Top 7 Best Salad Spinner in India in 2023 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Best salad spinner in India

Are you looking for the Best Salad Spinner in India in 2023? If yes, go through this detailed guide and you will know everything about the Best Salad Spinners in India.

A salad spinner may not be as popular as an idli maker or a pasta maker, however, for a salad lover, a good quality salad spinner is the best thing you can gift.

There is no denying the fact that salads are a great way to build your nutritional strength but what if we tell you the leafy greens you have included in your salad may contain harmful pesticides and bacteria.

A nutritional salad should be made from dried leafy greens and veggies, as unwashed veggies may cause food poisoning.

This is where, you need a salad spinner or a salad washer, as it removes the excess water from salad greens and ensures your greens are as dry as possible and have maximum nutritional value.

Today, we will not only review the best rated salad spinner in India, but we will also discuss the benefits of a salad spinner, types of salad spinners, you can skip directly to our Buying Guide to learn more about this.

If you are short on time, OXO Steel Salad Spinner is the best stainless steel salad spinner in India & Wonderchef Compact Plastic Salad Spinner is the best plastic salad spinner in India.

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Best Salad Spinner Brands in India

  • Oxo Steel
  • IKEA
  • Wonderchef
  • Cuisinart
  • Ozeri

Editor’s Pick – Best Salad Spinner in India

Best Salad Spinner

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Budget Pick


OXO Steel Salad Spinner
Wonderchef Compact Plastic Salad Spinner, 2.5L White

Salad Spinner

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Best Salad Spinner in India 2023 Comparison

Best Salad Spinner


Bowl Capacity

Check Price

OXO Steel


6 litres



4 litres

IKEA Tokig


3.1 litres



2.8 litres



2.5 litres

Ozeri Italian


4.1 litres



4 litres

Best Salad Spinner in India 2023 Reviews

1. OXO Steel Salad Spinner Reviews

OXO Steel Salad Spinner

OXO is certainly one of the best salad spinner brand in India in 2023.

OXO is a well-reputed American manufacturer of kitchen utensils, office supplies, and housewares based in New York City. Their products have presence all over the globe including India.

1st product in our review of Best Salad Spinners in India is a stainless steel one handed spinner from OXO.

This salad spinner comes with a patented pump mechanism where you only have to press one button to start and stop the salad spinning.

The lid of the spinner is clear and transparent allowing you to see everything inside the spinner, the transparent lid makes the cleaning process easier as well.

Knob can be locked in case you want to use the 6 litre bowl for storage of fruits and veggies or as a colander.

Also, the base of the spinner is anti-skid to keep the stainless steel bowl steady on the kitchen countertop.

You can clean this salad spinner with hands as well as a dishwasher.

The best thing about OXO salad spinner is the stainless steel bowl which means your salads will stay cold due to steel and the spinner will last for years to come due to strong material quality.

Also, we noticed the spinner stops immediately once you press the brake button.

Overall, if you are looking for a sturdy steel based salad spinner, look no further than the best salad spinner in India – OXO Steel Salad Spinner.

You can also check out another bestselling salad spinner from OXO popularly known as OXO Good Grips.

Product Details:
Iight – 1.77 kgs
Dimensions – 26.67 x 26.67 x 19.05 cm
Bowl Capacity – 6 litres
Mechanism – Pump
Material – Stainless Steel
Colour – Multi

Pros of OXO Steel Salad Spinner:
One handed operation
Very strong and durable
Branded product over the globe
Break button, knob can be locked down
Basket and bowl can be used separately

Cons of OXO Steel Salad Spinner:
It can be a little tricky at times to place the inner basket into the bowl correctly

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2. Homecare Stylish Salad Spinner Reviews

Homecare Stylish Plastic Vegetables & Salad Spinner Cleaner Dryer with Multi-Functioning Rotating Handle Attached Lid and Bowl Container - BPA Free

If you are looking for the best salad washer in India, check out Homecare salad spinner.

Homecare is an Indian brand operating since 2001 and is known for its multi-purpose and innovative products in the kitchen niche.

This is a stylish multi-purpose salad spinner made from non-toxic plastic which is good for your food ingredients.

At the first look and feel, we found this salad spinner to be very sturdy and attractive especially due to the colour combination it comes with.

During our test of this Homecare salad spinner, we noticed the salad spinning process is quite smooth and it dries out the leaves very nicely.

I were also impressed with the grating and slicing process with this multi-purpose salad spinner.

Everyday greens such as curry leaves & coriander remained crisp after being washed in this spinner.

The salad spinner comes with a multi-functioning rotating handle which you can use to wash veggies and mixing salad as well.

There is a lid available that you can use to lock the bowl in case you want to use the bowl as a storage basket for vegetables.

All in all, you can get this salad spinner if you like your veggies to be freshly served and you need a vegetable cutter too.

Product Details:
Iight – 1.27 kgs
Dimensions – 27.7 x 27.4 x 16.8 cm
Bowl Capacity – 4 litres
Mechanism – Handle
Material – Plastic
Colour – Green

Pros of Homecare Stylish Salad Spinner:
Scratch resistant
Stain resistant
Sturdy and attractive both
Multi-functioning Rotating Handle
The serving bowl can also be used as a mixing bowl
Easy to clean

Cons of Homecare Stylish Salad Spinner:
A little expensive as compared to other salad spinners

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3. IKEA TOKIG Salad Spinner Reviews

IKEA TOKIG Salad Spinner (White)

IKEA is not a new name when it comes to home improvement industry. IKEA has been a global brand since 1943 and was founded in Sweden.

I all know IKEA is famous for its innovative premium quality products and the same can be said for this White colour salad spinner from IKEA.

Unlike other old school salad spinners, this spinner has a nice finishing on it and the quality also looks very premium.

The anti-slip base ensures to keep the spinner in place. The spinner comes with a strainer and a lid that helps with the drying process.

During our review of IKEA salad spinner, we found the spinning process to be very smooth and friction free.

The water was taken out effectively and the leaves came out dry. You can also use the 3.1 litre bowl for serving, if required.

If you are a salad lover or like to eat fresh vegetables, you can go for this premium and best salad strainer in India from the house of IKEA.

The only con with this spinner is the price it is available for.

I noticed the price is too less when we go to IKEA’s brand website.

But since IKEA doesn’t deliver everywhere in India, sites like Amazon and Flipkart are charging extra for the delivery.

Product Details:
Iight – 0.38 kgs
Dimensions – 22.86 x 15.24 x 22.86 cm
Bowl Capacity – 3.1 litres
Mechanism – Handle
Material – Synthetic Rubber
Colour – White

Pros of IKEA TOKIG Salad Spinner:
Premium quality
Sturdy and attractive
Does the job perfectly and dries veggies instantly

Cons of IKEA TOKIG Salad Spinner:
Price is not consistent

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4. Cuisinart CTG-00-SAS Salad Spinner Reviews

Cuisinart CTG-00-SAS Salad Spinner, Green and White

For those who do not know Cuisinart is an American home appliance brand from last 50 years. Cuisinart is known to be a reasonably high-end brand with their focus on style and aesthetics.

This is one of the very few salad spinner that lets you wash and dry the veggies with the lid on.

The spinner comes with a hole for filling and draining, and locks into place so you won’t accidentally fill your sink with the veggies.

The spinner includes an easy-to-turn knob on the lid and a non-skid base to stop it sliding around.

Good thing is that the clear base can easily double up to be used as a serving bowl.

The only con with this salad spinner from Cuisinart is that it doesn’t include a brake, so you’ll have to stop the spinner manually.

Though the price is on the higher side, but you can go for this salad spinner from Cuisinart if you are looking for a commercial lettuce spinner that will last for years to come.

Product Details:
Iight – 0.81 kgs
Dimensions – 25.1 x 25.1 x 17.15 cm
Bowl Capacity – 2.8 litres
Mechanism – Handle
Material – Plastic
Colour – White & Green

Pros of Cuisinart Salad Spinner:
Washes and dries veggies without removing the lid
Base doubles up as a serving bowl
Easy to clean and maintain

Cons of Cuisinart Salad Spinner:

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5. Wonderchef Compact Plastic Salad Spinner Reviews

Wonderchef Compact Plastic Salad Spinner, 2.5L White

Wonderchef is a premium Indian brand in cookware and kitchen appliances. The brand is famous to innovate Italian design with German standards.

This compact salad spinner from Wonderchef claims to remove 90% of water from the veggies that carries dust and other impurities such as chemicals, fertilisers, etc.

What we liked about this salad spinner is the measurement that is provided on the outer bowl which will help you to measure the amount of veggies you are putting in.

This is a very small addition, yet useful.

The spinner feels very sturdy and design looks robust and this is why, Wonderchef is offering a 1 year warranty on this salad spinner, something you will not find with other best salad spinners in India.

Material used is BPA free, non-toxic and the presence of anti-skid base is an icing on the cake.

In our test of Wonderchef salad spinner, we really relished the crunchy and fresh texture of the veggies and the best part was there was no water residue left.

So, if you combine the performance of this salad spinner, 1 year warranty and a robust design, we can assure you that Wonderchef Compact Plastic Salad Spinner is the best salad spinner in India under 1,000 rupees.

Product Details:
Iight – 1.2 kgs
Dimensions – 19.81 x 18.54 x 18.29 cm
Bowl Capacity – 2.5 litres
Mechanism – Handle
Material – Plastic
Colour – White

Pros of Wonderchef Compact Plastic Salad Spinner:
Solid design and looks
1 year warranty is a huge plus
Outer bowl can be used for mixing the salad
Measurements on the outer bowl is an added benefit

Cons of Wonderchef Compact Plastic Salad Spinner:
Only 1 size is available

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6. Ozeri Italian Made Fresca Salad Spinner Reviews

Ozeri Italian Made Fresca Salad Spinner and Serving Bowl, BPA-Free

Ozeri is an Italian brand and it is famous for their lifestyle products for the modern home.

The salad spinner from the Italian brand Ozeri in simple words is a mix of simplicity and ease of use with marvellous performance.

The spinner comes with a large 4.1 litre colander and bowl that is made from non-toxic plastic, good for your food contents.

You can also use the outer bowl to serve salads or any other dish. I noticed the spinning action is almost effortless as the handle does not stick as much.

Another thing, there was absolutely no noise while spinning the green leafy veggies.

As far as cleaning is concerned, you can wash this spinner from Ozeri with your hands or use a dishwasher and trust us, this is the easiest salad spinner when it comes to cleaning and drying each and every part.

Product Details:
Iight – 0.73 kgs
Dimensions – 25.4 x 25.4 x 18.54 cm
Bowl Capacity – 4.1 litres
Mechanism – Handle
Material – Plastic
Colour – White & Green

Pros of Ozeri Italian Salad Spinner:
Super easy to clean
Effortless spinning
Bowl has a good capacity and is made from high quality plastic
Branded salad spinner

Cons of Ozeri Italian Salad Spinner:
Since this is an imported product, price is also high

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7. Excelsteel Cook Pro Inc Salad Spinner Reviews

Excelsteel Cook Pro Inc Salad Spinner, 4-1/2-Quart

Excelsteel is basically a sister-concern of famous American cookware brand Cook Pro, Inc.

The salad spinner from Excelsteel comes with a high speed knob that ensures water elimination very smoothly and effectively.

The best thing about this salad spinner is you can use the colander as a strainer not just for the salad, but also with fruits and vegetables for your enjoyment and cooking.

At the same time, you can also use the container as a salad bowl.

The salad spinner comes with small feet for an anti-slip operation and clip lock straining lid to tightly secure your salad while it is spinning.

The only disadvantage with the Excelsteel salad spinner is that the bowl is made from hard plastic which means if it breaks, you will not be able to use the spinner anymore.

Product Details:
Iight – 0.64 kgs
Dimensions – 20.32 x 20.32 x 16.51 cm
Bowl Capacity – 4 litres
Mechanism – Handle
Material – Plastic
Colour – White

Pros of Excelsteel Cook Pro Salad Spinner:
Effective operation
Easy to clean and maintain
Anti-skid feet
Container can be used as a salad bowl

Cons of Excelsteel Cook Pro Salad Spinner:
Chances of bowl breakage

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Which is the Best Salad Spinner in India 2023

Which is the Best Salad Spinner in India

Off these 7 best salad spinners in India, there is a great variety if you will notice. I have purposely included imported salad spinners from the USA, Italy and then there are Indian salad spinners too. Therefore, we are going to divide our conclusion into Indian manufactured and the Imported Salad spinners.

If you are looking for a premium quality and imported best salad spinner in India, you can choose anyone amongst OXO Steel Salad Spinner and Ozeri Italian Made Salad Spinner.

If you are looking for an affordable salad spinner that is manufactured in India, there is nothing better than Wonderchef Compact Plastic Salad Spinner which is also the best salad spinner in India under 1,000 rupees.

For the best electric salad spinner in India, you can choose 3L USB Chargeable Lettuce Dryer.

Buying Guide – Best Salad Spinner in India 2023

According to us, anything that goes into your kitchen or food ingredients requires due diligence and proper research. In the end, you don’t want your food to be infected or have toxic contents within. Same goes for salad spinners as you are going to consume the salad and it should benefit you in terms of nutrition and value.

So, in this buying guide we are going to discuss different types of salad spinners, which one is best for you, benefits of salad spinners and how to choose one.

What is a Salad Spinner

What is a Salad Spinner

A salad spinner a.k.a. salad dryer or a salad washer is a very efficient kitchen tool which is used to dry the salads and remove the excess water from green salads and other vegetables.

A salad spinner contains a plastic or a stainless steel bowl with a removable strainer basket inside the bowl. The strainer basket gets in motion by the push button on the top of the salad spinner.

The purpose of the salad spinner is to separate the water from the green veggies, and create a more nutritional and a fresh salad. An alternative to a salad spinner is to dry out the veggies yourself, which can be a very tedious task and time consuming too.

Depending on the brand and how the salad spinner works, there are different types of salad spinners. Let’s review how to use a salad spinner and some of the most common types of salad spinners here.

How to Use a Salad Spinner

How to Use a Salad Spinner


Salad spinners are very easy to use, you can make a perfect bowl of salad by following these simple steps on how to use a salad spinner at home —

1). Start by chopping vegetables and fruits using which you want to make a salad. In order to chop the veggies or fruits, you can use a vegetable chopper.

2). Once you have chopped the veggies, lift the strainer basket and place the chopped veggies into the salad spinner bowl. While doing this, make sure you do not overfill the basket. The idea is to leave some space for the veggies to get tossed inside the salad dryer.

3). Now, use the strainer basket just like a colander, and rinse the basket to wash the salad.

4). The next step is to cover the lid on the salad spinner, and make sure the lid is tightly fitted.

5). Depending on the type of the salad spinner, you will either need to push the button, pull the cord, or turn the handle to start the salad spinner’s job.

6). That’s it, now you can toss the salad in a bowl and add any additional ingredients, as per your taste and preference.

Types of Salad Spinners

There are 4 main types of salad spinners and each one has its own pros and cons. For your reference in Indian market, the most popular ones are push button salad spinners whereas Istern countries are more inclined towards electric salad spinners.

Types of Salad Spinners

1. Push Button Salad Spinner: Push button salad spinners are also known as pump salad spinners. As the name suggests, there is a push button or a pump on top of the container that allows you to spin the salad. Along with the push button, there is a stop button as well in these spinners. These spinners are the easiest to operate as just one push creates many spins. Best push button or best pump salad spinner in India is Homecare Plastic Stylish Salad Spinner.

2. Pull Chord Salad Spinner: As the name suggests, these spinners have a pull chord mechanism instead of push or pump button. When you pull the chord, the basket spins due to centrifugal force and water is extracted from your veggies. What we don’t like about these spinners is the chord may get wet during the use. Best pull chord salad spinner in India is MIU France Plastic Pull String Salad Spinner.

3. Electric Salad Spinner: This one does not need any explanation as you can guess you need electricity to operate this type of salad spinner. These spinners are usually preferred by commercial shops as they can be expensive. You also have an option to fix rotational speed of the spinner here. Best electric salad spinner in India is Kruger Electric Salad Spinner.

4. Crank Handle Salad Spinner: The last type of salad spinner is the crank handle salad spinner. This is a basically the oldest version of salad spinners that was introduced to the consumers, but still very popular even in India. These spinners are affordable, durable and all you need to do is turn around the handle in a circular motion. Though it requires some physical effort, but the output is very effective. Best crank handle salad spinner in India is Istmark Germany Vegetable and Salad Spinner with Pouring Spout.

Which is the Best Commercial Salad Spinner in India

Which is the Best Commercial Salad Spinner in India

Imagine going to a Subway near your house and asking for your favourite Subway Salad. Now, after 15 minutes your salad has arrived, but it is totally soggy, how would you like that? This is where, you need a Commercial Salad spinner.

Commercial salad spinners are more designed for a professional usage as they can more effectively remove the excess water from the salad greens. These commercial salad spinners comes with the highest quality of stainless steel body and basket.

In addition to its job to dry out leafy veggies, a commercial salad spinner can also be used to remove excess liquids from the pasta, process the beans, or getting rid of seeds from tomatoes, etc.

Which is the Best Commercial Salad Spinner in India in 2023OXO Steel Salad Spinner which is directly imported from the US, has an easy one handed operation, patented pump mechanism, brake button is the best commercial salad spinner in India in 2023.

Is there an Electric Salad Spinner?

Is there an Electric Salad Spinner?

Electric salad spinners are more popular in the Istern countries, but off late E-Commerce giants like Amazon, Flipkart have made these available on the Indian website too. The benefit with the Electric salad spinner is simple, there is hardly any manual work.

All you need to do is a press a button to dry all your greens and veggies instead of pushing down a lever or pulling any cord.

If you are looking for the best electric salad spinner in India for home use, you can go for Kruger Electric Salad Spinner.

This German designed salad spinner from Kruger has a Stainless steel bowl with a plastic lid and colander. Being an electric salad spinner, it comes with 2 speed options for slower as well as faster spinning.

Benefits of a Salad Spinner

I must confess salad spinner is not an intriguing kitchen gadget, but it is also not something that you want to overlook. Folks who follow a very healthy diet or trying to loose weight will find the salad spinner to be a very effective tool in their kitchens. Read these 5 reasons on why do you need a salad spinner:

1. Hygiene: Kitchen hygiene is something that we all agree to. Now, imagine eating a salad where your leafy greens have not been washed properly or they contain harmful chemicals. That salad is never going to provide you the nutrients you are looking forward to and this is why, you need a salad spinner to remove all those chemicals from the veggies.

2. Less Physical Work: Washing and trying to dry the vegetables manually without the help of a salad spinner is not only hectic, but cumbersome as well. On top of all this, it is not even effective to say the least. A salad spinner can do this job for you with least amount of physical work and maximum output.

3. Spin More: A salad spinner is not just about veggies and leafy greens, you can also toss in some herbs in the spinner as washing or drying herbs manually can be super tricky and it is not very effective too. Not just herbs, you can also throw in some chickpeas while you are at it.

4. Healthy Choices: They say “You are what you eat” and we couldn’t agree more to this. There is no denying the fact that salads are a great way to improve your eating habits, but a salad is only good when the veggies are dry. A salad spinner helps you to take that extra water out from the leafy greens and give you the right amount of nutrition.

5. Add-Ons: A salad spinner comes with many add-ons for example, it is relatively inexpensive, it is going to take minimal space in your kitchen, you can also use the bowl of the salad spinner as a mixing bowl plus you will be surprised to know that some people also use it for spinning delicate laundries (not that we are asking you to do so).

How to Choose a Salad Spinner

If you are in the market looking for the best salad spinner in India, use this checklist to narrow down your options:

1. Capacity: When you are looking for a salad spinner, one of the most important things you should consider is the capacity of the bowl. This generally depends on a couple of things such as the size of your family and how often do you consume salads. For a family where salad consumption is on the higher side, opt for a spinner that can serve 6 or more. On the other hand, you can choose a salad spinner that serves 3-4 people if consumption is not that high. Please note that a lot of brands advertise bowl capacity in Quarts. For your reference, 1 Quart is 0.95 litre.

2. Spinning Mechanism: As you know by now that there are 4 different types of salad spinners each differing in the way how they spin. If you are getting a salad spinner for your mother or someone old in the house, pick the pump based spinner and not the hand crank model. The point is look at your comfort level and then buy the right model.

3. Secure Lid: Lid of the salad spinner is as important as the motor of an electric vehicle. Now, there are 2 types of lids that you can get with a salad spinner. One which fits exactly to the size of the bowl and another that can be locked to ensure safety. I recommend going for the one that comes with a lock mechanism as the last thing you want is the green vegetables to be flying all over the kitchen and creating some mess for you to clear.

4. Cleaning Ease: The good thing is salad spinners are relatively easier to clean when you compare it with a mixer juicer or a hand grinder. However, cleaning is only easy when all the parts of the salad spinner are accessible. Consider cleaning a salad spinner where your hands cannot even reach, that’s going to be some task, isn’t it. A lot of brands advertise their salad spinners to be dishwasher safe. But remember, handwashing is still recommended and is most preferred for salad spinners.

5. Ease of Use: There is no rocket science in the fact that any gadget that is not easy to use is not a great gadget. You will have to see how easy is your salad spinner to use. For example, a lot of brands have started manufacturing salad spinners where you don’t have to remove the lid in order to drain water from the leafy greens. This is a handy feature as it saves a lot of time. Similarly, having a brake on the salad spinner is also good as you don’t have to depend on the spinner slowing down by itself.

6. Ergonomic Design: Any manual tool that requires you to do some physical work has to have an ergonomic design. Consider a hand crank salad spinner where you have to turn the knob continuously, but it’s not holding in place due to a poor design. Therefore, choose a design that’s comfortable and ergonomic such as a spinner with anti-skid feet, rubber base, etc.

7. Multi-Functional: There is nothing better if your salad spinner can not just remove excess water from the greens, but also handle a couple of other stuff. These days, you will find salad spinners in the market that comes with the removable bowl. You can use that bowl to store other fruits, veggies, anything else. Not just this, you can also use the removable basket as a colander so you don’t have to use a separate one and this will save you some space in the kitchen.

8. Material Used: Salad spinners use either plastic or stainless steel as their construction material. Stainless steel is durable, rust and scratch resistant, but can be expensive too. On the other hand, if you are buying a salad spinner made from plastic, always go for food grade plastic. Non-food grade plastic contains harmful toxins which is not good for your food. Choose a spinner made from ABS plastic, it is sturdy as well as safe for your food.

9. Warranty: Nothing beats a backup when it comes to buying stuff for your home or the kitchen. If the salad spinner comes with a warranty, you have that extra piece of mind that will come handy in case anything goes wrong. In India, Wonderchef offers a 1-year warranty on their salad spinner.

How to Clean a Salad Spinner

There are 2 ways to clean your salad spinner. You can either do it by hand or you can use a dishwasher if only your salad spinner is dishwasher compatible. Please note you should always refer to the product manual for step-by-step cleaning instructions.

1. Cleaning by Hand – If you choose to clean the salad spinner with hands, make sure you start by pouring some liquid dish detergent and some warm water. Remove the soapy water after spinning the salad spinner once. Repeat this process for a couple of times and do a final rinse. Now, clean the outer bowl and lid with dish detergent and once you have done this, dry the spinner using a hand towel and there you go, you will have a squeaky clean salad spinner.

2. Cleaning by Dishwasher – Start with removing the basket from the bowl and place them separately in the dishwasher. Post this, disassemble the lid and place them in the correct slot in a dishwasher, most of the times this is going to be the top rack. Add some detergent and run a regular cycle. Once this is done, simply dry the components in a dishwasher or use a hand towel and this is how you clean a salad spinner.

FAQs – Best Salad Spinner in India

Q. What is the point of having a salad spinner?
A. If you are someone who likes to workout, eat healthy and more importantly like to consume salads, you should have a salad spinner in your kitchen. A salad spinner also known as a salad tosser helps to remove excess water from the green vegetables by producing a centrifugal force. This force ensures your veggies are dry and as a result, salad dressings will also stick to the leaves without any dilution. Once you get a salad spinner, you will notice an increase in your salad consumption.

Q. Do salad spinners keep the salad fresh?
A. Yes, absolutely by removing the chemicals and excess water from the leafy greens such as lettuce, coriander, your salads are more fresh than ever. Most importantly, you will notice the change in taste when you are going to consume the fresh salad.

Q. Are there electric salad spinners too?
A. Although electric salad spinners don’t have a lot of demand in India, you can find an electric salad spinner from Kruger on Amazon. This salad spinner has a stainless steel bowl with plastic lid and a colander. Within a matter of seconds, you can wash and dry lettuce, cabbage, spinach, broccoli, vegetables, fruits and other herbs with this simple 2 speed electric salad spinner.

Q. Where can I get a cheap and best salad spinner in India online?
A. You can find the best salad spinner in India online either on Amazon or Flipkart. If you are looking for a budget salad spinner in India, you can go for the Wonderchef Compact salad spinner, it has a 1 year warranty as well.

Q. Can I put salad dressing in a salad spinner?
A. Yes, you can certainly add dressing and inside the salad spinner to evenly coat your leafy greens, or use the spinner to remove excess dressing before serving.

Q. Which are the best salad spinner brands in India?
A. Cuisinart, OXO, Wonderchef, Homecare, etc. are some of the best salad spinner brands in India.

Q. Which is the best commercial salad spinner in India?
A. If you are looking for the best commercial salad spinner in India, you can choose anyone amongst Cuisinart CTG-00-SAS Salad Spinner and OXO Steel Salad Spinner.

Q. Which is the best made in India salad spinner?
A. If you are looking for a Made in India salad spinner, you can pick anyone amongst Wonderchef Compact salad spinner or Homecare Stylish salad spinner.

Q. What can I use instead of a salad spinner?
A. If you do not have a salad spinner, you can also use a colander to place the veggies in it and give it a good rinse with some water. Once done, spread the veggies in a single line on top of a clean dish towel so that veggies can get dried. This method will help you to create a fresh salad with dried veggies without using a salad spinner.

Q. Which is better between plastic vs stainless steel salad spinner?
A. A salad spinner may have a plastic or a stainless steel bowl depending on the salad spinner brand. Stainless steel bowls are extremely durable, food safe, easy to use and clean. On the other hand, plastic bowls in a salad spinner are usually transparent, which means you can see the contents inside the bowl. As compared to steel, plastic bowls are not very durable.

Q. Do you consider a salad spinner an essential item in your kitchen?
A. If you are not used to eating salads or don’t have any intention to have one in the near future, you may not need a salad spinner at all. However, if you love eating salads while trying to loose some weight, a salad spinner may become very handy and essential item in the kitchen. In the end, it’s a matter of personal preference.

Q. Can you store lettuce in a salad spinner?
A. Yes, you can certainly store lettuce in a salad spinner easily for up to 36 hours, and it will remain fresh. I recommend to keep the salad spinner bowl in the fridge for best storage.

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