Top 7 Best Kitchen Apron in India in 2023 – The Ultimate Buying Guide

Best Kitchen Apron in India

One of our Instagram followers recently requested us to write a review post on the Best Kitchen Apron in India and here we are.

As long as you are going to cook on a glass top gas stove or a stainless steel gas stove, you are going to need a kitchen apron.

The concept of Kitchen Apron is not new in the Indian market as it offers a lot of advantages. For starters, when you are wearing a kitchen apron you can save your clothes from all kind of splashes resulting from cooking and preparation of food.

These days, kitchen aprons are designed keeping fire resistance in mind, therefore they have an added benefit of not catching fire resulting from accidents. Moreover, you can keep your mobile phone, small kitchen tools such as spatula, forks, etc in the apron pocket for easy access while cooking.

While looking for the Best Kitchen Apron in India, these are some of the basic things you should know:

  • Built of the Apron, can it be adjusted if needed
  • Design or material of the Apron
  • Whether it comes with pockets or apartments
  • If it is water and fire resistant

To know different types of material and which one is the best for a Kitchen Apron, you can also refer to our “Buying Guide” on the best kitchen apron in India.

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Anatomy of a Kitchen Apron

Anatomy of a Kitchen Apron

1. Strap – This Strap helps to keep the apron securely in place, it can be adjustable too
2. Waist Ties – This helps to secure the apron from the waist to the hips.
3. Skirt – The Skirt prevents the wearer’s body from any spills, stains, heat, etc.
4. Bib – Similar to the Skirt, a Bib helps in preventing the wearer’s chest from any spills.
5. Pockets – The pockets are designed to station mobile phones, small kitchen accessories.





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86 cm x 68 cm

0.27 kgs


85 cm x 60 cm

0.22 kgs


80 cm x 65 cm

0.38 kgs

Comfort Weave

80 cm x 65 cm

0.32 kgs


77 cm x 57 cm

0.16 kgs


76 cm x 57 cm

0.20 kgs

Yellow Weaves

87 cm x 56 cm

0.25 kgs


1. ARAWAK BRAVE Professional Cooking Apron Reviews

ARAWAK BRAVE Professional Cooking Apron Chef Designed for Kitchen BBQ Grill / 10 OZ Black Cotton for Women and Men Bib Adjustable/Towel Loop + Quick Release Buckle + Tool Pockets + Headphones Loop

1st product in our review of Best Kitchen Apron in India in 2023 is from the Italian brand Arawak Brave. This is one of the bestselling kitchen aprons in India and also all over the world which comes with a bundle of innovative features.

This kitchen apron is available in 6 different colours and is made from 100% cotton which can be easily machine washed. To add to the premium quality of this kitchen apron, you will see double reinforced stitching on the apron’s pockets, straps and loops and also metal grommets and rivets for added value.

You can consider this apron irrespective of the height as it comes with the extra long straps with a quick release buckle that allows you to adjust the size accordingly.

The unique cross back strap mechanism will ensure the weight of the apron is distributed equally across your shoulders allowing you to work without your neck being pulled down.

If you are a music lover, you will really like the Innovative Headphones Loop that comes with this Apron which allows you to listen to your favourite music without the cords getting in your way.

To ensure you can keep mini essentials while cooking, you will see this apron has two large pockets in the front bottom with “Kangaroo” style hand pockets just above. There is also a towel loop on the right hip side along with a chest pocket.

As compared to other kitchen aprons, this one from Arawak Brave is on the expensive side, but with this kind of quality and added features, this is one of the best kitchen apron in India in 2023.

Product Specifications:
Colour – Multi
Weight – 0.27 kgs
Dimensions – 23.01 x 15.39 x 3.61 cm

Pros of ARAWAK BRAVE Professional Cooking Apron:
Made from soft and breathable cotton
Built with solid brass rivets and grommets
Double stitched pockets
Ideal for men, women, chef, salons etc
Made in Italy

Cons of ARAWAK BRAVE Professional Cooking Apron:
A bit expensive due to the premium quality


2. Pixel Home Printed Apron Reviews

Pixel Home Printed Apron with Centre Pocket Cotton with Oven Mitten with Free Pot Holder (Green Flower Print)

For all those who do not want to spend more than 200-300 INR on a kitchen apron, this is going to be worth a look. This is a 3 in 1 home printed Apron where you get an Oven Mitt and a Potholder along with the apron.

With the help of Oven mitt made from cotton, you will be able to handle cookware with ease and comfort. Moreover, the entire fabric of the kitchen apron is made from cotton.

Also, the kitchen apron is fireproof due to a special sponge inside the apron which protects from the small sparkles. The apron has been created in a way that the neck size will fit all type of people. Due to the long rope, you can easily tie to the front or the back.

There is also quite a big pocket in the middle of this apron which allows you to put your cellphone, other kitchen essentials in the apron itself without moving here and there.

We felt that the fabric of this kitchen apron is soft in feel and durable to last long, you will not have to worry about wrinkles as well. The brand Pixel has scored a few extra brownie points by offering vibrant colours such as Green, Yellow to enhance the look of your kitchen.

Even though this apron is made from cotton, but the fabric is thick enough to protect your dress from any kind of powder, stains, thick gravy, etc. At this price with an oven mitt and a potholder, this is an amazing deal for the best cooking apron in India.

Product Specifications:
Colour – Green, Yellow, Marble and Black
Weight – 227 grams
Dimensions – 60 x 80 x 0.3 cm

Pros of Pixel Home Printed Apron:
3 in 1 Kitchen Apron with Oven Mitt and Potholder
Thick fabric
Made in India

Cons of Pixel Home Printed Apron:
Not water resistant


3. Airwill Yarn-Dyed Designer Weaved Apron Reviews

Airwill, 100% Cotton Yarn-Dyed Designer Weaved Aprons, Sized 65cm in Width & 80cm in Length with 1 Center Pocket, Adjustable Buckle on Top and 2 Long Ties On Both 2 Sides. Pack of 2 Pieces

This is a set of 2 kitchen aprons in the price of 1 from Airwill. The brand Airwill was established in the Year 1993 in Tamil Nadu and has been dealing in manufacturing & exporting of Home Furnishing Items such as Placemats, Table Linen, Bed Linen, Kitchen Linen, Tote Bags, etc.

These kitchen aprons are designed from 100% cotton and have a length of 80 cm with a width of 65 cm. You will see one center pocket along with an adjustable buckle on the top and 2 long ties on both sides of the apron.

We found the fabric of this kitchen apron to be not very thick, but it does serve the purpose. There is a plastic layer on one side of the apron, which helps in deflecting any kind of moisture, stains, etc.

Yarn dried bright patterns do enhance the overlook look and feel of this kitchen apron from Airwill. At this price, you can consider this kitchen apron especially when you are getting 2 aprons for the price of one.

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Product Specifications:
Colour – Multi
Weight – 381 grams
Dimensions – 22 x 20 x 3 cm

Pros of Airwill Yarn-Dyed Designer Weaved Aprons:
2 aprons at the price of 1
Designed and Made in India

Cons of Airwill Yarn-Dyed Designer Weaved Aprons:
Not water resistant


4. Comfort Weave Kitchen Apron Reviews

COMFORT WEAVE 100% Cotton Kitchen Apron Free Size - 65 X 80 cms with Front Centre Pocket (Pack of 2 Pieces)

Comfort Weave is a home furnishing brand that deals in bathroom and other home essential accessories. Similar to Airwill Aprons, this is a set of 2 kitchen aprons from Comfort Weave.

Both the kitchen aprons are made from cotton and have excellent durability. You can wash these aprons in the machine or give them a quick handwash. The size of the kitchen apron is 65 X 80 cms and there is also a big pocket in the center of the apron.

Though the apron is not water resistant, but the cotton fabric has a good absorption. One thing that could have been improved in this apron is there is no neck strap for adjustment.

Rest everything seems to be good with this apron, also you can be assured that the fabric is thick, and hence the kitchen apron will last for a while.

Product Specifications:
Colour – Multi
Weight – 381 grams
Dimensions – 22 x 20 x 3 cm

Pros of Comfort Weave Kitchen Apron:
2 aprons at the price of 1

Cons of Comfort Weave Kitchen Apron:
Not water resistant
No neck strap


5. Switchon Cotton Check Kitchen Apron Reviews

Switchon Cotton Check Kitchen Apron with Cap, 22-inch (Black and White)

Remember the kitchen apron that we used to see on professional chefs, this one from Switchon is exactly the same. This kitchen apron comes with a cap that has a black border, and it is a total utility while you are cooking.

The apron is made from premium quality cotton and can be maintained for a longer period of time without any hassles. The cap received with the apron is flexible and elastic, so it will adjust accordingly. The front pocket on the apron can be used as per your requirements.

This apron with the cap gives a very professional feeling, however we felt there are some improvements to be taken care of. First, the cap has a loose fitting elasticity, the quality of elastic needs to be enhanced. Secondly, the length of the neck strap cannot be altered which is a must.

If all these things can be improved by the manufacturer, we feel this apron can be the best kitchen apron in India.

Product Specifications:
Colour – Black, Blue
Weight – 160 grams
Dimensions – 77 x 57 x 0.1 cm

Pros of Switchon Cotton Check Kitchen Apron:
Comes with a cap
Made in India

Cons of Switchon Cotton Check Kitchen Apron:
Needs some improvement in design


6. Glun Waterproof Unisex Kitchen Apron Reviews

Glun Waterproof Unisex Kitchen Apron with Front Centre Pocket (RED, Checkered)

If you have been looking for the Best Waterproof Kitchen Apron in India, you can go for this kitchen apron from Glun. This kitchen apron is made from Cotton and comes in a pretty checkered design.

Once you start using this apron, you will notice that the fabric feels soft and will be durable without needing a lot of maintenance. The apron comes in a free size, so it will be perfect for everyone.

You will also observe an adjustable buckle on top and long straps on both sides of the apron. The good thing is this apron can be used by both men and women as it is Unisex.

Instead of 1 pocket, you will see 2 compartments thereby increasing the number of items you can carry with this apron. Also, the belt attached to the apron is adjustable for any waist size.

The last but not the least, the best part about this kitchen apron is that it is waterproof since it is made up of liquid proof material to protect you from food stains, water, juice, gravies, etc. Due to all these reasons, the kitchen apron from Glun is undisputedly the Best Waterproof Kitchen Apron in India in 2023.

Product Specifications:
Colour – Red
Weight – 200 grams
Dimensions – 10 x 10 x 5 cm

Pros of Glun Waterproof Unisex Kitchen Apron:
Best Waterproof Kitchen Apron in India
Comes in a free size
Adjustable buckle
2 compartments
Very affordable

Made in India

Cons of Glun Waterproof Unisex Kitchen Apron:


7. Yellow Weaves Kitchen Apron Reviews

Yellow Weaves 100% Cotton Kitchen Apron with Pocket

The last product in our today’s review of Best Kitchen Apron in India is a set of 2 kitchen aprons from Yellow Weaves. Yellow Weaves is an Indian home furnishing brand that also deals in the best laundry baskets in India.

These kitchen aprons are trendy as well as lightweight. With a size of 87 X 56 CM, each apron is made from 100% cotton duck fabric which is durable and long lasting too. Some of the main features of Yellow Weaves kitchen apron are:

  • Broad neck band
  • High GSM thick fabric
  • High quality stitching
  • Large size pocket
  • Durable and long life

The good thing about these kitchen aprons is that it is free size, so you will not have to think about the fitting. Even though these aprons are not waterproof, but with this kind of quality fabric and two attractive colours such as Blue and Maroon, you can try out these best kitchen aprons in India in 2023.

Product Specifications:
Colour – Multi
Weight – 250 grams
Dimensions – 27 x 22 x 2 cm

Pros of Yellow Weaves Kitchen Apron:
Ideal for cleaning, serving, cooking, baking, crafting and gardening etc.
Comes in attractive colours
Set of 2 aprons

Made in India

Cons of Yellow Weaves Kitchen Apron:
Not waterproof

Which is the Best Kitchen Apron in India in 2023

For a kitchen apron, the choice is straightforward. You can either get a waterproof kitchen apron or a regular kitchen apron. If you are looking for the Best Waterproof Kitchen Apron in India, you can go for Glun Waterproof Unisex Kitchen Apron with Front Centre Pocket. On the other hand, if you are looking for a regular and best kitchen apron in India in 2023, you can go for ARAWAK BRAVE Professional Cooking Apron Chef.

Buying Guide

An apron is not just required in the kitchen, but it is also very commonly used in the catering and hospitality industry today. In order to cater different requirements as per the industry, there are various types of materials and styles a kitchen apron can belong to. In this buying guide, we will cover all of this about the kitchen apron.

Types of Material – Kitchen Apron

There are different types of material when it comes to a kitchen apron. You can work with a disposable kitchen apron too, but it is not going to look elegant at all. Usually, the best material depends on your usage whether it is for kitchen, cafe, restaurant, baking, etc. 

1. Pure Cotton Apron

Pure Cotton Apron

Cotton along with Nylon and Polyester is one of the most popular materials for a kitchen apron. Those who have an interest in colours and patterns tends to pick cotton aprons. One of the best thing about cotton apron is that it is perfect for folks with sensitive skin. Best Cotton Kitchen Apron in India – Pixel Home Cotton Checks with Front Center Pocket Design Apron.

Advantages of Pure Cotton Apron

  • Inexpensive
  • Super easy to breathe in
  • Naturally soft and comfortable
  • Machine washable

Disadvantages of Pure Cotton Apron

  • Wrinkles easily
  • Not stretchy

2. Cotton Denim Apron

cotton denim apron

Without a doubt, this is one of the most stunning and elegant looking designs in the kitchen apron industry. This design is quite popular in the European countries and has gained more popularity in the Indian market too off lately. The denim material also provides a bit of extra protection from heat and sparks. Best Cotton Denim Apron in India – Milano Home Denim Apron with Adjustable Neck Towel Holder.

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Advantages of Cotton Denim Apron

  • Elegant and good looking
  • Thick material which helps to increase the durability
  • Resistant to friction

Disadvantages of Cotton Denim Apron

  • Takes longer to dry out than other materials such as cotton
  • Less elastic

3. Polyester Apron

Polyester Apron

In comparison to the cotton material, Polyester has its own pros and cons. To start with, Polyester being a synthetic fiber is a less expensive option and does not wear down as quickly. It has excellent moisture absorbing properties, but at the same time Polyester is usually temperature sensitive and may not be ideal for hot tropical places. This is why, a combination of Cotton and Polyester is much preferred when it comes to Kitchen aprons. Best Polyester Apron in India – Yellow Weaves Polyester Waterproof Apron

Advantages of Polyester Apron

  • Strong and flexible
  • Dries quickly
  • Affordable
  • Resistant to stains and abrasion

Disadvantages of Polyester Apron

  • Tends to stick to the skin
  • Not as breathable as other materials

Types of Design – Kitchen Apron

Types of Design - Kitchen Apron

How to Choose the Best Kitchen Apron

Amongst so many choices in terms of material and types of design for a kitchen apron, choosing the best one can be a bit intimidating. After all, the purpose of a kitchen apron is to help you in your kitchen chores, not increase your workload. So, in order to choose the best kitchen apron, keep these factors in mind, and you will be just alright – 

1. What do you need an Apron for – This may seem like a very basic question, but it is also one of the most important one. Depending on whether you need an apron for restaurant, kitchen, carpenter work, etc you will have to pick one accordingly. All these aprons are designed differently for the job they are going to be used for. For example, if you are planning to buy an apron for the restaurant, you will need something that is not only a bit fashionable, but it is also strong, so it can protect your clothes and also withstand excessive wear and tear.

2. Understand the different types of Apron – Let’s say if you are going to need an apron for a charity event where you only have to work as a volunteer for a few days. Now imagine how hard it will be for you to perform the job with a heavy duty apron. For this type of job, a disposable apron will work just fine. Thus, understanding different types of apron becomes important which will eventually help you to pick the right apron for the job.

3. Is your Apron washable – Your apron over a period of time is going to get stains and dirt. It becomes important to have a fabric which can be easily washed even if you wash it twice a week. Washing an apron daily is not an easy task and if the fabric is heavy duty, your job will become much more difficult.

4. Which is the best material for your Apron – Amongst the different types of material for an apron, Nylon, Polyester and Cotton are some of the most popular materials for aprons. However, if your use is going to be very limited for example, once in a month, you can also go for single use disposable aprons as they are inexpensive and can be easily disposed upon use. Whichever material you choose to buy, ensure it is easy to maintain and use. Avoid buying an apron which is made from 100% polyester as the fabric will make it difficult to breathe and the apron will just make you hotter.

5. Is your Apron adjustable – On the majority of the days, you are going to move from one place to another while wearing an apron and performing your kitchen rituals. In this scenario, you will want your back and neck to be free from the pressure and weight of the apron. So, a cross back or a tied neck strap apron may not be ideal for you. The best apron is the one which is comfortable to wear, and you can also easily move around. These days, you will find aprons with adjustable neck and with buckles. While looking at all these factors, see if your apron comes with compartments or pockets as some extra space will only help you to keep your mobile phone, spatula, etc.  

6. Is your Apron water resistant – Majority of the kitchen aprons in India are made from cotton and canvas, and so they will not be waterproof. Having said this, they are still designed to protect your clothing as much as possible from water drops and oil stains. If you need a fully waterproof kitchen apron, go for something that comes with a plastic sheet as protection from water.

7. Is Style important to you – If style is one of the most important factors for you while choosing a kitchen apron, then go for one which is made from Denim material. Denim cotton aprons do look trendy and fashionable, but don’t let style be the only deciding factor in your purchase.

Benefits of a Kitchen Apron

1. The biggest benefit with an apron is that it provides you with a safer working environment as it saves you from things like dirt, heat, oils, etc. Not just in the kitchen, certain aprons in the medical industry are designed specifically to protect you from radiations, etc.

2. Almost, all the kitchen aprons comes with pockets and small compartments, this extra space allows you to keep sponge, oven mitts, etc so you don’t have to go anywhere else to pick a cloth, so you can wipe the kitchen counter.

3. After the world has seen a major pandemic Coronavirus, all brands have started to be more cautious and hygienic towards food safety. In this situation, a kitchen apron is your best bet as it can protect you from all kinds of germs, bacteria which may be present in the food.

4. In today’s world, kitchen aprons have also become a style statement. You can have the flexibility to express yourself by making a strong fashion statement.

5. Precaution is better than cure, according to a recent survey, approx. 55 women die everyday in India due to kitchen accidents caused by fire. Therefore, having a kitchen apron can save yourself as it comes with fire resistance too.


Q. What kind of kitchen apron do Chefs wear?
A. Chefs unlike a part time cook deals with a lot in the kitchen for example, food preparation, frying and washing dishes. Hence, Chefs in general needs something that can protect them from spills and backsplash. A full body coverage where the Chefs also get space to wipe their hands is a feature you see in Bib Aprons. This type of apron ties around the back of the waist and has a loose neck loop.

Q. Why are aprons important during cooking?
A. Majority of the kitchens in India do not have an apron, but someone who has used it knows the underlying benefits associated with a kitchen apron. To start with, aprons are beneficial for cleanliness, sanitation, and safety. An apron also provides a layer of protection beyond the cooks clothing from fire, splatters, etc. 

Q. Which is the best Chef Apron in India in 2023?
A. Leeonz Cooking Apron which is adjustable as well as waterproof and comes with pocket and 2 Side Coral Velvet Towels for Hands Wiping is the best Chef Apron in India in 2023.



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