Induction Cooktop vs Gas Stove – Which is Better in 2023? (Comparison)

Induction Cooktop vs Gas Stove

Induction Cooktop vs Gas Stove, which is better and which one is cheaper?

The difference between induction cooktop vs gas stove cost is one of the major factors that decides which kitchen appliance you will end up buying.

Without wasting time, if you also have this question “Is induction cooking cheaper than gas in India?” The answer is yes, an induction cooktop is cheaper, safer and more efficient as compared to a gas stove (we will discuss more in details).

In today’s post, we will closely see difference between induction vs gas for Indian cooking.

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Quick Glance – Induction Cooktop Vs Gas Stove
Induction Cooktop – Efficient, Safe, Takes a bit of time to get used to
Gas Stove – More common, Less efficient, Easy to use

Induction Cooktop vs Gas Stove (Comparison)

Induction Cooktop vs Gas Stove

Difference Between Induction Cooktop vs Gas Stove – Which is Better in 2023?

Coming back to the main question which is better between Gas stove vs Induction cooker, we will go through this case study of ours where we are going to rate and compare both these cooktops in different parameters such as monthly usage, ease of cleaning, maintenance, etc.

difference between Induction cooktop vs gas stove

1. Ease of Usage:

Majority of the Indian kitchens and households are used to cooking on the gas cooktop on a daily basis. Usage is fairly simple with gas cooktop where you only have to switch off and switch on the gas burner. On the other hand, Induction cooktops may be a little difficult to use especially when you are starting as you need to adjust the temperature. In terms of usage, Gas Stove wins against Induction Cooktop.

Scoreline: Induction Cooktop 0 vs Gas Stove 1

2. Visible Heat Levels:

With a gas stove, you are able to see the level of heat clearly and this allows you to change and adjust the heat level accordingly, this may not be possible with an Induction cooktop. Although, some induction cooktops have been launched with LED flames to give consumers that feeling of visible heat levels. In terms of heat visibility, Gas Stove again takes a lead against Induction Cooktop.

Scoreline: Induction Cooktop 0 vs Gas Stove 2

3. Efficiency:

Efficiency is the amount of heat generated from a cooktop that will heat the food. The more heat your food receives, faster it will cook and hence that cooktop will be more efficient. Food cooked with induction receives around 90% of the heat, whereas you will be surprised that more than 50% of the heat is lost in the air with a gas stove.

In our tests of boiling the water on both Induction and gas stove, we found out that it took around 3 minutes to boil 6 cups of water on an Induction cooktop whereas it took 4 minutes and 30 seconds to boil the same quantity of water on a gas stove. Thus, in terms of efficiency Induction Cooktops are clearly way more efficient than the Gas stoves and you will be able to cook food much faster with the Induction cooktop.

Scoreline: Induction Cooktop 1 vs Gas Stove 2

4. Safety:

In the past, we have seen so many gas leakages and fire hazards when it comes to the Gas cooktops. Induction cooktops are much more safer than gas stoves and is an ideal choice for households with kids, older citizens. Therefore, Induction cooktops have an edge over Gas stoves when it comes to safety.

Scoreline: Induction Cooktop 2 vs Gas Stove 2

5. Ease of Cleaning:

Gas cooktops can be a little cumbersome as far as cleaning is concerned. This is because of their complex structure and design. Most of the time, food gets stuck beneath the burners and you will have to remove burners to clean the gas stove completely. On the other hand, it is a lot easier to clean Induction cooktops as the only part of the appliance that heats up is the part in contact with the pot or pan. This means, you don’t have to clean the entire surface as it is already clean. Therefore, Induction cooktop are better than gas stoves in ease of cleaning.

Scoreline: Induction Cooktop 3 vs Gas Stove 2

6. Comfort:

This is one area where Induction cooktops are a lot more comfortable than Gas stoves. In a city like Delhi where temperatures can go up to 45 degrees in summers and with more than 50% of the heat getting lost in the air, that extra heat in the kitchen can make you feel very uncomfortable especially if the kitchen is not well ventilated. So, again Induction cooktops are a preferred choice if you look at the comfort factor.

Scoreline: Induction Cooktop 4 vs Gas Stove 2

7. Cookware Usability:

With a gas stove, you don’t have to worry too much about the cookware that you will have to use. But with an Induction cooktop, you can only use a cookware that is either Steel or Iron. So, you might have to shell out a few extra bucks if you don’t have steel or iron cookware in your kitchen. Hence, Gas Stoves wins against Induction cooktops in cookware usability.

Scoreline: Induction Cooktop 4 vs Gas Stove 3

8. Temperature:

Induction cooktops are able to maintain the temperature better as compared to the Gas stoves. Induction cooktops can reach a maximum temperature of 350 degrees Celsius whereas Gas stoves can reach a maximum temperature of 220 degrees Celsius. Similarly, when it comes to low temperatures Induction cooktops can reach a low of 39 degrees as compared to 53 degrees with a gas stove.

Scoreline: Induction Cooktop 5 vs Gas Stove 3

9. Monthly Running Costs:

Monthly running cost is yet another important factor that helps to differentiate a better choice between Induction cooktop vs Gas Stove. Induction cooktop will require electricity whereas you will need LPG for gas stoves. The price of both electricity and LPG are on the rise, but it has been observed that recurring costs of an Induction stove over a period of time are lesser than the Gas stove’s recurring costs. So, yet again Induction cooktops continues to maintain a lead against the Gas Stoves.

Final Scoreline: Induction Cooktop 6 vs Gas Stove 3

Is Induction Cooking Cheaper than Gas in India? (Induction vs Gas Running Cost)

Is Induction Cooking Cheaper than Gas in India?

There are two aspects to this question, is Induction cooking cheaper than gas in India? First, the initial cost and then the regular and recurring costs of cooking every month.

If we compare the price of an induction cooktop vs gas stove, an induction cooktop is more affordable. The price of an induction cooktop starts from 1,500 rupees, whereas, depending on a gas stove (glass top or stainless steel), expect to pay around 2,000 rupees for a 2-3 burner gas stove.

Referring to the recurring cost comparison between induction cooktop vs gas stove, think about the monthly expenses you would have to incur while using one of these cooktops. With a gas stove, you will need to pay for LPG/PNG connection every month, which might differ, depending on your location.

On the other hand, with an induction cooktop, you don’t need a LPG connection, however, it does take electricity to operate an induction cooktop. Again, electricity expenses depends on the location where one is based.

One of the most important phenomena while comparing cost between induction cooktop and gas stove is the usage. When you are cooking on a gas stove, a lot of heat is escaped in the kitchen, which means, cooking food will require more time.

To be precise, only 40-50% of the heat is retained while cooking on a gas stove. However, while you are using an induction cooktop, efficiency is almost double. This means, 80-90% of the heat is used to cook the food.

In simple words, this implies the energy efficiency is almost double with an induction cooktop as compared to a gas stove.

Overall, yes, induction cooking is indeed cheaper than gas in India.

Types of Cooktops

Cooktops are a great addition to any kitchen that can bring a lot of elegance as well as utility when it comes to the kitchen decor. The earliest version of the cooktops dates back approximately 4,000 years ago but with the passage of time, cooktops have evolved just as anything else.

There are several types of cooktops, but there are mainly 3 to choose from such as Induction Cooktop, Gas Cooktop and Electric Cooktop.

Types of Cooktops


1. Induction Cooktop

Induction cooktop

If you scroll through your Science books, you will find out that induction is the process of producing an electrical or magnetic effect through the influence of a nearby magnet or electric current.

Induction cooktops are a type of Electric cooktops where electromagnetic coils are placed beneath the ceramic glass surface so heat and energy can be placed directly into the metal objects such as cookware.

Since cookware is heated directly with an Induction cooktop, it results in faster and the most effective cooking. In fact, Induction is able to deliver approx. 80% – 90% of its electromagnetic energy to the food in the pan. If you compare this to gas or electric cooktops, Induction cooktops take a lead in terms of cooking efficiency.

Since Induction’s direct heating does not fluctuate, you can easily maintain a steady temperature without burning your food.

One of the drawbacks with Induction cooktops is the usability of cookware. Due to the fact that Induction cooktops works on the concept of electromagnetism, you can only use pots with magnetic bottoms which is Steel and Iron.

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Pros & Cons of Induction Cooktop

Pros & Cons of Induction Cooktop

Advantages of Induction Cooktop

1. Easily the most efficient form of cooktop as food cooked with induction receives around 90% of the heat generated.

2. Since heat directly goes into the food, your kitchen stays cooler, this is a huge benefit especially for not so good ventilated Indian kitchens.

3. As there is no open flame, chances of burns and accidental fires are almost close to none.

4. A lot of Induction cooktops in India comes with pre-set menu options such as boiling milk, making chapatis, curry, etc.

5. Cleaning is more easy with glass top Induction cooktops due to a much cooler surface.

Disadvantages of Induction Cooktop

1. With an Induction cooktop, you need cookware that has magnetic properties such as Iron pots and pans. To give you an idea, a Stainless steel Induction Kadhai in India will cost you around 400 INR. So, if you don’t have this type of cookware, you will have to buy some. 

2. Handle of the cookware can become hot as heating is directly generated into the cookware.

3. Initial cost of an Induction cooktop may be high even though with the time, you will be able to achieve efficiency.

4. Since we Indians are so much used to the traditional gas cooktops, we may end up overcooking the food on an Induction cooktop due to its ability to heat the food much faster.

5. The smooth glass of the Induction cooktop while it looks classy and elegant is also prone to scratches.

Best Induction Cooktop Brands in India

Philips, Prestige and Pigeon are some of the best Induction cooktop brands in India. You can find their cooktops in the range of 1,500 INR – 2,500 INR.

Best Induction Cooktop Brands in India

Best Induction Cooktop in India – iBell 2000 W Induction Cooktop with Auto Shut Off and Overheat Protection is the Best Induction Cooktop in India.

2. Gas Stove Cooktop

what is a gas cooktop

Gas Cooktops are one of the most preferred and common cooktops you will find in Indian kitchens. As the name suggests, gas is generated via flames to heat food through liquified or compressed forms of gas (LPG/CNG).

With a gas cooktop, you get many choices to choose from such as Glass Top gas stove or a Stainless steel gas stove. I have also covered a post on Glass Top Gas Stove Vs Stainless Steel Gas Stove – Which One Should You Buy?

Depending on how many members you have in the family, you can also choose from 2 burner, 3 burner and 4 burner gas stove. There are also manual and auto-ignition gas stoves available in the Indian market.

With a gas cooktop, you are able to see the amount of heat generated and you can adjust the same accordingly using the gas knob. The heat pressure can also go up very quickly with a gas cooktop depending on what you are cooking.

Approximately 50% – 55% of the heat is retained and the rest is lost with a gas cooktop.

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Pros & Cons of Gas Stoves

Pros & Cons of Gas Stoves

Advantages of Gas Stoves

1. Unlike an electric cooktop, you do not need electricity to operate gas cooktops. This gives gas cooktops an edge over any other cooktop especially in rural areas of India where 24*7 electricity is still not there. You can simply use a matchstick or a lighter to ignite the gas flames in a gas cooktop.

2. You have the power to control the heat generated with a gas cooktop as flame output can be easily adjusted real time.

3. Natural gas is also a more eco-friendly form of energy.

4. You don’t have to adjust the cookware too much on a gas cooktop as compared to other types of cooktop.

5. Easier to use, gas cooktops are still the most preferred mode for cooking chapatis.

Disadvantages of Gas Stoves

1. Due to the complex structure and designing of a gas cooktop, cleaning can be a messier affair as you first need to remove the burners to reach all parts of the gas cooktop.

2. A lot of radiant heat is generated from gas cooktops which can make your kitchen very hot and humid.

3. Around 50% of the heat generated from the burners is lost, so gas cooktops are not very efficient.

4. LPG Cylinders along with gas cooktop can end up taking a lot of space in your kitchen.

5. Due to possibility of gas leaks, there is always a risk of accidents with gas cooktops and hence they are not considered the safest option amongst all cooktop types. 

Best Gas Cooktop Brands in India

Glen, Prestige and Lifelong are some of the best Gas cooktop brands in India. You can find their cooktops in the range of 2,500 INR – 7,000 INR.

I also reviewed a 3 burner glass top gas stove from Lifelong under the price range of 3,000 INR.

best 3 burner gas stove in india

Best Gas Cooktop in India with 3 burners – MILTON ISI Certified Premium 3 Burner Glass Top Manual LPG Stove with MS Frame and Brass Burners.

3. Electric Cooktop

electric cooktop

Electric Cooktop are designed to heat the food without needing a flame. There are mainly 2 types of electric cooktops to choose from such as Coil Cooktop and Smooth-top Cooktop.

Electric cooktops are preferred by those who want the food to be cooked on a consistent temperature. The burners on this cooktop are heated using electricity and therefore, you can save on the gas connection.

Unlike Gas cooktop, Electric cooktop can take a while to heat up or cool down and you will have to wait every time you switch on or switch off the electric cooktop.

Due to their dependency on the electricity, Electric Cooktops are not very popular in India. Also, their design is not very robust and requires regular maintenance to avoid scratches and breakages.

Best Electric Cooktop Brands in India

Since this type of cooktop is not very popular in India, Bajaj enjoys a monopoly with their BAJAJ VACCO Electric Coil HOT Plate 1250 WATT PC W/REG.

What Kind of Cookware Can I Use with the Induction Cooktop?

best cookware for induction cooktop

Induction cooking is a little different and unconventional as compared to cooking on the Gas stove. Due to the working mechanism of Induction cooktops, you just cannot use any kind of cookware and hence, some due diligence is required.

To ensure the cookware works on the Induction cooktop, the cookware material must have magnetic materials. This can either be Iron or Steel material cookware. To check if you can use your cookware on the Induction cooktop, you can do a simple test by holding a magnet to the bottom of the cookware:

  • If the magnet sticks to the cookware bottom, congratulations you can use the cookware on the Induction stove
  • If the magnet does not stick to the bottom, it doesn’t have the right materials to work with the Induction stove and you will need to get Induction cookware set for your kitchen.

The Final Verdict: Induction Cooktop vs Gas Stove – Which is Better?

The Final Verdict: Induction Cooktop vs Gas Stove

In 2023 if you have to make a choice between Induction Cooktop vs Gas Stove, we would recommend going for an Induction Cooktop as it is much faster, safer and efficient than the traditional Gas stove. Having said this, buying decision should also depend on your cooking requirements, space available in the kitchen and monthly recurring costs.

Irrespective of what you choose between Induction Cooktop vs Gas Stove, make sure you make a choice considering your future requirements and the technology shift.

FAQs – Induction Cooktop Vs Gas Stove

FAQs - Glass Top Gas Stove Vs Stainless Steel Gas Stove

Q. Do chefs prefer gas or induction cooktop?
A. Depending on the type of cooking, chef may prefer a gas stove or an induction cooktop, or even both for some types of dishes. With a gas stove, a chef has more control on the temperature. A modern induction cooktop also allows a good temperature control, however, it may take some time to get used to it. In a high end restaurant, one has to keep in mind the smoke and other safety features, which is why, an induction cooktop is now a days preferred over a gas stove. Needless to say, in a busy kitchen, an induction cooktop is also better, since it is easier to clean and gets less messy as compared to a gas stove.

Q. In terms of the efficiency, which is better a gas stove or an induction cooktop?
A. An induction cooktop has a faster heating time, since it can direct almost 80 to 90% of the heat to cook your food directly. This is way more in comparison to a gas stove, which only uses 40 to 50% of the heat, and the rest of the heat prevails in the kitchen. This means, induction cooking will use less power, and therefore, it is a much more efficient option as compared to a gas stove.

Q. Can I use induction base pots or pans on a gas stove?
A. Some pots or pans are not compatible with an induction cooktop, since, compatibility with an induction cooktop requires a flat base. However, it is to be noted that all the induction base vessels can easily be used on the gas stove, irrespective of the type of bottom of the vessel. The same may not be true, if you try to use a gas stove cooking utensil on the induction cooktop, since induction requires a flat base, for example – pressure cookers.

Q. Is there a difference in taste of food when cooked on induction as opposed to gas cooktop?
A. No, not really, since the underlying principle for both the cooktops is heat. Having said this, if you have just switched from a gas stove to an induction cooktop, you will also need to get used to the heating time which may differ with an induction cooktop. Lack of this factor can alter the taste of your food, when you switch from one cooktop to another. As long as you know, how to compensate for the difference in heating speed, there is really no difference in the taste of food, when cooked on induction cooktop as opposed to a gas cooktop.

I hope this post on “Induction Cooktop vs Gas Stove – Which is Better in 2023? (Comparison)” was useful and informative to you. I also encourage you to read the customer reviews of any product before buying. Should you have any questions on this, feel free to leave a comment. If you want our team to review a product you are interested in buying, you can reach out to us at, and we will be happy to review it.

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