This piece of kitchenware is made of bakelite, a premium material valued for its properties of heat insulation. The hand won’t burn because it prevents the heat from the bowl from escaping.

1-year standard warranty

The product is made of premium stainless steel. A further advantage of purchasing this product is the 1-year warranty, which guarantees that the manufacturer will fix your item if it is broken.

Item dimensions: 30 x 30 x 31 CentimetersItem weight: 3kg 920gASIN: B0976YV7QFIncluded Components: Stainless Steel Lid, Rice Cooker, Stainless Steel Pot
High-quality, more long-lasting structure.High-quality polish.Made from Rust Free & Good Quality Grade Stainless Steel.Useful on induction devices.One-year standard warranty.With a high-quality BAKELITE handle.Available components include Stainless Steel Lid, Rice Cooker, and Stainless Steel Pot.The product is not as good as the whistle built-in.


One of the best kitchen appliance models now on the market is Terra’s thermal rice cooker. To ensure the most comfortable cooking experience, it has a range of functions and is made of sturdy stainless steel.

This item’s design is a stunning combination of high-end furniture and a slim design, making it incredibly space-efficient. Its high-quality Bakelite handle has excellent insulating qualities that allow it to easily absorb heat and reduce the likelihood of unforeseen accidents.

Along with other components, the cooker’s base is composed of rust-free stainless steel, enabling it to be used with induction appliances as well. It can withstand a high temperature as well as any wear and tear.

To guarantee customers the greatest degree of satisfaction, it also includes the standard one-year warranty. This thermal rice cooker also comes with extra parts including a rice cooker, stainless steel pot, and a lid made of stainless steel.

Panasonic SR-WA22H (E) Automatic Rice Cooker

The cooking plate and automated cut-off feature of Panasonic rice cookers allow for automatic cooking. It includes a handy spherical holder and is backed by a warranty that comes with every Panasonic device. The item comes in two colours—green and blue—and is also made of anodized aluminium for increased durability.

It isn’t too heavy to carry across the kitchen. You can make the food inside the cooker once you’ve completed cooking! a single device that accomplishes two tasks Isn’t that amazing?


ROHS Compliant Material

The Panasonic rice cooker’s body is made of high-quality CRCA, which is food-grade material. Authentic stainless steel is used to make the lid, which is durable. The cookware pan is made of anodized aluminium, which is strong and long-lasting. This is known as ROHS-approved material.

Two-Size Capacity

There are two models of the Panasonic rice cooker, each with a different capacity. One holds 2.2 litres, while the other holds 1.25 litres. It has a good capacity and is ideal for smaller home gatherings like small families of four or more. Cook up to 1.20 kg of rice at once with this cooker to make excellent dinners for your family that will taste amazing.

Auto Cut-Off and Auto Cooking

The Panasonic rice cooker stands out from other cookers because of these two qualities that set it apart from them. The cooker will stop cooking once the allotted cooking time has passed. You’re good to go even if you forget to manually turn it off.

Long-lasting and low maintenance

The body of the new Panasonic rice cooker is made of an incredibly sturdy double-wall construction of stainless steel and anodized aluminium. This increases the cookware’s lifespan and prevents dents and scratches on the interior of the cooker.

Simple to use Bridge Handle

Bridge handles are more comfortable to hold since they have pull handles. Carrying them in hot rice, meals, or other objects is convenient, as is cleaning them.

Built-in Heater Structure

A built-in overlapping heater in the cooker ensures even heating throughout the cooking process.

Control Mechanism

The cooker provides a user-friendly control system that is accurate and simple to operate. There is a ferrite thermostat as well. It enables you to enter the precise measurements to produce an amazing and precise cooking experience!

Rust-Resistant Body

After some time, the traditional cookers start to rust. The new Panasonic rice cooker is offered in two brilliant colours with long-lasting, high-quality paintings. Even after numerous wash cycles and usage, the rust-proofed body is still in good condition.

Power Saving Series

A power-saver series is the newest addition to Panasonic’s line of cooker goods, and it may help you save a lot of energy for a variety of purposes thanks to its automatic switch on/off features.

Precoated Non-Stick Pan

The non-stick component facilitates rapid cooking without losing the rice’s edges. Rice can be taken out by pressing it.

Material: Anodized aluminiumASIN: ‎B00A328ENACapacity: 2.2 litresColour: Blue or GreenPower consumption: 750 WattsDimensions of this electric rice cooker: 27 x 27.4 x 26 cmCapacity for automatic keep warm Function 5 hoursItem Weight: 2kg 840 gWarranty: Two years of rice in the cooker and 5 years on the heaterPackage Contents: 1 Electric Cooker, 1 Cooking Pan, 1 Lid, Warranty Card & Manual
Automatic keep warm capacity for 5 hours.ROHS Compliant MaterialConvenient Lid.Heat-resistant handles.Scoop and cooking plate.High-quality anodized aluminium pan.Capacity- enough for 5-7people.Easy to use & clean.Durable & easier.Good cord length.A Measuring Cup is not included in the package.The Cook/Warm Switch feels flimsy and clicky.


With its long history of producing high-quality goods and ongoing innovation, Panasonic has made sure that its new Panasonic Rice Cooker is both affordable and deserving of the buzz. The ideal pressure cooker option for you would be Panasonic cookware if you have a smaller family and want to upgrade your kitchen’s cooker.

It’s not just reliable but also easier on your pocket. Despite being a great cooker, it is relatively affordable. It sounds incredible, doesn’t it?

iBELL Hold The World. Digitally! Stainless Steel Steam Pot, Thermal Rice Cooker with Gasket

Are you looking for a rice cooker that can finish cooking your rice in just 10 minutes? We at iBell designed a fantastic stainless steam pot to prepare tasty food for your lunch and dinner. This iBell cooker is both attractive and simple to use. Its steel body gives off the impression that you are cooking rice in a steel pot.

Boiling rice can occasionally be challenging since it can sometimes become too soft, and other times it might be left so hard and uncooked that we can’t even chew it. This iBell premium stainless steel pot is precisely built for effortless cooking.

Because it is made of 100% stainless steel, it is more durable and hygienic. This iBell premium steam pot contains an induction-based pot and two handles for convenient carrying along with a high-quality rubber gasket.


Premium polishing

The pressure cooker’s beauty is enhanced by a high-quality finish created from premium stainless steel. The cooker’s exteriors ensure its durability and enable it to withstand normal wear and tear.

High-quality and superior Bakelite handles

This piece of kitchenware is made of bakelite, a premium material valued for its properties of heat insulation. The hand won’t burn because it prevents the heat from the bowl from escaping.

18 months standard warranty

The product is made of premium stainless steel. A further advantage of purchasing this product is the 18 months warranty, which guarantees that the manufacturer will fix your item if it is broken.

Gasket release system

This device’s internal gasket release mechanism is made to increase security by releasing internal pressure. It stops the device from blowing up.

Country of Origin: ‎IndiaItem part number‎: IBL SSCP1500Package Dimensions: ‎34.8 x 30.6 x 29.8 cmASIN‎: B07D7W3F7WItem Weight: 3 kg 750 gIncluded Components: Thermal Rice Cooker, stainless steel steam pot.Colour: SSCP1.5Material: Stainless SteelCapacity: 1.5-litre rice cooking
The comfortable side handles of this Thermal Rice Cooker help you with easy handling.The recommended size for cooking efficiency for a 4-member family.High-quality rubber gasket.Good quality rubber gasket.100% Stainless Steel.Dishwasher safe.High-quality bakelite handle.Easy to clean.18 months warranty.Easy to use.Value for money.A Measuring Cup is not included in the package.


For the best pulao, biryani, or boiling rice, use this iBell rice cooker. Everyone will enquire about your flavours and taste since the rice boils so perfectly. Just set the timer and feel like a professional chef. Purchase it to add convenience and style to your home.

Even if it’s your first time, you can cook rice with this rice cooker like a pro because it’s versatile and simple to use for everyone. You can try tasty rice snacks, and kids will adore homemade, hygienic munchies.

USHA Steamer Automatic Rice Cooker

Here is the dual heating Usha Steamer Automatic Rice Cooker. It is a breakthrough in its category since it has two heating elements: a “cooking element” to prepare food and another “heating element” to keep food warm. It makes cooking rice hassle-free because it includes separate heating and cooking parts that cook the dish and then automatically keep it warm for 5 hours at 60° C.


Tempered Glass Lid For Easy View

Without removing the cover, it is simple to determine at what stage of cooking the meal is. Tempered glass is hard to break, and the steel rim makes it easy to withstand daily knocks.

Dual Heater For ‘Cooking’ And ‘Keep Warm’ Function

No more monitoring with Keep Warm Mode. Two heating components are included with Usha’s electric rice cooker: A heating element to keep food warm and a cooking element to prepare food

Food is cooked on separate heating and cooking elements, which then automatically keeps it warm at 60 °C for 5 hours.

It comes with Steamer And Five Accessories

You may prepare veggies and other steamed food items like momos with the use of steaming baskets. An extra anodised cooking pan gives you versatility while cooking in multiple batches, keeps food from sticking, and resists scratches.

Brand: ‎USHAColour: ‎WhiteMaterial‎MetallicCapacity‎: 1.8 litresWattage: ‎700 WattsItem Dimensions LxWxH‎: 32 x 27.4 x 30.7 CentimetersVoltage: ‎240 VoltsManufacturer: ‎Usha International LtdCountry of Origin: ‎IndiaItem model number: ‎40RC18GS2526NASIN: ‎B07M5ZHXZ1Item Weight: 2 kg 200 gIncluded Components: Cooker, Spatula, Measuring Cup, Cooking Plate, Steamer Basket, Cooking Pan and Instruction Manual
Tempered glass lid for easy viewing.Anodized aluminium cooking bowl.Cord Length: 1.2 m.Side handle for easy carrying.Easy to use without monitoring.Different indications for cooking and keep warm function.Dry boil protection.Separate heating element to keep Warm function.Auto cut-off thermostat for temperature control.2 stages thermal safety – thermal cut-off and fuse cut-out.Heating plate diameter of 165 mm for uniform heating.Detachable cord.Water level indicator on pot.Micro switch with higher reliability.Power: 700 W.Warranty: 2 years on product & 5 years on the heating elementVoltage: 230 V ACIncluded: Cooker, Spatula, Measuring Cup, Cooking Plate, Steamer Basket, Cooking Pan and Instruction ManualNone we could find.


This dynamic Usha electric rice cooker has a 1.8-litre capacity and a 700-watt motor. All varieties of rice grains can be cooked in the cooker. It has an automatic shut-off feature that promotes energy conservation and assures safety. The rice grains can stay warm and fresh in the cooker for up to 5 hours. To make it easy to view inside, it has a glass lid. Additionally, it has two side grips for easy lifting and gripping. The rice cooker has a two-stage thermal safety system to ensure safe cooking.

Usha rice cooker is for you if you want hassle-free cooking with a steamer and several cooking pot accessories. 

Bajaj RCX 5 Rice Cooker

Bajaj rice cookers are kitchen gadgets that flawlessly steam or boil rice. Regardless of what the name might imply, rice cookers can be a versatile tool for making food items. You can use the rice cooker to prepare a lot of food items, from pizza to cakes, that you may not have known about.

Barley or quinoa can be prepared and cooked in the rice cooker. Only the quantity of stock or water used to make the rice needs to be changed.


Aluminium cooking bowls with an anodized finish

The Bajaj rice cooker includes a bowl made of aluminium with an anodized surface. The bowl is stronger and more secure thanks to the anodized finish. The anodized aluminium bowl can also quickly absorb heat, which shortens cooking times.

Steel lid made of stainless steel

Stainless steel coverings for the cooker are included. Steam vents on the stainless steel lid direct the entry of steam. To ensure that your rice is cooked to perfection, you must have excellent moisture levels. Smoke Vent The best technique to maximise moisture is through a steam vent. It is also an Idli cooker made of aluminium that is more durable.

Cool-touch handles for security

The rice cooker has two wonderful touch handles. These soft-touch handles allow you to easily move or operate the rice cooker even when it is hot without risking hand burns.

1 Kg rice cooking container

Up to 1 KG of rice can be cooked at once in the rice cooker. As a result, the entire family’s rice can be prepared in a matter of minutes while other meals are being prepared.

Detachable cord

By nature, the rice cooker is detachable. It means that if you keep the cooker on your dining room table or move it somewhere else, you may easily and without trouble detach the connection.

550-watt power

This rice cooker requires up to 550W of power to run effectively, with an initial power contribution of 300 V. As a result, this rice cooker cooks food swiftly while using less fuel and energy.

Item Weight: 2 kg 290 gItem Dimensions LxWxH: 29.2 x 29.6 x 24.5 CentimetersIncluded Components: Rice cooker, User manual, Guarantee card and List of service centreASIN: ‎B00650QJ8GBrand: ‎BajajColour‎: WhiteMaterial: ‎Stainless Steel, PlasticCapacity: ‎1.8 litresWattage‎: 550 WattsItem model number‎: RCX 5
Automatic/Manual Switch OFF for Safety.Automatic cooking. Hassle-free cooking.Cool-touch handles.Anodised Aluminium cooking bowl.Stainless steel lid.Detachable power cord.Serve 4-5 people.Easy to clean.The base rice can burn if you don’t watch out.It utilizes non-stick technologies.It will not warm your food for long.


With the amazing Bajaj rice cooker, cooking rice takes only a few minutes and doesn’t require any supervision. The outer body of the revolutionary cooker is entirely white. The hassle-free appliance needs to be filled with a lot of water before adding raw rice to cook evenly. It can cook all types of rice in two minutes and only uses 700 watts of power per hour.

If you’re in the market for a rice cooker, the Bajaj rice cooker is a great option for any home that requires speedy and excellent rice preparation. Add the components and the quantity of water required to do the job. Enjoy delicious, tender, and nutritious rice in a matter of minutes.

Macook Mini Rice Cooker

For the hectic lifestyles of today, the Macook Energy Efficient Rice Cooker is ideal. The goal of Macook is to improve people’s lives and exchanges by providing high-quality rice cookers to all happy families.

The inspiration for Macook came from both motherhood and cooking. The two together indicate that mom is preparing food. This is a manifestation of love, which it always is. 

You’ll enjoy it. Additionally, you can offer it as a gift to a friend, your mother, or someone else you like. Because the rice does not stick to the bottom of the pot, cleanup is simple and quick. Most significantly, extremely cost-effective with electricity bills, saving you money!

The ergonomic and stylish design of this electric rice cooker makes it portable with ease. It is made of 304 stainless steel that has been specially thickened. The heating plate made of aluminium is for quick cooking. You may save your electricity costs by up to 30% by using this electric rice cooker. Simply press a button and forget about it until the rice is cooked. Rice cooked in a Macook electric rice cooker for 15 to 20 minutes is wonderful. When cooking is finished, it automatically changes to keep warm mode and maintains warmth for up to 12 hours.

Wonderful curry and fluffy rice are combined in the Macook stainless steel rice cooker to make a delicious curry risotto that you can eat with your food.


Control Panel

The one-button control panel simplifies and speeds up cooking. To activate the cooking mode, you push the button. When the rice is cooked, the rice cooker will automatically switch to the keep warm mode.

Close Fit Lid

High-quality stainless steel close-fitting lid with a big plastic handle that is simple to lift up and down. A vent is built inside the lid to allow steam to escape.

When you’re short on time, you may make a wonderful dinner or lunch in just one cooking session by using this food-grade steamer to cook rice, veggies, and meat together in less time.

Aluminium cooking pan

It comes with a high-quality aluminium pan that is perfect for cooking rice because it transfers heat evenly.

Non-stick cooking pan

Food won’t stick to the surface of another frying pan with a non-stick coating. Additionally, cleaning is made simpler by the non-stick coating.

Cooking Plate

To achieve optimal starch filtration and avoid cooked food sticking, use the cooking plate in combination with an aluminium frying pan. To prevent scratches on the non-stick coating, keep in mind not to use it with a non-stick cooking pan.

Cool-touch handles

You can easily handle or lift the rice cooker while it is hot without burning your hands’ thanks to two practical cool touch handles.

Item Weight: 1 kg 500 gItem Dimensions LxWxH: 23 x 23 x 29 CentimetersIncluded Components: 1 Electric Rice Cooker, 1 Non-stick Pan, 1 Aluminium Pan, 1 Lid, 1 Steam Tray, 1 Cooking Plate, 1 Measuring Cup, 1 Rice Scoop, 1 Power Cord, 1 Sponge,1 Rice ShakerModel Name: ‎CFXB15-3HBrand: ‎MacookColour: ‎GreenMaterial‎: Stainless Steel, AluminiumCapacity: ‎0.6 litresWattage‎: 300 WattsVoltage: ‎230 VoltsLid Material‎: Stainless SteelWarranty: 1-year
2 cooking pans (one with non-stick coating and one without), a cooking plate, an aluminium steamer tray, a detachable power cord, a measuring cup, a rice scoop, and promotion gifts.The small rice cooker’s 3-cup(around 450g).Rice capacity (uncooked) cooks up to 1-6 bowls of perfectly fluffy rice, providing perfect portion control for small families (1- 3 people).Perfect for people in apartments, separate baby food, small kitchens, college dorms or RV trips.Steam vegetables, meat, and fish as well as boil eggs effortlessly with the steamer attachment.Single-button with cook and keep warm function for easy operation.Detachable power cord for easy carrying and storage.Included thermostat for temperature protection of fuse and heating place.3 protuberances on the cooking pan help avoid overflowing rice water while cooking.Easy to clean.Easy to use.Free Gift: Complimentary Non-Stick Cooking Pan, Complimentary Washing sponge, Complimentary Rice setter and Complimentary cooking plate.None we could find.


For a small family or individual, this electric rice cooker is adequate. In the pot, you can cook delicious legumes like wooden beans. With just one button press, the cook and auto keep-warm mode of this cooker will begin to cook rice (you can steam food at the same time with the steamer if needed). It will automatically switch to the keep-warm mode when the rice cooking cycle has finished to keep your rice at the ideal serving temperature.

The company offers limited thermostats, double thermal fuse designs, and anti-dry safety protection. Both are employed to guard against damage caused by improper use or unstable voltage. The non-stick bowl cannot be put in the dishwasher, while the silver-coloured aluminium bowl can. Thanks to the non-stick coating, cleaning is simple. The cooking bowl can be cleaned in warm, soapy water and dried thoroughly.



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