17 Best IKEA Kitchen Products in India in 2023 (Delivery Across India)

Who does not love Ikea, and if you are also looking for the best Ikea kitchen products in India in 2023, keep scrolling, and you will end up with the most amazing Ikea kitchen accessories in India.

Ikea is a famous Swedish brand, which is known for its elegant products at an affordable rate.

However, the problem is Ikea does not deliver all across India and hence the only way is to shop through Amazon, since Amazon delivers everywhere in India.

In today’s post, we are going to review the 17 best Ikea kitchen utensils in India, that you can add to your kitchen kitty.

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What is Ikea?

What is Ikea?

Ikea is a multinational Swedish brand, which sells ready-to-assemble furniture, kitchenware and home accessories. The brand has been operating since July 1943 and as of 2023, Ikea is almost present everywhere in the world.

One of the main reasons, Ikea is so popular all over the globe is because of its modern designs, eco-friendly products, low prices, and flat-pack furniture. In addition to this, everyone loves elegant products, especially when it comes to the home decor, and this is where, Ikea scores 10 out 10 in every single aspect.

In India, Ikea is located only in Navi Mumbai and Hyderabad, and they only deliver in select cities such as Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara, and Bengaluru. If you are not staying in one of these cities, you cannot buy from Ikea’s online store, since they will not deliver.

However, Amazon India has a limited Ikea stock, and in this post, we will review some of the best and unique Ikea kitchen products in India, which can you buy irrespective of your location.

17 Best IKEA Kitchen Products in India in 2023

1. Ikea Stoneware Coffee Mug

Ikea Stoneware Coffee Mug (Assorted, 250 ml) - 4 Pieces

Whether you are looking for coffee mugs or tea cup set, nothing beats Ikea. The reason, Ikea is so popular in coffee mugs is because of the colour choice you get. Ikea manufactures coffee mugs in those colours, which are not very easily available.

This is a set of 4 coffee mugs, available in 4 different colours. You can also use these mugs for daily tea or coffee. All the 4 coffee mugs are made from stoneware material, which means, they are compatible with microwave as well as dishwasher.

The material of these cups is thicker, so they have excellent heat retention features. The capacity of the each mug is 250 ml, which is good enough for people who prefer drinking large amount of coffee, tea or milkshakes.

2. Ikea Dish Drainer

Ikea ORDNING Dish Drainer' Dish Drainer, Stainless Steel, 50x27x36 cm (19 5/8x10 5/8x14 1/8")

A dish drainer is a must-have kitchen essential, which is required on a daily basis in the kitchen. You can use a dish drainer as a compact and a secure drying storage for everything from plates and utensils to heavy pots and pans to knives and delicate glassware.

The Ikea dish drainer can comfortably hold large dinner plates up to 32 cm, and is made from pure quality stainless steel. You can also use the Ikea dish drainer to hold cups, glasses, all types of cookware, etc. The dish drainer is available in Silver colour and weighs only 2 kgs. 

3. Ikea Bendable Chopping Board

Ikea Bendable Chopping Board

A chopping board is one of the most commonly used and bought kitchen accessories in India. Every Indian kitchen uses lots of tomatoes, onions in the food preparation, and in order to cut those onions and tomatoes on a fixed surface, you need a chopping board.

The Ikea chopping board comes in a dark grey and a dark turquoise colour, since this is a set of 2 chopping boards. The speciality about this chopping board is that it is 100% bendable, which means you can easily fold it after usage. The chopping boards are made from Polypropylene plastic, are totally food safe for your daily cooking needs.

4. Ikea Polyester Dish Drying Mat

Ikea Polyester Dish Drying Mat, Green, 44x36 cm (17 ¼x14 ¼")

A lot of times, your kitchen countertop will get slippery due to the utensils you have just cleaned or washed. This can lead to breakage of glasses, or any delicate cookware you might have kept on the kitchen countertop.

In order to prevent this, you can get an Ikea nonslip dish drying mat, which can be used to soak the water coming from the dishes. The green coloured dish mat is made from 100% polyester and can also be placed under small appliances like a mixer or a blender to protect the underlying surface from scratches and marks.

You can easily store the dish mat by folding it or hanging it on a hook with the loop.

5. Ikea Idealisk Colander

Ikea Idealisk Colander

In order to easily rinse vegetables or strain foods such as pasta, you are going to need a colander in the kitchen. In addition to this, a colander can also be used to wash fruits, vegetables, silverware, or drain canned foods, without too much of an effort.

The Ikea kitchen colander comes in a stainless steel design with plastic handles on both the sides. The colander will fit most of the sink bowls, since the handles can be adjusted easily as per your need. As far as the dimensions are concerned, it’s around 4 inches each from both the sides.

6. Ikea Trojka Scissors

Ikea TROJKA Scissors (Multicolour) -Set of 3

No kitchen or a house can survive without a decent pair of scissors. You need scissors not just in the kitchen, but it is also used for other daily chores, and even, for school or office stationery.

This is a set of 3 Ikea scissors, where each scissor comes in a different size. The blades of thesescissors are made from stainless steel, while the rest of the body is plastic. The Ikea scissors are designed both for right-handed and for left-handed persons.

For your reference, the largest one in this scissor set is perfect for fabric cutting, the middle one has long blades, and can cut just about anything from paper to a beard. The smallest one is good enough for smaller stuff such as veggies, etc.

7. Ikea Polypropylene Plastic Food Container

Ikea Polypropylene Plastic Food Container - 150ml, 150ml, 300ml, 1L, 600ml, 6L, 8L, Set of 17, Green

If you want to manage and organize your kitchen easily, you need to have plastic containers in the kitchen. If you do not prefer to keep plastic in the kitchen, you can also invest in a decent set of glass containers for the kitchen or even the stainless steel ones.

The Ikea Polypropylene Plastic Food Container set comes with 17 different sized plastic containers. The plastic is totally food safe, and you can also use these containers in the microwave. Since the size of these containers is different, you can use them to store just about everything from pulses to sugar to rice to grains, etc.

8. Ikea Flatware Silverware Cutlery Trays

Ikea Flatware Silverware Cutlery Trays (2-Pack) 10 X 12 Drawer Insert Smacker

Almost all the cutlery is made from stainless steel, and when you keep the steel cutlery with delicate cookware such as nonstick cookware, there are high chances of scratches all over the cookware. Moreover, finding cutlery at the right time becomes very difficult and messy.

This is why, you need Ikea cutlery tray to manage and organise your silverware, so you can easily keep it in the tray, and use when required. This is a set of 2 Ikea cutlery trays, which can easily fit inside the drawers and cabinets of your kitchen. One thing you should know is that these trays are only meant for cutlery, and not for serving spoons.

9. IKEA Koncis Garlic Press

IKEA Koncis Garlic Press, Stainless Steel

Cutting garlic into minute and small pieces may not be a very interesting kitchen task, moreover, it is tedious and time consuming too. However, if you have a good garlic press tool, you can easily use it to press garlic cloves through small holes to extract the pulp, oils, and juice from the garlic.

The Ikea Garlic press comes in a stainless steel finish, and is very neatly designed to give you the best results. The good thing is you can use this garlic press with unpeeled cloves as well. The garlic press looks sturdy, and is easy to clean also, as the inner container is removable, if needed.

10. Ikea TSSP Waste Bin

Ikea TSSP Waste bin, White 4 l (1 Gallon)

The more you cook in the kitchen, you are going to need a dustbin to dispose off the daily waste items. As a matter of fact, you should have always at least 2-3 dustbins in your house, depending on the size of your family.

The Ikea waste bin comes with a capacity of 4 litres, and is made from premium quality stainless steel. There is also a soft-closing lid in the dustbin, which closes smoothly and quietly. The waste bin is easy to move from one place to another, since it has a handle on the back. You can also use this dustbin in the other areas of the house, such as bathroom, bedroom, etc.

11. Ikea Blanda Blank Serving Bowl

Ikea 301.660.51 Blanda Blank Serving Bowl, Stainless Steel, 8-Inch, Silver

As long as you are cooking in the kitchen, you are going to need a lot of bowls, not just for cooking, but also for serving purpose. A bowl is a very important kitchen accessory, where you can cook, eat, serve and store the food, whenever required.

Bowls can either be plastic, silicone, or stainless steel. The Ikea bowl is made from stainless steel, and comes with an 8 inch diameter and 4 inch height. The bowl is ideal to serve salad or other food and snacks. Though the bowl is not microwave safe, since it is steel, however you can easily wash it in the dishwasher, if required.

12. Ikea Paring Knife

Ikea IKEA 365+ Paring Knife, Stainless Steel, 9 cm (4")

There isn’t a kitchen in India that can survive without a knife. However, the cooking preparation experience can differ a lot if you are not using a perfect knife for your daily cooking requirements.

You do not need to have a chef knife unless, you are going to use it for cutting meat, dicing vegetables, disjointing some cuts, slicing herbs, and chopping nuts, etc. However, cooking becomes a lot easier, if you have a good quality paring knife in the kitchen.

You can use the Ikea paring knife to cut, chop and slice fruits and vegetables. The high quality Ikea paring knife comes in a stainless steel finish, with a length of 4 inches. The grooves on the handle of the knife provides a firm, secure grip, and keep the knife from sliding in your hand.

13. Ikea Stainless Steel Steamer Basket

Ikea Stainless Steel Steamer Basket- Multicolour

The way we cook our Indian food, there is always a need to steam vegetables. As a matter of fact, steaming veggies before cooking is also considered hygienic. A steamer basket is a tool which is inserted directly into a pot or pan, and then used on the stove or in the microwave.

The Ikea stainless steel steamer basket is a very handy tool you can order for your kitchen. This steamer basket is easy to clean, tough and most importantly, it is long lasting. Since this is stainless steel, you should not use it in the microwave, as it is ideal for a gas stove.

14. Ikea Stainless Steel Iron Grater

Ikea Stainless Steel, Iron Grater

A grater is a very kitchen essential tool for food preparation that slices, grinds, and cuts food into shapes, such as strips or bits, so the ingredient can be evenly dispersed into the food being prepared.

You can use the Ikea iron grater to cut or chop ginger, garlic, nuts, etc. The body of the Ikea grater is made from stainless steel, and it weighs around 150 grams. As far as the price is concerned, the grater is very affordable, and the value is going to be priceless, when you use the grater daily.

15. Ikea Stainless Steel Mandoline

Ikea Stainless Steel Mandoline, Black

Kitchen tools such as peeler, grater, chopper, or mandoline slicers are extremely inexpensive, yet the value they bring to the kitchen is simply priceless. Mandolines are used to slice ingredients quickly, efficiently and uniformly. They allow you to slice much more quickly than with a knife.

The Ikea mandoline slicer looks quite classy in a black stainless steel finish. With this mandoline slicer, you can choose between 3 different thicknesses of what you slice by using the dial on the back. Moreover, handguard for protection is included with this product.

16. Ikea Vardagen Peeler

Ikea Vardagen Peeler,Length 13 cm

One thing I hate doing in the kitchen is peeling potatoes, and that is one of the most painful and boring kitchen tasks one can ever do. However, if you have a good quality kitchen peeler, this task will not be boring and monotonous anymore.

The Ikea kitchen peeler has a length of 13 cms, and comes with a stainless steel blade to swiftly cut through the vegetable & fruit skin, without taking any time, and doing it effortlessly. You can use the Ikea kitchen peeler to remove the layers of flesh from vegetables and firm fruits, such as apples, by peeling off thin narrow shavings.

17. IKEA Korken Jar with Lid

IKEA KORKEN JAR with LID, Clear Glass, 13 cl (4 oz)

Jars are a necessity in every kitchen, whether you need them to store pickles, chutney, etc. Jars can either be plastic, glass or steel, depending on the brand and the material. Jars can also be used in the microwave or simply to store spices on the dining table.

This is a set of 3 Ikea jars, which are made from the glass material. All the jars have an airtight seal, which makes it perfect for preserving your favourite homemade jams and jellies. The capacity of each jar in this set is 100 grams. The rubber seal and the clamp down lock ensures that the food items remain fresh in these jars.

I hope this post on “17 Best Ikea Kitchen Products in India in 2023” was useful and informative to you. I also encourage you to read the customer reviews of any product before buying. Should you have any questions on this, feel free to leave a comment. If you want our team to review a product you are interested in buying, you can reach out to us at askus@betterchoices.in, and we will be happy to review it.

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