Which is the Best Kitchen Countertop Material in India in 2023?

Best Kitchen Countertop Material in India

If you think about it, kitchen is one of those places in the house which faces extreme conditions in summers as well as winters. Speaking about the Indian kitchens, countertops are quite used to stains, splashes, cutting, chopping, burns, etc. Having said this, countertops if chosen well can add a lot of elegance to your kitchen.

While there has been a growing trend towards modular kitchens, a lot of Indian households are getting more and more interested in their choices for “Which is the Best Kitchen Countertop Material in India in 2023”.

A kitchen countertop may well be the very first thing your guests will notice in the kitchen. The good thing is you only have to know what kind of countertop will suit your kitchen the most without burning a hole in your pocket.

There are several types of countertop you can choose for your kitchen amongst Granite, Marble, Quartz, Wood, Corian, etc. So today, in this post we are going to review all the 6 popular types of kitchen countertops in the Indian market in 2023 with the approximate pricing, pros and cons of each countertop and which one should you choose for your kitchen.

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Which is the Bestselling Kitchen Countertop

Which is the Bestselling Kitchen Countertop

Amongst 7 different types of kitchen countertops such as Natural Stone, Engineered Stone, Concrete, Solid Surfaces, Ceramic, Plastic Laminate and Wood, Natural Stone is the most popular and bestselling kitchen countertop.

The main reason for its popularity is also based on the ever-increasing imports of natural stones by the Asian nations such as China, India, Thailand, etc. Even amongst the natural stones, Granite is one of the most popular and widely recognised stone for kitchen countertops due to its ability to resist heat, stains, and most importantly, it is low maintenance as well. But, we will read more about it when we next discuss the 6 popular types of kitchen countertops in the Indian market in 2023.

6 Best Kitchen Countertop Material in India in 2023

6 Best Kitchen Countertop Material in India in 2023

Next time you think of redesigning your kitchen with a new countertop, do look at these 6 Best Kitchen Countertop Material in India in 2023 and understand their advantages as well as disadvantages to see which material suits your kitchen the most.

1. Indian Kitchen with Granite Countertop

Indian Kitchen with Granite Countertop

If you remember reading in the school that there are 3 types of rocks i.e. igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic. Out of these 3 rocks, Igneous rocks form when molten rock cools and solidifies. So, granite is an igneous rock that forms when the molten rock cools relatively slowly underground. In simple words, Granite is a combination of mica, feldspar, and at least 20% quartz. 

In the past few years, the trend for granite countertops has increased exponentially in the Indian kitchens. Granite due to its appealing feel can take the looks of a kitchen to a different level where it can easily become the center of attraction for everyone. As far as durability is concerned, Granite is a very hard substance and is not something that will easily wear down. Having said this, it can also dull your knife blades due to the hardness.

Since Granite is a good heat resistant material, you can easily use the gas cooktop and keep hot pots or pans on the countertop. You will not face any problems while cleaning the granite countertop, and it will be able to retain its shine for years to come. While choosing granite countertop for your kitchen, be sure to use at least 20mm thick granite slabs for kitchen Countertops. These thick slabs are stronger, and they also undergo stringent quality procedures.

Pros of Granite Countertop

1. Extremely strong and can stand up to extreme levels of wear and tear
2. Heat, scratch and stain resistant
3. Goes with all kinds of background irrespective of the colour
4. Original shine lasts for many years
5. One of the most popular and bestselling kitchen countertop material in India

Cons of Granite Countertop

1. Requires to be sealed during the installation
2. Needs periodic resealing 

Who should go for Granite Countertop in the Kitchen?

You can install a granite countertop in your kitchen if you are a regular cleaner and tend to be careful with juice or oil spills. But if not, go for a countertop that does not need any maintenance as the granite countertop does need periodic resealing. Without resealing, granite countertops will begin to show signs of stains.

Expected Price of Granite Countertop

Starts at 150 rupees per square foot and can go up to 700 rupees per square feet

2. Indian Kitchen with Marble Countertop

Indian Kitchen with Marble Countertop

If you start scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram, you will see a lot of marble kitchen countertops, and they are indeed very popular in the Indian market. Amongst all the marble countertops, white marble beats them all. Needless to say, you will fall in love with the marble kitchen countertops at once, such is its beauty.

Since marble is a very popular and expensive rock, many manufactures have tried to replicate the look of marble using artificial processes, and they were able to sell it successfully as well. These artificial countertops are most commonly known as laminate and solid surfaces. Even though these countertops were way cheaper, but they could not simulate the true look of a marble countertop.

One thing to note here is marble is very porous, which means any wine, coffee, tea stains will need to be cleaned immediately. Also, you will need to use a chopping board or some other surface to ensure you don’t end up leaving stains on the kitchen countertop. For this very reason, marble countertops are quite heavy maintenance. Having said this, marble is a highly heat resistant material and waterproof too. 

Pros of Marble Countertop

1. Marble is very dense and tough, it will not chip unlike Granite
2. It is usually easier to carve marble if you want to create intricate designs
3. Marble is extremely durable and heat resistant
4. Ideal for bathroom vanity tops, kitchen countertops, etc.
5. You always have a choice to sand down or polish the marble again

Cons of Marble Countertop

1. Can scratch quite easily
2. Marble is a bit more porous than granite
3. Expensive

Who should go for Marble Countertop in the Kitchen?

If your kitchen sees a lot of bake off, you can consider marble countertop as the stone is very heat resistant. However, you should still ensure to not place a very hot pan or pot on the marble countertop, as it may burn or discolour the surface of your kitchen.

Expected Price of Marble Countertop

Starts at 150 rupees per square foot and can go up to 500 rupees per square feet

3. Indian Kitchen with Quartz Countertop

Indian Kitchen with Quartz Countertop

Quartz is also known as engineered stone due to the way it is created. Quartz is produced using recycled stone granules, resins and some added colours. It is believed that this material contains as much as 93% quartz particles and other minerals, shaped into slabs.

In order to overcome the drawbacks of Granite and Marble, Quartz was manufactured. The good thing is unlike natural stone, engineered Quartz stone does not need any annual sealing. You will often see the majority of this stone slabbed onto the shopping malls and airports. It is also an increasing phenomenon that Quartz stone has been slowly attracting customers who have previously opted for Granite, and for this reason there has been a downward slump in Granite stone prices.

It is therefore correct to say that Quartz is a cheaper substitute of Granite and has pretty much all its qualities. Also, quartz countertop will need maintenance and look after especially if you are going to keep hot pans and pots on the kitchen counter for a longer duration. This material will not absorb liquids as it is not as porous as marble. There is no dearth of colours and patterns if you decide to go for Quartz countertop for your kitchen.

Pros of Quartz Countertop

1. Extremely resistant to scratches and stains
2. Can maintain its polish and shine for a longer period of time
3. Does not require any sealing
4. Adds a beautiful appeal to your kitchen as it resembles natural stone
5. As it is recycled, Quartz is known as eco-friendly alternative

Cons of Quartz Countertop

1. Not as resistant as Granite when it comes to the heat
2. Can loose shine if exposed to direct sunlight

Who should go for Quartz Countertop in the Kitchen?

If you want to add elegance to your kitchen and cannot afford to pay exorbitant prices, you can go for Quartz countertop in the kitchen. Moreover, unlike Granite you will not have to worry about annual resealing with the Quartz countertop.

Expected Price of Quartz Countertop

Starts at 190 rupees per square foot and can go up to 450 rupees per square feet

4. Indian Kitchen with Corian Countertop

Indian Kitchen with Corian Countertop

Not many people know this, but Corian is not a material, but it is rather a man made invention and the credit for this invention goes to DuPont, brands like LG and Samsung have also contributed. Corian is a solid surface material which is used to create bathroom as well as kitchen countertops.

In terms of how it is created, Corian is a mixture of granite, quartz or aluminium and plastics. These materials are heated, mixed and then poured into molds, this process creates solid sheets once the mixture cools down. The brand DuPont started selling Corian countertops in the year 1971, and it was an absolute immediate hit in the Istern nations. Corian is also known as Acrylic solid surface.

One of the best thing about Corian material is that its pieces can be glued together with a solvent. This means its joints are invisible after installation and since it is bendable material, you can bend it in any shape you want. Due to the invisible joints, the corian countertop looks massive without any visible breaks. In addition to this, corian material is also non porous, lightweight, durable.

Pros of Corian Countertop

1. Can seamlessly integrate with the kitchen background
2. Smooth surface
3. Durable
4. Easy to remove stains and scratches
5. Plenty of colours and patterns to choose from

Cons of Corian Countertop

1. Not very good when it comes to the heat resistance
2. Can get stains and dents

Who should go for Corian Countertop in the Kitchen?

If you like to use a countertop material that is eco-friendly, easy to clean, hygienic and non toxic, you can opt for Corian countertop in the kitchen. Corian countertops offers an array of colours and patterns, and the maintenance required is not so rigourous. 

Expected Price of Corian Countertop

Starts at 300 rupees per square foot and can go up to 1,500 rupees per square feet

5. Indian Kitchen with Concrete Countertop

concrete countertop for kitchen

If you are looking for a kitchen countertop that is highly unique, you must take a look at the other concrete kitchen countertops. This is not the same as the concrete roads or footpaths, it is infact a highly polished and textured version, especially created to give a rustic look to your kitchen.

A concrete countertop is extremely durable and can be easily cleaned. A lot of people have started gearing towards the concrete countertops because of the customisation option it comes with. You can choose and customise the colour, profile, thickness, shape, and the surface finish. Not sure if you have noticed, but you will see this type of material on the walls in the cafes or pubs these days. You also have a choice to leave concrete as is or make it look like a stone.

You will however need to maintain a concrete kitchen countertop from time to time and also have it sealed on a regular basis as it prone to toxics, stains, etc. At the same time, be advised that Concrete is a high end material that will need the skill and experience of trained technicians. These counters can be expensive, but it is totally worth it.

Pros of Concrete Countertop

1. One of the most solid countertops for a kitchen
2. Easy to repair
3. Gives a classy rustic look to the kitchen
4. Heat and scratch resistant
5. Decorative and unique textures are possible with a concrete countertop

Cons of Concrete Countertop

1. Prone to cracks
2. Quite porous and needs regular sealing

Who should go for Concrete Countertop in the Kitchen?

If you are looking for a kitchen countertop that is different from others, provides a very rusty look and at the same time is very rock solid and hard, you can go for the concrete material, and you will not be disappointed.

Expected Price of Concrete Countertop

Starts at 300 rupees per square foot and can go up to 2,000 rupees per square feet

6. Indian Kitchen with Glass Countertop

Indian Kitchen with Glass Countertop

Needless to say, glass kitchen countertop is one of the most attractive and magnificent designs in all the countertops available in the Indian market with its translucent looks. This is one of those countertops that will not age and is available in a variety of colours, textures and designs.

Unlike other stones, glass is non porous and hence, you cannot stain it. Be advised that glass countertops are still prone to chipping and cracking and if that happens, it is going to be expensive. There are several types of glass kitchen countertops you can choose from such as crushed glass, back painted glass, functional art glass, textured glass. If you have a thing for LED lighting in the kitchen, you can choose a textured glass countertop which can be clubbed with LED lights to enhance the overall look and feel of the kitchen.

Irrespective of the type of the glass countertop you choose for your kitchen, installation is going to be expensive. Alternatively, you can consider using a glass countertop in one section of your kitchen in alliance with another surface or material, rather than the complete kitchen with glass countertop. This way, you can save a lot of money and also, the new enhanced look of your kitchen will be super classy. 

Pros of Glass Countertop

1. Extremely elegant and futuristic
2. Available in a wide variety of styles, colours and textures
3. Durable and heat resistant
4. Looks timeless, does not age as compared to other countertop materials
5. Non porous

Cons of Glass Countertop

1. You will have to be careful with heavy objects
2. Installation is expensive

Who should go for Glass Countertop in the Kitchen?

If you are looking for a very imaginative design with the most versatile and unique material, you must choose a glass countertop. With a glass countertop, you get the flexibility to create an endless number of designs and shapes and the best thing is glass countertops are not porous unlike Granite, which means smooth and easy maintenance.

Expected Price of Glass Countertop

Starts at 600 rupees per square foot and can go up to 3,000 rupees per square feet


Which is the Best Kitchen Countertop Material in India in 2023

A kitchen countertop is not something where you will invest every year, and it is indeed an investment once it is fully designed and functional. Having said this, it does take a lot of effort and money to come up with an ideal and best kitchen countertop for your home.

To start with, you will need to decide some basic factors such as colour, interior designs, durability, physical properties, budget, desired surface finish etc. Once you have a picture in mind, you can decide where do you want to put your money. Unfortunately, there is no ideal kitchen countertop design that will suit everyone’s needs and budget at the same time. I may like a glass countertop for my kitchen, but what if I don’t have that kind of money to spend.

Therefore, while figuring out which countertop material is the best for your kitchen, picturize the colour and design, size and shape of material including the thickness, length, and edge style of the slab, if the new design will match the kitchen background, ease of maintenance and most importantly, the total cost of ownership including the future maintenance costs.

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