Top 7 Best Vegetable Chopper in India (2022) - (Updated Manual Vegetable Choppers)

Best Vegetable Chopper in India

Looking for the Best Vegetable Chopper in India? If yes, stay here and within 10 minutes, you will know everything you need to know about the best manual vegetable chopper in India. 

There are 2 types of vegetable choppers, manual and electric vegetable choppers.

In a manual chopper, there is a string and a few blades. You pull the string and the blades will act as a vegetable cutter. The best vegetable chopper for Indian cooking will cost you around 300 rupees. This type of manual chopper is easy to operate, requires less maintenance, and is affordable.

On the other hand, an electric vegetable chopper works with the push of a button, and you will have to pay around 800 to 900 rupees to get one of those. With an electric chopper, there is no manual work.

To give an idea, some of the best vegetable chopper brands in India are –

  • Pigeon
  • Ganesh
  • Prestige
  • Amazon
  • Wonderchef
  • Nova
  • Artikel

If you are short on time, Pigeon and Ganesh Plastic Vegetable Chopper Cutter are the best quality vegetable chopper in India in 2022.

While looking for the best hand chopper in India, it is important to check:

  • Number of blades in the manual vegetable chopper
  • Quality of the blade
  • Ease of use and cleaning
  • Capacity of the vegetable chopper
  • Is there a warranty on the chopper

To give you an idea, this is how your vegetables will look after using the vegetable chopper. You can also check out our comprehensive Buying Guide on the best vegetable cutter in India.

Best Vegetable Chopper in India
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Now, before we move to the reviews of the best vegetable chopper in India, let’s take a look at the best vegetable chopper brands in India.


Top Picks


Vegetable Chopper



Model Type


Check Price


350 ml

String Pulley

30 days


725 ml

Box Type



350 ml

String Pulley

1 year


725 ml

String Pulley



500 ml

Box Type

1 year



String Pulley

1 year


900 ml

String Pulley


Top Brands

Well, you will see thousands of merchants selling vegetable choppers on E-commerce giants like Amazon and Flipkart, however there are a few that stand out as Best Vegetable Chopper brands in India. As a matter of fact, these brands also happen to be the best kitchen appliances companies in India.

Stovekraft is one of the biggest and largest kitchen appliances brand in India. Pigeon and Gilma are flagship brands of Stovekraft and both sell likes hotcakes in India. There are 7-8 vegetable choppers from Pigeon with price ranging from 250 rupees to 750 rupees.

Best Vegetable Cutter in India from Pigeon – Pigeon by Stovekraft New Handy Mini Plastic Chopper with 3 Blades

Ganesh is yet another leading manufacturer when it comes to the best kitchen appliances in India. Established in year 2002 and operating from Rajkot, Gujarat this company has been manufacturing wide range of Kitchenware and Home Appliances.

Best Onion Chopper in India for Kitchen Use – Ganesh Chopper Vegetable Cutter

If you are looking for premium kitchen appliances and a combination of Italian design with German standards, you should go for Wonderchef. This brand is known to bring stylish and modern kitchenware in the market.

Best Hand Chopper in India – Wonderchef String Plastic Chopper

Top 7 Best Vegetable Chopper in India (2022)

1st product in our review of Best Vegetable Chopper in India is the Mini Plastic Chopper with 3 blades from Pigeon. This is one of the best quality vegetable choppers in India and the fact that this chopper has more than 150,000 reviews on Amazon tells the story.
The chopper is made from unbreakable ABS plastic so it is going to last for years to come. We found the blades of this chopper to be very sharp which is really good, also all 3 blades are made from Stainless Steel.
In order to use this chopper, you simply have to pull the string horizontally and you can chop both vegetables and fruits too in a matter of few seconds. Plastic in this chopper is BPA free meaning non-toxic plastic and safe to cut vegetables and fruits.
Capacity of this chopper is 350 ml which is good enough for a family of 3-4 people. If you are looking for a bigger size, you can check out Large and Extra Large choppers from the same brand Pigeon. 
What we liked about this chopper is that it is able to retain the water content while chopping juicy vegetables such as tomatoes or cucumber. When it comes to cleaning, you simply have to wipe with a cloth and some lukewarm water and you will be done.
Lightweight at only 250 grams, this chopper is extremely easy to maintain and can be placed in a shelf or a drawer for easy access. Pigeon is also offering a 30 day warranty on this chopper which makes it even more lucrative.
Overall, if you are looking for the best non-electric vegetable chopper in India that is economical, attractive and durable, you must go for this Mini Plastic Chopper from Pigeon, easily it is the Best Vegetable Chopper in India.

Product Specifications:

Colour: Green
Weight: 250 grams
Package Dimensions: 10.1 x 13.1 x 13.3 cm

Product Ratings 5/5

Pigeon by Stovekraft New Handy Mini Plastic Chopper Pros and Cons

What we loved!

What can be Improved?

By far, this is one of the most reasonable, economical and budget friendly vegetable chopper and cutter in India. Ganesh is a local Indian brand with an expertise for kitchen essentials.
This chopper from Ganesh is extra large in size with a good capacity of 725 ml which is sufficient for a large family as well. All 3 blades are high quality stainless steel blades and with a non skid base, you will feel the chopper is quite sturdy and will not move while you pull the string.
We felt string quality is not at par with Pigeon vegetable chopper, but it is not bad either. Blades of this chopper are very strong and sharp with an efficiency of 380 knife cuts in less than 20 seconds.
You can clean the chopper easily with some lukewarm water and it can be washed in a dishwasher too. Plastic used in the chopper is international grade virgin plastic, so the chopper will last for years, not just months. 
We tried chopping and cutting hard stuff such as cooked meat, nuts and this chopper worked like a charm. If you want a tomato puree or paste, pull the string 15-20 times and you will have it without using electricity.
Although there is no warranty on this product, we still rate this chopper from Ganesh as the best chopper for kitchen in India in 2022.

Product Specifications:

Colour: Green
Weight: 266 grams
Package Dimensions: 12.7 x 12.7 x 12.5 cm

Product Ratings 4.9/5

Ganesh Chopper Vegetable Cutter Pros and Cons

What we loved!

What can be Improved?

Prestige in India does not need any introduction as they are known to manufacture high quality products. In fact, Prestige is one of the best mini chopper brands in India. They have launched 4 choppers in different sizes where this one has a capacity of 350 ml.
Referring to the build quality, this chopper is made from high quality plastic and can chop vegetables in fine sizes or medium pieces. The chopper is ideal to cut and chop food items like onions, fruits, herbs, cheese, nuts as well as cooked meats and fishes.
The chopper comes with 2 separate bowls so you can process 2 food items of different types at the same time. Blade shaft of this chopper is thick which will ensure fine chopping.
In about 5-6 pulls, you will have coarse to medium cutting, 7-12 pulls for medium to fine chopping, 13-20 pulls for very fine chopping and approximately 20 pulls for puree or paste.
We did a random test with a couple of medium sized onions and we were to get fine chopping within 4-5 pulls which was impressive and effortless as well.
Prestige also offers a 1 year warranty on this chopper, so you have an option to return the chopper just in case if anything is wrong.

Product Specifications:

Colour: Green
Weight: 281 grams
Package Dimensions: 16 x 14 x 10 cm

Product Ratings 4.9/5

Prestige 3.0 Plastic Veggie Cutter Pros and Cons

What we loved!

What can be Improved?

4th chopper in today’s review of Best Non-Electric Vegetable Chopper in India is Amazon’s own brand Solimo. This one is large in size and has a capacity of 725 ml which is good for a large family as well.
The chopper features Long lasting and anti-corrosive high quality stainless steel blade and the chopper itself is made from high-quality, food-grade, ABS plastic.
With this chopper, you do not have to worry about the kitchen surface as the chopper comes with silicon ring at the bottom to ensure stability on the surface.
Base unit, blade and lid all can be removed and detached so you can clean the chopper after use. Solimo chopper has an easy mechanical pulley which uses a spring and a thread so the blade can rotate to chop the vegetables and fruits.
We think Solimo could have offered some warranty on this chopper considering Prestige and Pigeon are already doing it. Rest in terms of build quality and performance, this is a good vegetable cutter and chopper.

Product Specifications:

Colour: Green
Weight: 266 grams
Package Dimensions: 12.7 x 12.7 x 11.5 cm
Quantity: 725 ml

Product Ratings 4.9/5

Amazon Brand - Solimo Vegetable Chopper Pros and Cons

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What we loved!

What can be Improved?

Wonderchef has been manufacturing premium quality kitchen appliances with a blend of German and Italian designs. The fact that Wonderchef offers a 1 year warranty on this chopper speaks volume about the quality of this chopper.
The 3 sharp and wear-resistant blades of the chopper are made from Stainless Steel and uses Japanese blade mechanism for swift and fast chopping within a matter of seconds. Quantity is 500 ml which means it is good for a family of 4 people.
Lid of the chopper bowl can be locked for safe chopping of fruits and vegetables. From our review of all the best Vegetable choppers in India, we found the string wire of this chopper to be the strongest.
The chopper has anti-slip silicon support base so it will not move even when you are pulling the string with good power.
You can go for this chopper in case you are looking for a premium quality chopper with 1 year of warranty and Wonderchef has a good reputation when it comes to after sales support as well, that’s why we rate Wonderchef Chopper as one of the best string chopper in India.

Product Specifications:

Colour: White and Green
Weight: 250 grams
Package Dimensions: 13 x 9.5 x 13 cm
Quantity: 500 ml

Product Ratings 5/5

Wonderchef String Plastic Chopper Pros and Cons

What we loved!

What can be Improved?

Honestly speaking, we did not have a very pleasing experience with Nova products before, we ordered Nova hair dryer and the quality was below average. But we were impressed with this quick cut small vegetable chopper from Nova.

It comes with a strong 3 blade design made from Stainless steel and the chopper itself is made from unbreakable ABS plastic for long-lasting usage. Blades, bowl and storage lid can be detached for quick cleaning of the chopper.

The top lid comes with a lock mechanism so your veggies and fruits are safe inside the chopper while you are pulling the string. Capacity is 450 ml which should serve a family of 3-4 people easily.

Nova is offering a 1 year warranty on this chopper which should be good enough to safeguard you from any manufacturing defects. Considering the 1 year warranty on this food chopper, this is one of the best onion cutter in India in 2022.

Product Specifications:

Colour: Grey
Weight: 260 grams
Package Dimensions: 13.2 x 9.5 x 13 cm
Quantity: 450 ml

Product Ratings 4.9/5

Nova Quick Cut Chopper Pros and Cons

What we loved!

What can be Improved?

Last product in our review of Best Vegetable Choppers for kitchen in India is Artikel Chopper & Blender. This chopper comes with a large capacity of 900 ml and there are 2 types of blades in this chopper:

1) Cutting Blade: For cutting, chopping and mincing, this cutting blade consists of 5 rotary knives.
2) Blending Blade: For beating eggs, blending flour, etc.
Once you have chopped the ingredients, any excess chopped ingredient can be stored for the next usage by just replacing the chopping lid by storage lid to convert it into a storage container.
There is a reliable locking system which ensures the lid and bowl will be locked at all times for safety operation. Nylon rope is of high quality and with an anti-skid base, you can expect the chopper to not move while you are chopping fruits and vegetables.
There is also a small and medium size 400 ml and 650 ml respectively in case you do not want the 900 ml chopper. The Blending blade is made of food safe ABS Plastic for safe chopping.
Although there is no warranty with this chopper, but the quality and functioning was above average and it can be concluded as a good chopper for daily kitchen use.
Overall, if you are looking for the best vegetable slicer and chopper in India, you can buy Artikel Manual Chopper & Blender.

Product Specifications:

Colour: Grey and Orange
Weight: 350 grams
Package Dimensions: 13 x 13 x 15 cm
Quantity: 900 ml

Product Ratings 4.9/5

Artikel Chopper & Blender Pros and Cons

What we loved!

What can be Improved?

Wrapping Up

After shortlisting 7 Best Vegetable Choppers in India from thousands of choppers, we found all these 7 choppers to be very similar in terms of functionalities. Basic differences between these choppers was the warranty, string quality and overall plastic quality. Our recommendation for Best Vegetable Chopper in India will be Pigeon by Stovekraft Mini Plastic Chopper or Wonderchef String Plastic Chopper. Lastly, if you are looking for an affordable, yet the best vegetable cutter in India, you can go for Ganesh Plastic Vegetable Chopper Cutter.

Buying Guide

Fortunately, buying a vegetable chopper for your kitchen will not cost you a lot as you can get one within 500 rupees in India. But, having said this there are still thousands of choices online and offline and there is little something you should know while buying a vegetable chopper.

Types of Vegetable Chopper

As the name suggests, manual choppers are operated without using electricity. These choppers are very basic yet powerful when it comes to the fine chopping of fruits, vegetables etc. There is usually a pull string with steel blades that works in tandem for these manual choppers to work.

Manual choppers are inexpensive and can be bought anywhere from 150 rupees to 500 rupees depending on the brand.

Best Non-Electric Vegetable Chopper in India – Pigeon by Stovekraft New Handy Mini Plastic Chopper with 3 Blades

Electric Choppers are usually preferred by professionals such as restaurants or chefs. These choppers are faster than manual choppers and are able to perform the job in lesser time due to electricity usage.

You can buy one of these for home use as they are not very expensive and will cost you around 1,500 rupees in Indian market.

Best Electric Chopper in India – Borosil Chef Delite BCH20DBB21 300-Watt Chopper

Manual vs Electric Vegetable Chopper

Although there are many types of vegetable choppers ranging from electric to manual, and then there are slicers, dicers, cutters, peelers, etc. But in this post, we are mainly going to review the difference between Electric and Manual vegetable choppers. For a complete list of choppers, you can refer to our post on Best Electric Vegetable Chopper in India under 1000 INR.

electric vs manual vegetable chopper

1). Amount of Work – With a manual vegetable chopper, you have to do everything manually, as the name suggests. Although the time it takes to cut down veggies in a manual vegetable chopper is not much, the process can get tedious especially if you are a senior folk. On the other hand, an electric vegetable chopper is all automatic, and you only have to press a button to cut down the veggies. With an electric vegetable chopper, you also get speed settings to decide how fine do you want the veggies.

2). Amount of Time – The amount of time is less if you are chopping vegetables in an electric chopper as compared to a manual chopper. This factor can be very useful, especially if you have to cut large batches of veggies.

3). Price – A manual vegetable cutter is anyday more affordable as compared to an electric vegetable chopper. The price of a manual hand chopper is only around 300 rupees in India, whereas, depending on the brand, you may have to spend around 1,000 rupees on an electric vegetable chopper.

4). Ease of Maintenance & Cleaning – When it comes to the maintenance and cleaning, a manual hand chopper is relatively easier to clean and maintain. With an electric vegetable chopper, you have to be a bit careful due to the electric parts, and you cannot clean it with water.

4). Safety – Safety is a very important aspect when it comes to the vegetable choppers. Between manual and electric vegetable choppers, manual vegetable choppers are more safe since there is no electricity provision in them. Electric choppers on the other hand, are a bit risky, especially if a kid is using it without an adult supervision.

7 Things You Should Look at Before Buying a Manual Vegetable Chopper

1. Type of Chopper: As described above, vegetable choppers come in 2 forms – electric and non-electric. With an electric vegetable chopper, you only have to press 1 button and that will be all whereas you will still have to pull the string in order to chop the vegetables. From a cost perspective, electric choppers are expensive.

2. Size: Keep your family members and kind of chopping you will be doing in consideration before buying a vegetable chopper. For example, for cutting dry fruits, garlic, herbs etc you should be okay even with a 200 ml chopper. But, if have a large family, go for a 500 ml chopper at least.

3. Number of Blades:  First, material of the blade should be Stainless Steel not only for durability but also because it is corrosion free. In our opinion, you should go for a 3 blade chopper as it is perfect for fine grinding and cutting.

4. Cleaning of the Chopper: Vegetable choppers come in different dimensions and sometimes it can be difficult to clean them depending on how deep it is. Do not buy a chopper which has a huge height with narrow bottom as it will be difficult to reach those ends. Go with a standard size and you will be okay.

5. Anti Skid Base: It is important to have a stable base while cutting the veggies. With an unstable base, it can get very difficult to cut through the veggies as the vegetable chopper will move a lot. Consider, getting a vegetable chopper that comes with an anti skid base for a stable operation.

6. Warranty: Consumer do benefit with the competition and hence we suggest you to go for a product that comes with a warranty so you at least have a chance to return the item or get it fixed in case anything is wrong with it.

7. Reviews: There are literally hundreds of vegetable choppers online to choose from. Although we have listed the 7 best hand choppers in India for your ready reference, do read the reviews online before you buy anything.

Pros of a Manual Vegetable Chopper

Benefits of a Vegetable Chopper

With zillions of choices in home appliances, how does having a non-electric vegetable chopper in your kitchen helps, read these 7 reasons to know why you MUST have a manual vegetable chopper in your kitchen.

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1). Health Benefits – A lot of times, we don’t add healthy veggies to what we are cooking, only because it takes a lot of time to cut down the veggies and especially, onions. Having a manual vegetable chopper reduces this tedious job to only a few seconds, which is why every Indian kitchen should have a non-electric vegetable chopper in the kitchen.

2). Improves Cooking – Your food will taste much better when you are grinding all the veggies, nuts into your dishes. You will no longer feel lazy to do this hard work, if you have one of the best quality vegetable chopper in India.

3). Saves Time – Saving time is one of the most important reasons, why people prefer to buy a vegetable chopper in the first place. With the ability to cut and grind veggies within a few seconds, you can invest that time in doing other kitchen chores, and not cut onions.

4). Inexpensive – A movie ticket in 2022 costs you around 300 rupees for 1 person, and this price does not include the popcorns, transport, etc. In the same price, you can get yourself one of the best chopper in India.

5). Portable – On an average, a manual vegetable chopper only weighs around 250 grams, which means, you can easily move a manual veggies chopper from one place to another, when required.

6). Ease of Use – A manual hand chopper is something even an 8 year old kid can operate, without too much of an effort. You only have to turn the handle and allow the blade to do its work to cut down the veggies.

7). Saves Electricity – If you are going to use a manual vegetable chopper, you can help the environment by saving a lot of electricity, which is indeed better for the environment too.

Cons of a Manual Vegetable Chopper

Irrespective of what you buy, there is always going to be a list of disadvantages, and the same is the case with a manual vegetable chopper too. Before you buy the best vegetable chopper in India, it is imperative for you to know both the pros and cons of a manual vegetable chopper.

1). Manual Labour – Unlike an electric vegetable chopper where you only have to press a button, a manual vegetable chopper is very different. While a manual hand chopper is very affordable, it also means you will have to work manually to grind veggies.

2). Requires Pre-Chopping – You cannot just drop an entire onion into a manual vegetable chopper, since the blades will not be able to cut down the big onion. Hence, with a manual vegetable chopper, you will have to pre-chop the veggies before putting them in the chopper itself.

3). Sharp Blades – It is a good thing that a manual vegetable chopper has a sharp set of blades, but it also poses safety risk especially when you have kids in the house. The sharp blades can cause cuts and injuries, if are not careful with it.

4). Exceptions – While a manual veggie chopper can perfectly cut tomatoes, onions, etc. there are still a few exceptions, especially solid veggies such as pepper. For that, you are going to need an electric vegetable chopper.

5). Not Ideal for Large Batches – A manual vegetable chopper may not be an ideal kitchen tool, if you have large batches of veggies to cut. This is important, especially when you have a gathering at home.

How to Clean and Maintain Manual Vegetable Chopper?

Vegetable choppers can be electric or manual, so it makes sense to check User Manual for cleaning instructions and follow them correctly. Not all vegetable choppers are dishwasher safe, hence do check the user manual before cleaning it.

It is always a recommended practise to clean your vegetable chopper with hands instead of dishwashing it. Moreover, if the lid and blades can be detached, it makes the overall cleaning process much easier.

To clean the vegetable chopper manually, rotate the lid in an anti-clockwise direction, separate the blades and clean the chopper under flowing water, you can use a cleaning liquid to do this.

Be cautious while cleaning the blades as they can be sharp and cause injuries. Now, use a damp cloth to clean the chopper from inside and let it dry out completely. Once you have cleaned the chopper, make sure to dry it completely before using the chopper again.

Now, just reassemble the parts such as lid, blades in the chopper again and repeat the same process to clean your vegetable chopper again.

Tips while using a Manual Vegetable Chopper

Tips while using the Vegetable Chopper?

Maintaining a Vegetable Chopper is no rocket science, but you still need to do it well in order to ensure long term usage and hygiene of your fruits and vegetables. Follow these simple tips while using the vegetable chopper:

1. Don’t overdo it: Never fill the container with too many fruits and vegetables. Even if you are able to lock the lid with overstuffed container, the blades might not work as it needs space to generate that power to chop vegetables. General rule is to use 80% of the capacity and leave the rest of it unfilled.

2. String & Blades: String and blades are the heart of a vegetable chopper, without these components your chopper can only be a toy. Thus, it is important to be careful with string and blades and use them delicately. Always pull the string in horizontal directions.

3. Check & Use: There is a chance that not every fruit or veggie is compatible with your vegetable chopper. For example, some harder fruits or vegetables may not be suitable for chopping inside the vegetable chopper so if you feel some resistance while pulling the string, STOP.

4. Away from Children: Blades of the chopper are very sharp and can cause injuries if not handled with care, so make sure you keep the chopper away from children and pets.

5. Water: If you are using an electric vegetable chopper, ensure you don’t clean it with water and follow the user manual instructions. Similarly, keep the chopper away water or other liquids while it is in use.


Q: Which veg cutter is best suited for Indian cooking?
A: This really depends on the ingredients you are going to use. For thick, coarse or fine chopping vegetables such as onion, tomatoes, garlic etc a Vegetable Chopper from Pigeon will do the job nicely. For more detailed chopping, you can look for a Chef’s Knife.

Q: Which brand of vegetable chopper is good and durable?
A: You can rely on Pigeon, Wonderchef and Ganesh as these are the best vegetable chopper brands in India. You can get one of these choppers from 200 to 500 rupees and if you are lucky, you might even get deals and discounts.

Q: How to use a vegetable chopper?
A: A vegetable chopper is fairly easy to use. All you have to do is put all the veggies into the chopper, make sure the veggies are cut down into small pieces, before you start to chop. Now, turn the handle slowly in a clockwise direction, and keep doing this for 10 seconds. Depending on how fine you want the veggies to be, the time may differ to get the perfect results. Once you are done chopping, rinse the chopper with some water and allow it to get air dry, so you can use the chopper the next time.

Q: Is a vegetable chopper allowed in the flight?
A: A vegetable chopper comes with a set of blades, and usually, blades are not safe to carry if you are flying in a commercial aircraft. However, depending on the airline’s baggage policy, you can check with your airlines before travelling.

Q: What is a commercial vegetable chopper?
A: A commercial vegetable chopper is a big size chopper which is mainly used in commercial establishments such as restaurants to perform chopping of large batches of veggies. Instead of plastic, a commercial vegetable chopper is made from steel, and comes with rotary blades for faster chopping.

Q: Is a vegetable chopper worth it?
A: Almost all the Indian kitchens use onions, tomatoes, spices, herbs in the dishes they cook on a day to day basis. To perform chopping of these veggies on a daily basis, you need a tool which can complete the job quickly and more effectively. This is where, you need a vegetable chopper, ie. manual or electric to make your work cut out.

Q: Does using electric vegetable choppers reduce cooking time?
A: Absolutely, using an electric vegetable chopper certainly reduces the cooking time, since you can chop the veggies within 10 seconds and use that time to work on other cooking chores, thereby, reducing the overall cooking time.

Q: How do I finely chop vegetables in a string chopper?
A: In order to finely chop vegetables in a string chopper, you need to turn the handle for at least 20 seconds. The more you turn the handle, the finer vegetables will come out. Eventually with more practice, you will know what works best for you.

Q: Which chopper is good for fine chopping, electric or manual?
A: Both the types of choppers, be it, manual or electric are good for fine chopping. The more you use the vegetable chopper, you will be able to get an output of finely chopped vegetables with time.

Q: Can I buy parts of a string chopper if needed?
A: Yes, you can buy parts of a string chopper if needed on Amazon India. In fact, Wonderchef also sells string chopper spare parts, which you can easily find on Amazon India.

Q: Can I use a big vegetable chopper (900 ml) for a small quantity of veggies?
A: Yes, you can absolutely use a big vegetable chopper (900 ml) for a small quantity of veggies without any issues. The larger capacity of the vegetable chopper allows you to put more veggies in it, and get more output from the chopper, when required. You can still chop small quantities of vegetables in a large size vegetable chopper smoothly.

Q: Which is the best electric chopper in India under 1,000 rupees?
A: With a power of 200W, high quality stainless steel chopper and whipping blade and a 1 year warranty, Hilton Electric Chopper is the best electric chopper in India under 1,000 rupees.
Q: Which is the best non-electric vegetable chopper in India under 500 rupees?
A: Pigeon by Stovekraft and Wonderchef String Jumbo Plastic Chopper are the best non-electric vegetable chopper in India under 500 rupees.
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