Top 6 Best Ice Box in India under 1500 rupees in 2023

Best Ice Box in India
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If you are looking for the Best Ice Box in India in 2023, the chances are it’s already summer time.

Just as you need a casserole to keep your food warm and fresh, you also need an Ice box or a Mini Fridge for a very similar purpose.

An ice box is a rectangular shaped suitcase that can keep water, beverages such as cold drinks, beer etc and other perishable food items cooler for hours.

Depending on the ice box brand, the contents inside the insulated ice box can stay cold from 8 hours to 6 days. The capacity of an ice box starts from 6 litres and can go up to 120 litres as well.

In these times when the entire world has been shaken by Coronavirus, it is extremely important to maintain hygiene. Instead of buying chilled plastic bottles while you are travelling, you can simply use an ice box or an Insulated thermos flask.

While looking for the Best Chiller Ice Box in India in 2023, these are some of the basic things you should know:

  • Material of the Ice box
  • For how long it will keep the contents cool
  • Capacity of the box
  • If there is a locking latch
  • Does it have any warranty
  • Whether the box is leak proof

To know how to use an Ice box, how to choose the best ice box and its benefits, you can also refer to our “Buying Guide” on the Best Ice box cooler in India in 2023.

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Check Price

8 litres

8-10 hours



30 litres

24 hours

Stainless Steel

1 year

113.5 litres

6 days



25 litres

3 days

Hardened Plastic

1 year

14 litres

24 hours



60 litres

10-12 hours



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Coleman 3000002458 Polypropylene Ice Box, 113.5 L (White)
Pinnacle Primero Ice Cooler Box, Keeps Cold Upto 72 Hours (25 Litre, Blue)
Milton Ice Box 30 Litre Insulated ice-Box with lid-Lock Orange/Blue Family Pack

Ice Box

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1. Cello Chiller Ice Pack Reviews

Cello Chiller Ice Packs, 8 Litres, Red

1st product in our today’s review of Best Ice Box in India in 2023 is from India’s top most brand Cello. This is an ideal ice box for those who are not looking for a chiller box with a very high capacity.

The Cello chiller box comes with a moderate capacity of 8 litres and is available in 3 colours i.e. Red, Green and Blue. This box can keep your drinks cooler for up to 10 hours with heat proof insulated interiors.

As far as the space inside the box is concerned, you can easily keep around 4-5 500 ml bottles inside the ice box. If you are a beer lover, you can keep 5-6 500 ml cans in the ice chiller box. The number of bottles can increase if you reduce the quantity of ice in the box.

We tried testing this ice box by placing 2 bottles of coke and 2 bottles of beer and covering the box with some ice.

As expected, the bottles were extremely chilled after 8 hours and only some of the ice had melted in a span of 8 hours. Although we felt, the capacity of the box could have been a bit more than 8 litres.

Due to the capacity, you will not be able to keep a 1 litre bottle straight in the ice box, but you will have to adjust it slightly by placing it diagonally. Be advised that there is no locking mechanism in the lid, so if you try and keep more bottles, the lid will not close properly.

The quality of this ice box is good, but it will be much better if you go for a high capacity Ice box. The good thing is Cello also offers a 12 litre insulated ice box, that you can check out. Overall for short journeys, you can consider buying this best ice box in India under 1,000 rupees from Cello.

Product Specifications:
Material – Plastic
Weight – 1.16 kg
Dimensions – 12.2 x 8.8 x 7.7 cm
Cooling capacity – 8 to 10 hours

Pros of Cello Chiller Ice Pack:
Made in India
Trusted and genuine brand
Strong built

Cons of Cello Chiller Ice Pack:
No warranty
Average cooling capacity
No locking feature in the lid


2. Milton Ice Box 30 Litre Insulated Reviews

Milton Ice Box 30 Litre Insulated ice-Box with lid-Lock Orange/Blue Family Pack

Similar to Cello, Milton is one of the top brands in India. Taking a note from all the drawbacks of Cello ice box, Milton has come up with this superb ice box.

Starting with the configuration of Milton’s ice box, it has a massive capacity of 30 litres. What really impressed us about this ice box from Milton is its cooling capacity. Due to the double walled insulation, it can keep your drinks cool for the next 24 hours, which is really impressive.

The Stainless steel body of the ice box makes it a really sturdy product. To ensure your drinks do not spill out, the Milton ice box comes with a locking lid.

With this ice box, you will not have to think about the number of bottles or beer cans you can keep in it. The 30 litre capacity gives you ample space to keep anything you want in this ice box.

As an icing on the cake, Milton offers you a 1 year warranty on this ice box which is quite rare with other ice boxes in India.

In simple words, this ice box provides you all the features you can hope for in this price range and hence, it is one of the best ice box in India in 2023.

If you are looking for the Best Ice Box for Car in India, you can consider buying Milton Super Chill 8 Insulated Ice Pail with a capacity of 7.4 litres.

Product Specifications:
Material – Stainless steel
Weight – 1.8 kg
Dimensions – 47 x 30 x 38 cm
Cooling capacity – 24 hours

Pros of Milton Insulated Ice Box 30 Litre:
Made in India
Excellent cooling capacity
Locking lid mechanism
Strong built due to Steel material
1 year warranty

Cons of Milton Insulated Ice Box 30 Litre:


3. Coleman Polypropylene Ice Box Reviews

Coleman 3000002458 Polypropylene Ice Box, 113.5 L (White)

When it comes to the best ice boxes all over the world, the brand Coleman takes the 1st spot. If you have not heard about this brand in India, Coleman is a brand of outdoor recreation products, especially camping gear. They are an American company and has presence all over the globe.

When you think how much can an ice box hold for you, there is nothing bigger than Coleman as it has a whopping capacity of 113.5 litres. You will be amazed to know that this ice box from Coleman can retain the same temperature for 6 days.

It is a large portable cooler which is ideal for camping, outdoor picnic and trips. The ice box is known for low Carbon dioxide insulation for reduced carbon emissions from foam manufacturing.

The heavy-duty ice box cooler comes equipped with rust-resistant stainless steel hardware and UV guard sun protection that resists cracking even in the toughest of the conditions. In this ice box, you will notice a drain with an easy-to-clean valve which allows you to empty excess water without tilting the ice cooler.

This cool box is even equipped with integrated cup holders moulded into the lid.

With a massive capacity, excellent cooling and storage large enough to store 204 cans and 2 litre bottles upright, this is the best professional ice box in India in 2023 from Coleman.

What we did not like about this product is even after so many features, there is no warranty on this ice box cooler and the price is ofcourse on the higher side.

If you do not want to spend so much on a chiller ice box, you can also check out the 28 litre ice box from the same brand Coleman which can hold 38 cans and 2L bottles upright and can keep your drinks uber cool for 2 days.

Product Specifications:
Material – Polypropylene
Weight – 8 kgs
Dimensions – 92 x 42 x 44 cm
Cooling capacity – 6 days

Pros of Coleman Polypropylene Ice Box:
American brand and innovative technology
Whopping capacity of 113.5 litres
Can remain cool for 6 days
UV Sun guard protection
Leak resistant drain
More than just an ice box

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Cons of Coleman Polypropylene Ice Box:
Very expensive


4. Pinnacle Primero Ice Cooler Box Reviews

Pinnacle Primero Ice Cooler Box Reviews

If you check all the best ice boxes in India and compare every single feature against each other, you will notice that Pinnacle Primero Ice Cooler stands out in almost every single aspect.

Pinnacle is an Indian brand based out of Mumbai and is famous for its homeware products. The brand has a presence in more than 80 countries across the globe and has also been awarded as the Best Exporter for 8 consecutive years by the Indian Government.

The ice box from Pinnacle has a massive capacity of 25 litres which is good enough to comfortably hold 30 cans or 4 2 litre bottles upright. The exterior of the ice box is made from hardened plastic and the insulated body with 20 mm polyurethane foam keeps food and drinks cold.

What we really loved about the Pinnacle ice box is that it can keep the inner contents cool for around 3 days, which is very impressive in this price range.

There is a swing up handle on the top that comes with a soft grip for a very comfortable handling. You will notice a dry lid storage compartment that can be used for personal accessories.

To provide enough confidence in this ice box, the brand Pinnacle is also offering a 1 year warranty to cover any manufacturing defects. As a recommendation, use more ice packs to sustain the cooling for longer durations.

Considering the strong built, 3 days of cooling, 25 litres capacity and a 1 year warranty, the ice box from Pinnacle Primero is the best ice box in India in 2023.

You can also check out 45 litres chiller ice box from Pinnacle Proxon that can hold the ice for 100 hours, and has a warranty of 1 year.

Product Specifications:
Material – Hardened Plastic
Weight – 3.5 kg
Dimensions – 44.5 x 27 x 40 cm
Cooling capacity – 3 days

Pros of Pinnacle Primero Ice Cooler Box:
Made in India
Impressive cooling duration of 3 days
Awarded as the best exporter for the last 8 years
Capacity of 25 litres
1 year warranty
Dry lid storage compartment
Affordable and budget friendly

Cons of Pinnacle Primero Ice Cooler Box:


5. Princeware Insulated Chiller Ice Box Reviews

Princeware Insulated 3414 Chiller Ice Box 14 LTR, Red

Princeware is yet another Indian brand specialising in Homeware and Luggage industry. The brand has been operating in more than 70 countries and has manufacturing facilities in India and Africa for more than 40 years now.

This ice box from Princeware comes with a decent capacity of 14 litres and can keep your drinks cooler for 24 hours. The high PU insulation helps to keep the ice cool for longer.

We found this ice box to be extremely sturdy, and it kept the drinks cooler easily for 24 hours. In terms of storage, you can use this ice box for multiple storage options like placing 1 litre bottle horizontally or keeping aluminium cans straight.

You should also know that there is no lock mechanism or any warranty on this ice box, but at this nominal price, this product from Princeware is the best ice box for car under 1,500 rupees in India.

If you are looking for a bigger ice box, you can also check out the 70 litre ice box from Princeware.

Product Specifications:
Material – Plastic
Weight – 1.95 kg
Dimensions – 36.3 x 27.3 x 23.4 cm
Cooling capacity – 24 hours

Pros of Princeware Insulated Chiller Ice Box:
Made in India
Very affordable
Can keep the drinks cool for 24 hours
Capacity of 14 litres
Ideal for car use, storing medicinal supplies such as injections, etc.

Cons of Princeware Insulated Chiller Ice Box:
No warranty


6. Aristo Plastic Insulated Chiller Ice Box Reviews

Aristo Plastic Insulated Chiller Ice Box, 60 Liter, Blue

Our last product in today’s review of the best insulated ice boxes in India in 2023 is from the local Indian brand Aristo. The brand Aristo started in the year 1982 and is one of the leaders in the plastic industry.

This ice box from Aristo is a perfect fit for those who are looking for a high capacity ice chiller box as it has a capacity of massive 60 litres. The ice box is available in a couple of colours i.e. Blue and Red.

The high insulation inside the box helps to keep the drinks cool for around 10-12 hours. All the ice boxes from Aristo are designed with the latest technology and made from food grade virgin plastic.

Due to the excellent storage capacity in this ice box, you can keep many water or beer bottles in the standing position.

On the other hand, if 60 litres capacity is too much for your use, you can consider checking out 25 litres insulated ice box from Aristo.

Product Specifications:
Material – Plastic
Weight – 4.95 kg
Dimensions – 65 x 38.2 x 36.6 cm
Cooling capacity – 10 to 12 hours

Pros of Aristo Plastic Insulated Chiller Ice Box:
Made in India
Can keep the drinks cool for 10 to 12 hours
Good capacity of 60 litres

Cons of Aristo Plastic Insulated Chiller Ice Box:
No warranty

Which is the Best Ice Box in India in 2023

The main reason for which anyone will buy an Ice box is to keep the drinks cool for longer periods and to keep as much as you can. Considering these two vital prerequisites, we have a couple of choices when it comes to the best ice box in India in 2023. The Milton ice box can store up to 30 litres and can keep your drinks cool for up to 24 hours. On the other hand, the Pinnacle Primero ice cooler box can store up to 25 litres and can keep your drinks cool for up to 72 hours. The best thing is both these brands offers you a 1 year warranty, which is why we have picked them for the best ice box in India in 2023.

Buying Guide

Best Ice Box in India in 2023

The intent of writing this buying guide for the best ice box in India is to help you to understand how to choose the best ice box, what are the benefits of an ice box, how to clean an ice box, and what are some of the tips for keeping ice longer in your ice box. One by one, we will discuss all these pointers —

Best Ice Box Brands in India

1. Coleman
2. Pinnacle
3. Princeware
4. Aristo
5. Milton

When you think of the best ice box brands in India in 2023, Coleman and Pinnacle are way ahead than the other best ice box brands. Coleman being an American brand is very expensive, however Pinnacle is quite affordable for the middle class Indian families. After Pinnacle as the best brand for ice boxes in India, Princeware, Aristo and Milton are the other brands selling their chiller ice boxes. The capacity of these ice boxes starts from 8 litres and can go up to 115 litres. When it comes to the price, it starts from 400 rupees and goes till 15,000 rupees in India.

Where can I get an Ice Box?

Where can I get an Ice Box?

Due to the extreme temperatures in the North India, ice boxes are widely available in the offline as well as the online marketplace. However, considering the Covid times in 2023, it is recommended to explore your options online on E-commerce giants like Flipkart and Amazon. There are more than 3,000 ice boxes available on Amazon India itself. The good thing is we have already reduced your work by filtering out the 6 Best Ice boxes in India.

6 Benefits of an Ice Box

As Indians, we mainly use an ice box to keep our drinks cooler. In medical areas, ice boxes are often used to carry and store vaccinations especially when they have to travel to the rural areas where advances medical facilities are not available. However, in the Western nations, Ice boxes are used for multiple purposes such as during camping, trekking or even preserving perishable food items such as meat, fish, etc.

Let’s review some of the reasons why you should have an Ice box in India —

1. A relief in the summers – One of the main reason you would want to buy an ice box is to keep your drinks cool. For someone whose main job is to travel needs an ice box as it helps to satisfy the thirst in the scorching sun. Besides, a lot of people likes to have one of these ice boxes for chilled beers too, which by the way works like a charm.

2. Aid for frozen foods – A lot of people also use ice boxes to store frozen foods in order to avoid them from getting deteriorated. The ice box helps to keep the maximum length of storage times to maintain the quality of food products.

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3. Medicinal purpose – In the areas where there is not an adequate amount of medicinal supplies, a lot of charitable and medical associations tries to provide medical help such as vaccinating people. These vaccinations are stored in the ice box so that they don’t loose their value and still remain effective by the time they reach rural areas.

4. Ideal for perishables – Warmer temperatures can easily damage some perishable food items such as fish, meat, seafood, etc. Therefore, maintaining a constant temperature is a must during the transportation of these food items and this is where, an ice box comes for the rescue.

5. No use of Electricity – Unlike the regular refrigerators, ice boxes do not need any power source or electricity to operate. Ice boxes works on the basis of thermal insulation.

6. Affordable – You can get the best ice box in India in 2023 easily under 2,000 rupees. If you think about it, the utility of these 2,000 rupees will go a very long way in satisfying your needs as well as the thirst.

9 Tips on how to keep Ice longer in the Ice Box

Now that you have bought an Ice box, there are a few tips you can follow to improve the performance of your ice box. These tips are simply to follow, but they are highly result oriented —

1. Spread crushed ice – The first thing you should do before using your ice box for the 1st time is spread some crushed ice on the day or the night before using it. You can take some small chunks of crushed ice from your refrigerator and spread it all over the ice box. This will immensely chill out the air inside the ice box, and increase the cooling time of your icebox tremendously.

2. Spread block ice – The only issue with the crushed ice is that it is full of air, which means it will not stay in the solid form for a longer time. Once it starts melting, it will quickly transform into liquid cold water. Hence, the workaround is to place blocks of ice in the ice box. You can buy ice blocks from your local market or make it in the home in the old containers. If you plan to make your own ice blocks in the kitchen containers, make sure you fill them partly as it will expand.

3. Use some salt – If you add some salt to the water before freezing ice, it will lower down the freezing temperature of the water. This will ensure your ice will now be colder than frozen freshwater. If you live in the coastal areas, a much better solution is to make ice from the seawater itself.

4. Cool your drinks first – Before placing your drinks or food in the ice box, make sure you refrigerate them first. Once you have cooled down the drinks, then you can place them inside the ice box. This will allow the ice to last much longer.

5. Use ice packs – In case you do not have a refrigerator at your place or cannot access one for any reason, it is a very good idea to buy some ice packs and use it in place of crushed or block ice. You can find these ice packs at a nearby medical shop or even order them online from Amazon or Flipkart.

6. For beers – If you are buying an ice box to keep your beer cold and chilled, it is a good idea to leave some crushed ice from above even if it is half melted.

7. Avoid sunlight – No matter how much is your ice box insulated, always try and avoid it from the direct sunlight. Always make sure the ice box gets some air around it, placing a wet towel is a good idea to keep ice longer in the ice box. Similarly, do not keep the ice box in the closed areas like car or tent while camping.

8. Do not open frequently – The more you open the ice box again and again, you will allow the heat to penetrate and the cold air to go out. The longer you allow the ice box to remain shut, the better it is.

9. Use Aluminium foil – A lot of people also cover the inside the ice box with the aluminium foil. The foil helps to reflect the heat and light that will quickly melt the ice.

How to Choose the Best Ice Box

How to Choose the Best Ice Box

Amongst 3,000 other ice boxes available on Amazon India, we filtered out a lot of other ice boxes so that we can review the remaining 7 best ice boxes in India in 2023. Let’s review all the factors on how to choose the best ice box in India —

1. Capacity – One of the most important things you should note before buying an ice box is the capacity you need. For smaller families and for picnic needs, a 10 to 15 litre ice box will suffice most of the times. To complement, you can buy one more 6 or 8 litre ice box. However, for other needs such as travelling on a regular basis or storing food items, medical supplies, you should be looking at least a 25 litre ice box. The good thing is Amazon provides all the ice boxes in the range of 6 litre to 115 litres, so you can pick the one that will suit your requirements.

2. Insulation & Cooling – If there is no insulation feature within the ice box, there is literally no point buying an ice box. Hence, it is imperative to know for how long the ice box will remain cool. The best ice boxes we have listed varies in terms of cooling capacity which is from 6 hours to 6 days. So, you have a lot of choice which one you want to pick. With that in mind, make sure the ice box you buy has some sort of insulation coating, so the temperature can be maintained for longer durations.

3. Sturdiness – Majority of the times, you are going to use the ice box outside the 4 walls of your home. Hence, you will need to ensure the ice box is durable, rough and tough and can withstand abrasive usage as well.

4. Leak proof – The last thing after buying an ice box you will need is the melted ice and drinks to flow out of the box because there is no locking mechanism or the box is not leak proof. Lookout for an ice box that comes with a leak proof lid, or you should be able to lock the latches to ensure safety.

5. Warranty – A product that comes with a warranty with purchase speaks a lot about the quality and authenticity of that product. While you look for the best insulated ice box in India, make sure the ice box comes with a warranty. For your reference, Pinnacle and Milton offers a 1 year warranty on their ice boxes in India.

6. Price and Reviews – The price of an ice box in India varies from 400 INR and can go up to 15,000 INR depending on the capacity and brand of the ice box. You can however get the best ice box for around 2,000 rupees with an excellent capacity of 25 litres and moreover, a 1 year warranty. One such example is Pinnacle Primero Ice Cooler Box.

How to Clean an Ice Box

Once you have taken the ice box outside for a camping trip or something else, you will need to clean it as soon as possible to avoid the formation of bacteria inside the ice box. There are a few simple tips on how you can clean an ice box.

For this, you will need a soft brush, some lukewarm water, mild dishwashing detergent, microfiber cloth and baking soda. Now, start cleaning the nooks and corner of the ice box with the brush as this is an area where mildew could develop. If there is any hard stain, try making a scrubbing powder paste with some baking soda and water. Dip the brush in the paste and scrub it where you see the stains. Avoid using any harsh detergent as this may damage the internal coating of the ice box.

You can repeat the same process with the brush only to clean the exterior parts of the ice box. Once you have cleaned the ice box from the inside and the outside, let it air dry after opening the ice box cap. In order to remove any liquid or moisture from the box, use a microfiber cloth gently. Every time you use the ice box, make sure you clean it internally and externally to ensure longer life of the ice box.



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