Best Water Heater In India 2023

Best Water Heater In India
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There is nothing more soothing than a perfect hot water shower! Thus a water heater is one of the most essential home appliances that you can have. But when it comes to buying a water heater for your household use, you must make an informed decision because it will be in use continuously for a while. A little bit of research will help you get the best water heater you require.

And so…

If you are looking for the best water heater in India but feeling overwhelmed by plenty of options available?  Browse through our extensive list of the best water heater of top models in India to choose the one that best suits the family size and is a budget-friendly option for your household need.

This is our review of the Best Water Heater In India 2023.

We have tested and compared all the Best Water Heater on the market. After that, we have prepared this list to ensure you will get a quality product.

We have written their benefits and drawbacks to help you in making the right purchase.

Lets’ get started!

How We Tested

Over the course of a month-long testing period, we selected these Water Heater based on the following criteria:

  • Does it have good heating rates?
  • Does it come with a large capacity for holding water?
  • Does it come with a thermostat to maintain the temperature of water inside?

Our picks are based on product warranty, storage capacity, maximum energy efficiency, features, service quality, pricing, durability and brand popularity below.

We have added a detailed comparison table at the end of the article to help you in comparing each product’s features.

Don’t forget to check it out.

These Are Top 10 Best Water Heater In India 2023

Bajaj New Shakti Storage 15 Litre Vertical Water Heater, White, 4 Star

The wait is over in position 1, comes Bajaj New Shakti.

The vertical water heater is equipped with an Incoloy heating element which will provide efficiency and good life. We found that this geyser heats the water quite faster. 

The unique feature of this geyser is that it is lined with a special protection device which will keep the elements and tank all right and safe from corrosion. The swirl flow technology of this water heater ensures 20% faster heating of water and saves electricity.

It can reportedly sustain pressure up to 8 bars, making a high rise building suitable for it. To avoid worrying about combining cold and hot water, it contains a temperature control that allows you to change the temperature of the stored water. The appliance has a single, all-inclusive guarantee that lasts for two years for the heating element and five years for the tank. Due to its vertical design, the Bajaj 15 L water heater may be fitted in bathrooms with large wall spaces.

Energy-efficient water heater.Reliable multiple safety systems for protection against dry heating, overheating and over-pressure.The swirl flow technology ensures 20% faster heating of water and saves energy at the same.Geyser rust-proof external body.Titanium armour technology.Suitable for high rise building.15-litre vertical water heater.Adjustable water temperature.Unique temperature dial indicator.4 Star Rated (According to BEE 2015 Guidelines).2-year warranty on product and 5 years on inner tank.Rated Pressure 0.70 MPA.Special Protection Device attracts harmful salts and keeps the element and tank healthy and safe from corrosion.Suitable for High Pressure and Pressure Pump Installations.2 KW Heating ElementFire Retardant cable with 3 pin plug.Glass-lined Coated Inner Tank.High efficiency and long life Incoloy Heating Element.Easy to use.Value for money.Durability.High installation charges.Pipes are not included.3-pin plug not included.

AO Smith HSE-VAS-X-025 Storage 25 Litre Vertical Water Heater (Geyser) White 5 Star

As a runner-up, we have listed AO Smith HSE-VAS-025.

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This geyser offers a combination of features and benefits homeowners will appreciate in an electric water heater. We prefer that medium and large-sized families should go for this elegant water heater. 

This water heater offers the same features and technology as the above water heater which is also from the brand AO Smith. We felt glad to see that this geyser also offers double protection with a thermal cut-out and multi-function safety valve.

It has a strong anode rod that can function in hard water conditions, further protecting the tank and heating element. The hot water temperature is controlled by a thermostat, which turns off when the desired temperature is reached. This water heater has a dual protection system with thermal cut-outs and a multi-purpose safety valve for your protection.

Unmatched performance.Maximum energy savings.Sturdy tank.Blue diamond glass lined tank.Superior heating.25 litres storage water heater.Temperature control knob.Thermal cutout and safety valve.Long-lasting anode rod.Compact size.Easy to install.Warranty: 7 years on the inner tank, 2+1* years extended warranty on glass coated heating element and 2 years comprehensive.Pricey.Takes time to heat up.Installation isn’t free.

AO Smith SDS-GREEN SERIES-015 Storage 15 Litre Vertical Water Heater (Geyser) White 5 Star

In position 3, comes AO Smith SDS Green Series.

This water heater is available in a wide range of water capacities. So we prefer that this water geyser is suitable and ideal for all small-sized families, medium-sized families and large-sized families. In addition, this water heater comes with a 7-year warranty. 

We found its heating element glass-coated which prevents scale formation and extends the heating element life. We found that this water heater has an energy-efficient PUF injection technology. This advanced PUF technology ensures uniform and high-density foam distribution. Zero gaps between the tank and insulation offer maximum energy efficiency and power savings.

Durable water tank.Unique dual-tone fascia.Blue diamond glass-lined tank gives longer life even in hard water.Superior heating element for long tank life.Easy temperature settings to suit your hot water needs.7 years warranty on tank.4 years extended warranty on glass coated heating element.2 years comprehensive warranty.Easy to install.Energy-efficient way.15-litre vertical water heater.Unusual noise.

V-Guard Victo 6 Litre Water Heater (BEE 5 Star Rated), White

The next geyser listed by us is, the V-Guard Victo.

This 5-star energy star geyser is extremely energy efficient which will reduce your electricity bill for sure. We found that this water heater is anti-corrosive and we tested it for hard water also. 

It is equipped with a temperature control knob for setting the temperature, between 25-75°C. This water geyser is quite safe. The advanced thermostat & thermal cut-out mechanism is provided in this geyser which provides dual overheat protection. The geyser offers multi-layer protection against corrosion & scaling.

6-litre storage water heater.Choose according to your family size: 6L, 10L, 15L or 25 litres capacity.Superior energy efficiency, bringing down the energy consumption and lowering your electricity bills.Extra thick PUF insulation.Superior Incoloy 800 heating element.Titanium enriched vitreous enamel glass line coating.Suitable for hard water usage.Suitable for high rise building up to 35 Floors.Extra thick sacrificial magnesium Anode for additional protection.Single weld line tank design.Dual overheating protection.Pressure release valve.Safe and pungent-free water.A stylish LED green indicator that indicates power and red indicating the heating status.A convenient Temperature Control Knob that adjusts the temperature between 35-75°C.Easy to install.Value for money.No free installation.Geysers take longer to heat.

Bajaj Flora Instant 3 Litre Vertical Water Heater, 3KW, White

In position 5, it is the Bajaj Flora Instant water heater.

This water geyser comes with a warranty of 2 years on the product; 3 years on the heating element and 5 years on the tank. In addition, this water heater can be used in high-rise buildings. Other key features of this product are, its outer body material, which will prevent rusting and corrosion inside the water heater. 

This geyser is equipped with different kinds of safety systems. In our tests, we concluded that these safety systems can protect against dry heating, overheating and overpressure.

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Elegant body shell.Instant water heater.Thermoplastic outer body of the geyser.2 years warranty.Fire retardant cable.Neon indicator for “ON” and “Heating”.Suitable for high-rise buildings.Water tank 5 years warranty.3 litre capacity.Easy to use.Value for money.3 years warranty on heating element.Multiple safety systems for protection against dry heating, overheating and overpressure.Installation is not free.Plug top is not provided.Connector pipes are not provided.It takes time to warm water.

Havells Instanio 3-Litre Instant Geyser (White/Blue)

In the sixth position, we have Havells Instanio 3-Litre Instant Geyser (White/Blue)

The Havells Instanio 3-Litre instant geyser is perfect for a small household because it has a body that is resistant to rust and shock and has a classic style. The unique LED indication that comes with this geyser changes from blue to amber as the water heats up. Additionally, the 304-grade ultra-thick stainless steel inner tank keeps your water clean and safe. With a 0.65 MPa Bar Pressure, this geyser can be used for pressure pump applications as well as high-rise buildings.

Fire retardant power cord.Rust and shockproof outer body.ISI certified.Instant water heater.Stainless steel inner tank of 304 grade.Color-changing LEDs that change from blue to amber to indicate the hotness of the water.Suitable for high-rise buildings and pressure pump applications. The multi-function valve prevents pressure to increase beyond .65 Mpa bar.Easy to use.Easy to install.Not suitable for whole house water heating.3 pin top has to be purchased.

Racold Eterno Pro 25Litres Vertical 5 Star Storage Water Heater (Geyser)

The Eterno Pro water heater is intended to be a reliable companion for your wonderful morning. Bathing with Racold Eterno pro is personalized. With the help of its Smart Bath Logic features, warm water is constantly available at the degree you want.

Eterno manifests itself as the result of Racold’s constant innovation helping you save up to 40%* more power. Hot water shower made smart.

Superior durability and resist capacity may be found in the Eterno Pro water heaters. It has a heating element and a titanium steel tank that was specially developed to withstand pressure and water impurities. Your water heater is appropriate for high-rise buildings and high-pressure pump applications since it has a high pressure withstanding capacity.

Smart bath logic.Titanium plus technology.Special Titanium enamelled heating element of this storage water heater gives better protection and longer life.Eterno Pro comes with complete safety for your family against high temperature and pressure with Safety Plus.High-pressure resistance.A special anode used with the heating element employs an electrolytic process that protects it from corrosion.A special deflector ensures slow mixing of hot and cold water in the inner container.Superbrand.Also available in 10 and 15 litres storage water heater.Pricey.Takes time to heat.

Orient Electric Enamour Plus 25-Litre Vertical Storage Water Heater BEE 5 Star (White)

The Orient Electric Enamour Plus 25-Litre Vertical Storage Water Heater, another excellent 25-litre geyser on our list, has an IPX4 waterproof body and titanium enamel coating that assist boost its durability even in the humid atmosphere of the bathroom. Additionally, the heating element with the glass line coating provides effective heating and produces 20% more hot water.

This cutting-edge geyser is supported by patented Whirl Flow Technology, which aids in avoiding direct contact between cold and hot water for quicker heating and low energy consumption. For improved heat retention, this geyser also has a magnesium anode rod and puff insulation. Using a personalised temperature setting, you can also adjust the temperature to suit your needs. Not to mention, this geyser has multiple safety systems that assure increased security while it is in use.

Glass line coating.Available in sizes 15 and 25 litres storage water heater.3 pin plug.Titanium enamel coating.Patented whirl flow technology.Better heat retention.Customized temperature setting.Equipped with multifunction safety features like a pressure release valve, vacuum release valve, drain valve and non-return valve the water heater ensures enhanced safety while it is in use.PUF Insulation.Easy to install.Value for money.Dial temperature display shows actual water temperature.Anti-bacterial tank.IPX4 waterproof body.ABS shockproof body.Loud annoying sound instant geyser.

Panasonic Duro Digi 25L Water Heater with Free Pipe and Installation (White)

The Panasonic Duro Digi 25L Geyser is the most expensive option on our list, however, it is typically offered for around Rs. 9,496 throughout the year. Its price is practically around Rs. 15k. Also available in a 10 and 15 litres capacity. This geyser comes with a glass-lined coated inner tank and heating element for better heating efficiency and long-term durability.

Additionally, a magnesium anode prevents corrosion caused by hard water in the geyser. Its thick and high-density PUF aids in reducing the amount of electricity used. The temperature can be adjusted via the digital display as per your preferences. Additionally, the geyser has IPX4 protection, which makes it waterproof and shockproof.

Easy to install.Glasslined inner tank.Glass-lined heating element.Magnesium anode.3 years product warranty.4 years heating element warranty.10 years inner tank warranty.IPX 4 protection.LED digital display.Multi-function valve.8 bars rated pressure.Heavy.No free installation.

Crompton Arno Neo 15-L 5 Star Rated Storage Water Heater (Geyser)

This 5-star Arno Neo ASWH -3015 from Crompton, ideal for a medium-sized household, is supported by twin indicator lamps and aids the consumer in reducing their electricity use. This geyser offers excellent performance even with hard water and is sufficient to supply long-term use of hot water for workplaces, high-rise buildings, etc.

Better heating efficiency is guaranteed by the tank’s insulation and nano polymer coating, which also helps to regulate the water’s overall temperature. Additionally, the heater has a strong frame and a copper heating element that reduce the likelihood of leaks. Additionally, it includes a safety valve feature and an advanced three-level safety protection system that assists in relieving pressure and releasing water in the event that the pressure exceeds the set limits.

Powerful heating element.5-star rated energy efficient.Rust-free body.Advanced 3-level safety.Nano poly bond technology.Smart energy management.Smart shield.Temperature control knob.8 bar pressure rating.Value for money.Capillary Thermostat.Automatic thermal cut-out.Multi-functional valve to provide higher safety.Heavyweight.Big in size.

Which Brand Of Water Heater Is Best In India?

You will get to see a lot of Water Heater brands in India, which claim themselves to be the best. It can get overwhelming to decide which brand you should choose. We will help you to clear this confusion. We will tell you about those brands which are actually really good, best and those who have ruled the hearts of the Indian people for many years. 

We have made a list of our best Water Heater brands in this way which includes the company’s popularity, customer service and the quality of their products.

To prepare this list, we consulted many people who were using the Water Heater and  interrogated them about what they liked about the brand and asked them to give unbiased reviews and honest feedback.

These Are the Best Water Heater Brands In India




A.O. Smith





Comparison Table Of Best Water Heater

Many Water Heater have different features, how good it would be if you were told the features of all the Water Heater in a single list. To help you to compare the Water Heater we have made a product comparison table.

Let’s look at this product comparison table of top Water Heater: 

S.NoTop-quality Water Heater In India 2023Key featuresPressureAvailable sizesPrice
1.Bajaj New Shakti Vertical 15 Litres Storage Water HeaterSuitable for high rise buildings.Titanium armour technology.Rust-proof external body.Energy-efficient.Multiple safety systems.Swirl flow technology.8 bar pressure10, 15 and 25 litres6,399; 7,039 and 8,199
2.AO Smith HSE-VAS-X-025 25 Vertical Litres Storage Water Heater Blue diamond glass-lining.Glass coated Incoloy heating element.Thermal cutout and safety valve.Uniform heating even in hard water conditions.Temperature control knob.Insulated PUF for superior heat retention.IPX4 ratedLong-lasting anode rod.Compact size.8 bar pressure15 and 25 litres7,165 and 8,286
3.AO Smith SDS-GREEN SERIES-015 15 litres Storage Vertical Water HeaterUnique dual-tone fascia.Blue diamond glass-lining.Uniform heating even in hard water conditions.Glass-coated Incoloy heating element.Ergonomic knob and display options.Easy temperature setting.8 bar pressure10, 15 and 25 litres9,749 and 10,749
4.V-Guard Victo Water HeaterCFC-free higher density PUF insulation.Suitable for hard water usage.Suitable for high-rise buildings up to 35 floors.Extra thick sacrificial magnesium anode.Single weld line tank design.2 kW Nickel enriched Heating Element.8 bar pressure6, 10, 15 and 25 litres6,352; 6,497; 6,860 and 7,632
5.Bajaj Flora Instant 3 litres storage Water Heater, 3KWFire retardant cable.High pressure withstanding enabling to use in high-rise buildings.Outer body material- prevents rusting and corrosion.Multiple safety systems for protection against dry heating, overheating and overpressure.Neon Indicator for power on & heating function.ISI Approved.6.5 bar pressure1L, 3L with 3KW and 3L with 4.5KW2,579; 3,350 and 3,979
6.Havells Instanio 3-Litre Instant Geyser Colour-changing LEDs that change from blue to amber to indicate the hotness of the water.Rust and shock proof ABS outer body for long life.Stainless steel inner tank of 304 grade.Suitable for high rise buildings and pressure pump applications.ISI Marked and ISI certification.0.65 MPa bar pressure1L: 3KW, 4.5KW3L: 3KW, 4.5KW6L1L: 2,949; 3,6903L: 3,556; 3,9996L: 7,800
7.Racold Eterno Pro vertical 25 litres storage water heater (Geyser)Smart Bath Logic.SPHP.Safety Plus.Titanium plus.High Pressure Resistance.Smart Guard.Smart Mix.Temp Regulator Knob7 bar pressure10L, 15L and 25L10L: 7,49915L: 8,59925L: 9,299
8.Orient Electric Enamour Plus vertical 25-Litres storage water heaterUltra diamond glassline tank.Patented Whirlflow Technology.Titanium Enamel Coated Tank for Longevity.Magnesium Anode Rod for enhanced tank life.IPX4 water proof body.ABS shock proof body.Temperature control.PUF Insulation.Dial temperature display shows actual water temperature.Customized Temperature Setting.8 bar pressure15L and 25L15L: 7,04925L: 8,149
9.Panasonic Duro Digi 25L Water HeaterGlasslined inner tank.Glasslined heating element.Magnesium anode.LED digital display.4 in 1 Multi function valve.IPX4 water protection.8 bar pressure10L, 15L and 25L10L: 8,99015L: 8,89525L: 9,499
10.Crompton Arno Neo 15-L Storage Water HeaterCrompton water heater comes with advanced level safety.Smart shield corrosion protection.Powerful heating element.Smart energy management.Temperature control knob.Nano polybond technology.8 bar pressure6L, 10L, 15L and 25L6L: 4,99910L: 5,58715L: 5,79925L: 6,880

Wrapping It Up

The water heaters/ geysers in India have become necessities during harsh winters.

The market is filled with numerous brands and product variants. While more mature brands are producing newer variants and versions with high-tech features, new brands are entering markets with competitive prices.

So, the decision-making process can seem to be much more complicated. In this post, we have given all the best water geysers which you can consider. You can go for a geyser which is suitable for your home use.

If you want to know more about Water Heater, then you should read our article containing an in-depth Research Buyer guide on Water Heater. After reading it, you will understand which Water Heater is right and best for you.




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