Best Water Purifier Under 15000 In India 2023

Thinking of purchasing a new water purifier but having a budget of Rs. 15000?

I love that! thanks to your decision to protect your family from water-borne diseases.

However, you are swamped with hundreds, if not thousands, of models from various brands when you visit your preferred e-commerce site to make a purchase.

How do you choose the best water purifier model out of the sea available? Research is the only option, therefore do that.

But who has time to do research in this hectic world? You need not worry because we have you covered.

This is our review of the Best Water Purifier Under 15000.

I have tested and compared all the Best Water Purifier Under 15000 in the market. After that, we have prepared this list to ensure you will get a quality product.

I have written their benefits and drawbacks to help you in making the right purchase.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.


For a month-long testing period, we selected these Water Purifier Under 15000 based on the following criteria:


To assist you to keep more water in the container, be sure to purchase a water filter that is appropriate for the number of people in your family. A small family only need 5 to 8 litres of capacity. However, a large family should choose more than 6 litres. Additionally, to preserve clean and safe water for a lengthy period during the day, make sure that your storage container is manufactured from a nontoxic material or a food-grade item.

Electric / Non-Electric

Directly connected water filters that are used with your tap water supply don’t need electricity and may be changed to keep the water clean using active carbon filters. They are portable and compact in design, making it easy to carry clean water with you wherever you go, but they cannot store water, which is a big issue for many people.

In contrast, electric filters need an AC connection to function in your home and are directly connected to a water supply to filter the water regularly. In addition to removing impurities more effectively than non-electric filters over a long period, electric filters are also more expensive.


Before buying a water filter for your home, the first thing you should think about is your budget. Basic RO and UV water filters typically cost between 5000 and 1500 Indian rupees. If you have a smaller budget, you may want to choose a non-electric filter because it is less expensive yet still effective. To acquire a dependable product that is sure to last longer than any other local brand that you might have seen, it is advisable to get filters from reliable brands.


Before buying your Aquaguard water purifier, you should know that every water filter is cleaned and serviced regularly to remove bad filters. You should get a water filter that has a low maintenance cost or long-lasting filters to save money over time. This expense is known as an annual maintenance charge, and it may be rather significant in some situations.


To get your water free of minerals like calcium, magnesium, zinc, etc., you can pick from RO, UV, UF, and active carbon water filters depending on the type of water you have. One of the greatest water purifiers in the business, RO filters are frequently used with hard water that has a TDS higher than 500 PPM before purification. UV filters are used to filter soft water because they eliminate any ultraviolet light pollutants and protect vital minerals in your drinking water. Instead of adding chemicals to the mix, active carbon filters are packed with charcoal and organic materials to organically clean water. Water tastes more natural and is healthier to drink after being treated with activated carbon, which removes all pollutants and foul odours.

Brand Reputation

Buying a water purifier from a reputed brand is kind of mandatory if you want good after-sales and warranty support. This is the case since regular maintenance, part replacement, and repairs are necessary for all water purifiers. As a result, we have only chosen goods with a solid reputation and widespread consumer support.

Purification Technology

The primary purpose of a water purifier, aside from brand recognition and product features, is to offer clean, hygienic water. As a result, the RO+UV universal purification of RO+UV coupled with a method to keep important minerals in the cleaned water is the basic requirement we established for identifying the best water purifiers under Rs. 15,000 in the market. In keeping with this, we have narrowed down our list of water purifiers to those that include RO+UV+TDS Controller/Mineralizer.

User Reviews & Ratings

High ratings and good user reviews are definite indicators of customer happiness. Before purchasing anything, you should always read customer reviews and ratings, especially if you plan to shop online. All of the water purifiers on this list have received at least 3.5/5 from users.


I have examined every need that a top-notch water purifier must meet. There are many features, including enough storage space, effective purification, indicators and alerts, UV fail alarm, various types and number of filters, voltage fluctuation protection, the kind of material of the storage tank, ability to get both hot and cold water, warranty, maintenance cost, AMC availability and many more.


The majority of people believe that a water purifier’s design is purely aesthetic and has no functional significance however, a good or bad design can make all the difference between an exceptional and a terrible customer experience. The modular kitchen should readily complement the interiors of the water purifier. It should not have the look of an idiot box mounted on your kitchen wall, but rather that of a chic, cutting-edge appliance.

These Are Top And Best Water Purifier Under 15000 In India 2023

S.NoList of the best water purifier under 15000Price List
1.KENT Supreme Plus 2020 (11112)15,499
2.Eureka Forbes AquaSure from Aquaguard Delight RO+UV+UF+MTDS water purifier10,499
3.Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Aura UV+UF water purifier11,499
4.HUL Pureit Eco WPNT6R1 Water Purifier13,299
5.HUL Pureit WCUR300 Advanced Pro Mineral RO+UV Water Purifier9,999
6.V-Guard Zenora RO+UV+MB Water Purifier10,199
7.AO Smith Z5 Water Purifier14,499
8.Mi Smart Water Purifier RO+UV12,999
9.Havells Max RO UV Water Purifier14,490
10.Faber Galaxy RO+UF+MAT water purifier10,899

KENT Supreme Plus 2020 (11112) water purifier

On number 1 we have listed KENT Supreme Plus 11112.

This water purifier comes with a TDS control system which gives flexibility for changing TDS levels. Through this, we’re able to control TDS levels, during our testing. This water purifier is one of the quietest we’ve ever tested. It gives a significant and futuristic feel. Tank capacity is 8 litres which we think is enough for almost all households.

The Kent filter purchased was performing great and producing the tastiest alkaline water for drinking, during our testing. Also, we had rust in the water coming from an old iron water pipe which has been solved by this.

The tank didn’t take much time to fill the purified water. The time it took, during our tests, was average. Water wastage is also on the lower side as compared to other ROs we tested. It was approximately 1.5 glass wastage for 1 glass of drinkable water.

Sabse shudh paani.Zero water wastage.Retains essential minerals.In tank-UV disinfection in storage tanks.1-year warranty + 3-year extended warranty.Multiple water purification process RO+UV+UF+TDS control.8 litres tank capacity of the water purifier.UV LED light.20ltr./hr. High purification.Easy to use.Easy to install.Wall mounted design- best suited for domestic households. Compact design which needs lesser space for installation.Suitable for purification of brackish/tap water/ municipal water supply.Fully automatic operation with auto-on and auto-off functions.High maintenance cost.

Eureka Forbes AquaSure from Aquaguard Delight RO+UV+UF+MTDS water purifier

Here comes the runner-up position, for the Eureka Forbes Delight RO+UV+UF+MTDS.

I can say that this water purifier is very easy to install. The taste and flavour of the water are really good. Also, it is easy to operate as we concluded, during our testing. The design seems to be very good.

During our testing, with moderate water pressure, it takes no more than 15-20 minutes to fill up a 7+ litre tank. The best thing is that the tank is semi-transparent, so you can see the water level in the tank has no issues regarding water levels.

An extra layer of purification for crystal clear and harmful bacteria-free water.Multi-stage water purification.Long-lasting cartridge.Smart LED indicators.Large tank.Easy to use.Value for money.7 litres of water storage capacity.Energy saving mode.Advanced taste adjuster (MTDS).Sleek and compact design.Supports all water sources.Tank full and power-on status.1-year warranty provided by the manufacturer from date of purchase.Easy to install: Table Top & Wall Mountable.7 Stages of water purification technologies: 1) I-Filter, 2) Chemi-Block, 3) Taste Adjuster, 4) RO Membrane, 5) Ultra Filtration, 6) Post Carbon Cartridge and 7) UV Technology.Not a good support after-sales service.No filter change alarm.High maintenance cost compared to the product cost.

Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Aura UV+UF GWPDAURUF00000 water purifier

Next on the list is Eureka Forbes GWPDAURUF00000

There is less water wastage during our testing. The water tastes good as told by all the testers. The TDS controller of this water purifier. works fine. The water tank capacity is 7 litres and we think it is big enough.

This purifier looks gorgeous and elegant. No hideous large stickers pasted here and there. Also, the plastic construction is very sturdy & durable. 

The tank is plastic too with an insect prevention lid on top. It comes along with a 180cm long power cord with an LED indicator power adapter.

Patented mineral guard technology.UV e-boiling technology.Patented Active Copper technology.Ultrafiltration process.Suitable for TDS up to 200.6 Stages of water purification.7-litre capacity.1-year warranty on manufacturing defects.Stylish tap with a metallic finish.Compact design.Elegant look.Easy to install: wall mountable and tabletop.Good taste and flavour of water.Easy to use.Does not feature the pre sediment filter.Returning a defective appliance can be a hassle.No in-built TDS meter display.

HUL Pureit Eco WPNT6R1 Water Purifier

Next on our list is HUL Pureit WPNT600

I believe that this one is a perfect water purifier for any family which doesn’t wish to have extra science in their RO. No water wastage; so we can say that it is extremely useful for households struggling with water scarcity. 

Additionally, it has quick filtration and equally good outflow. Another plus point is its lower electricity consumption, as we get to know, during our testing. It is equipped with 10 litres of water storage capacity. 

This model doesn’t waste much water when compared to other RO water purifiers which is a good thing. The taste of the water is also good.

Mineral enriched water with calcium and magnesium.100% safe water from harmful bacteria and viruses.Large 10-litre storage tank.Smartsense indicators give advanced alerts before filter expiry.Suitable to treat multiple sources of water: municipal water, borewell and tanker water.Advanced 7-stage purification to ensure 100% RO water.Free installation is provided by the brand. TDS up to 2000 ppm.Easy to use.1-year warranty.No water level indicator.Very bulky.Outsourced installation.

HUL Pureit WCUR300 Advanced Pro Mineral RO+UV Water Purifier

In position 5, here is HUL Pureit WCUR300/WCOR500

I can say that the water quality meets the standards. Water taste is good which converts TDS from 1000 to 100. It has very smooth functioning While during water purification time, a moderate hissing sound of the purification process is audible but no big sounds unbearable though. I got no noise issues. 

This model has no LED show lights, it is just a simple unit with good output delivery. When the tank of 7-litre capacity gets full, the hissing sound and wastewater output stop. 

As we draw water the machine re-start to run until it fills the water-tank, during our testing. Filteration wise it was really good when we checked input flow was around 250 ppm and the output was around 24 ppm.

100% safe drinking water.100% food grade plastic.Total capacity 7Litres. 6-stage purification to ensure 100% RO water. TDS up to 2000 ppm.Designed to treat multiple sources of water: Borewell, Tanker, or Tap water.Warranty: 1 year on the product. Free installation is provided by the brand.Easy to install.Easy to use.No TDS controller.No LED light indicator.

V-Guard Zenora RO+UV+MB Water Purifier

V-Guard Zenora MB+UV+RO Water Purifier is ranked sixth. With a long history in electrical appliances including water heaters, stabilisers, etc., V-Guard is a famous brand in India.

One of the most attractive-looking water purifiers in this price range, in our opinion, is this RO water purifier. All of the filters are located at the bottom, with the water tank being at the top. LEDs for all the notifications are arranged at the top inside a lovely water droplet style.

V-Guard Zenora is the best water purifier at a lower price if you’re seeking one that performs well in India’s hard water conditions. It is specifically made to survive long in hard water contains. It includes a special inbuilt mineral balancer that ensures that the water is 100% Pure, Natural, and Tasty. Can treat Water with TDS up to 2000 ppm.

The finest feature of V-Guard Zenora is the MIX BED (MB), which improves water quality and extends the life of its filters.

Easy to use.Easy to install.8-stage advanced purification.One-year comprehensive warranty: Covers Filters, RO Membrane and Electrical Parts, Free Replacement of 2 Pre-Filters, Two Free Pre-emptive Maintenance Services and One Free Re-installation.7-litres large capacity.Long-lasting filters.Eliminates microbes and organic and chemical impurities.UV disinfection.Large dirt capacity pre-filter.Smart LED indicators: Purification ON, a tank full and low-pressure alert.Choice of UV/UF technologies.No UV+UF model.No filter change alarm.

AO Smith Z5 Water Purifier

A water purifier from the famous brand AO Smith is the AO Smith Z5 Water Purifier, Baby Safe Water with 8 Stage Purification. It has a modern, elegant style and a selection of colours.

Simply fill the tank, set the timer, and press a button to get pure water. It has an on/off button, which makes using it very easy and secure. Better water quality with safe drinking water can be provided healthily and naturally.

To increase the water’s alkalinity and reduce corrosion and scale accumulation in the pipes, the company uses pH balancing technology. It also boasts a cutting-edge filtration technology that gets rid of chlorine odour and particles. Thanks to the Alkaline Mineral Tech that it employs, the water’s original flavour is preserved.

Smart digital display.8-stage purification technology: 1)Pre-filter 2) Sediment filter 3) ART MAX (Advance Recovery Technology) 4) SCB filter + 5) Side Stream RO membrane + 6) Alkaline Min-Tech + ZX Double Protection Dual Filter ( 7) Post Carbon block +8) SCMT.Alkaline Min-Tech.Baby Safe water.Double protection of 100% RO+ SCMT( Silver Charged Membrane Technology).1-year comprehensive warranty which includes RO membrane, filters and all electrical and functional products.Easy to use.Easy to install.5L storage capacity.Auto cut-off.Consistent water supply.Energy-saving mode.No AMC is offered.

Mi Smart Water Purifier RO+UV

Since launching its debut smartphone in India in 2014, Xiaomi has advanced significantly. They are now well-known for more than just their smartphones, including a variety of smart household goods including the Home Security Camera 360°, Mi Air Purifier 3, Mi Smart Water Purifier, and many others.

The Mi Smart Water purifier RO is completely white. Although it is undeniably fashionable, given the amount of dust that is present in our houses, one can’t help but worry if it won’t soon turn a light beige or brown colour. The Mi Water purifier may also be connected to the Mi Home app, which displays real-time Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) levels in the filtered water as well as the original water quality.

The brand presents the Mi Smart Water Purifier RO’s five-step water filtration process. It combines the technologies of reverse osmosis (RO) and ultraviolet (UV) to purify the water.

Advanced Penta purification process.In-Tank UV Sterilization.DIY Filter Replacement.Smart App Connectivity.Easy to Clean.7-litre Capacity.Real-Time TDS Monitoring.Auto Water Level Detector.Minimalist Design.Filter Life of up to 12 Months.Real-Time Filter Life Monitoring.Installation as per your Convenience (Wall-mounted).Buy filter in one click.1 Year Limited Warranty.UV light inside the water tank.The water wastage is too high in this water purifier.

Havells Max RO UV Water Purifier

The Havells Max RO+UV Water Purifier is an improved model of the Havells Pro water purifier. The key difference between the two is that Max RO+UV offers 7 stages of purification while Pro RO+UV gives 6 stages.

The “Revitalizer Cartridge” is the last stage of purification added by Havells Max RO+UV. The water is not further purified in the seventh step of filtration, but it is made healthier by rearranging the water molecules. The biological activity of the purified water is increased through this treatment, which enhances hydration and mineral absorption.

The design of the Havells Max RO+UV is innovative yet incredibly simple. This advanced 7 Stage RO+UV purifier not only has a stunning aesthetic but also offers reliable purification.

It is simple to mount a Havells Max on a tabletop, a straight wall, or a corner. Havells Max is offered in a striking dual-tone mix of aqua green and white.

This Havells water purifier has a special soft-touch faucet design that ensures smooth flow, zero contamination, and no splashes, in contrast to other water purifiers that have a tap for water distribution.

Power and error indicator.Tank full indicator.One-year product warranty.Purification process indicator.Easy to use.Easy to install.iProtect purification monitoring.Electrical protection system.Mineralz fortification.Absolute safety through 100% RO and UV purification.Has a fairly large storage capacity.It has several alerts like UF, UV, and pump failure.You get a removable tank.Get a free installation service.A small and space-saving design.Best-in-class purification technology.Value for money.High maintenance cost.Not a good support service.

Faber Galaxy RO+UF+MAT water purifier

An elegant and attractive white water filter with a 9-litre capacity to store mineral water in a food-grade plastic tank is the Faber Galaxy RO+UF+MAT water purifier. Every drop of water you drink is sweet and always safe thanks to RO+UF+MAT.

It is the best water purifier in India because it includes an energy-saving motor that automatically switches off when the tank is full, sparing you from having to wait for the water filter to fill.

The 7-step mineral purification system will completely purify your water if you are worried about pollutants like copper, calcium, and magnesium in your drinking water.

Additionally, because the water filter body is composed of a sturdy ABS material, it may be used at home for hours while continually supplying safe and clean drinking water.

Free external sediment filter.TDS removal.7stage water purification.Mineral addition technology.9litres large tank.Copper guard technology.12 months product warranty.Free installation is provided on this product by the manufacturer.ABS food grade plastic with germ block technology.Smart energy saving mode.No hot water dispenser.No cold water dispenser.High maintenance charge.

Wrapping It Up

Choosing the best water purifier under 15000 in India can be a difficult task. One of the hardest decisions to make when trying to find a water purifier in India is deciding which one might be the best for you. That’s why we’ve created this list that includes some of our favourite options, as well as what features are important and how they can help with your decision-making process.

So it’s important to know what type of water purifier you need, how many gallons per minute it has, and if there is UV protection for bacteria. If any of these features are unclear or if you have any other questions about our buying guide or list of top-rated water filters under 15000 INR, leave us a comment!

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