Top 7 Best Chopping Board in India 2023 (Best Cutting Board in India) – UPDATED

Best Chopping Board in India

Have you been looking for the Best Chopping Board in India but not sure which one to choose amongst Plastic, Wooden, Bamboo or Stainless Steel?

A chopping board or a cutting board for vegetables is one of the very basic kitchen essentials that everyone should have, similar to manual or electric vegetable choppers.

Whether you have fruits, vegetables, raw meat or chicken to chop, a best quality chopping board will ensure your kitchen knives do not get dull and loose their sharpness.

The 7 Best Cutting Board in India that we are going to review today are safe for your fingers, and they are also hygienic in every aspect.

While looking for the best chopping board for kitchen in India, these are some factors you should know —

  • Material of the chopping board
  • Is it knife friendly?
  • Is it easy to clean?
  • Dimensions of the cutting board
  • Does the board have an anti-skid base? 

If you are short on time, here are our top picks:

Best Stainless Steel Chopping Board in India EverEx Chopping Board
Best Plastic Chopping Board in India QiMH 3-1 Chopping Board
Best Bamboo Chopping Board in India Piesome Chopping Board
Best Wooden Chopping Board in India Acacia Chopping Board

You can also jump to our Buying Guide to know which is the best material for a chopping board, how to choose the best chopping board, etc.

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Best Chopping Board



Check Price


Stainless Steel

1.05 kgs


Plastic Silicone

0.55 kgs



1.1 kgs

Make in Modern


0.99 kgs

Amazon Brand


0.41 kgs



0.90 kgs

All Time


0.71 kgs

Our Top 3 Picks


1. EverEx Stainless Steel Cutting Board (Antibacterial Surface)

EverEx stainless steel 304 Food-Grade chopping cutting slicing mincing serving cut board for fruits vegetables meat cheese pizza breads knead dough for chefs kitchen home. Antibacterial surface (1)

If you are looking for the best stainless steel chopping board in India, you can go for EverEx 304 Food-Grade stainless steel cutting board.

The most important benefit of having a Stainless Steel cutting board is there are no risks of breakage or bacteria build up.

Thus, our 1st product in today’s review of Best Chopping Board in India is Stainless Steel cutting board from EverEx.

The cutting board is made from 304 food grade steel, in simple words this means the board is resistant to corrosion and contamination.

This is a multi-purpose chopping board that can chop, cut, slice fruits, veggies, meat and also knead dough effortlessly.

Another feature of this steel chopping board is its ability to remove odour from the board while it comes in contact with different types of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food contents.

With this anti-bacterial chopping board, you will not have to think about scratches or your knife getting dull after a period of time.

There is also a scale marking on the board which can be very useful for certain food items that requires precise measurements.

The best thing we liked about this chopping board is it does not have sharp edges which assures safe usage.

Moreover, there is a handle provided to hang the board when you are not using it. Presence of anti-slip layer will ensure your hands or food items do not slip on the board.

As far as cleaning is concerned, you can simply clean this cutting board with water due to anti-corrosion properties.

The only con or limitation with a steel board is you will need to keep a soft towel or cloth underneath the steel chopping board as it is already heavy and can get heavier with the weight of fruits and vegetables.

Putting a towel underneath will make the lifting of the board much easier.

Overall, we rate EverEx chopping board to be the best Stainless Steel Chopping board in India.

Other Features:
Weight – 1.05 kgs
Dimensions – 37.4 x 30.7 x 1.3 cm
Colour – Silver
Material – Stainless Steel

What We Liked:
304 grade Stainless Steel
Healthy and Hygienic
Anti-corrosion, wear and tear, highly durable

Easier to clean, smooth surface
Less scratches as compared to wooden or plastic chopping boards

What We Didn’t Like:
Heavy chopping board, we recommend to add a soft base while using it

2. QiMH Collapsible Cutting Board (3 in 1)

QiMH Collapsible Cutting Board with Colander - Foldable Multi-function Kitchen Plastic Silicone Dish Tub - Washing and Draining Veggies Fruits Food Grade Sink Storage Basket

If you have been searching for the best plastic chopping board in India in 2023, look no further than QiMH Rapidora Collapsible Cutting Board.

What if you were to get a chopping board, a storage basket for your veggies and a foldable dish tub as well, all in the price of 1, isn’t that impressive?

This is the 2nd product in our review of Best Chopping Board in India that is basically a 3 in 1 multipurpose chopping board.

When not in use, you can fold this chopping board into a dish washing basket and at the same time, you can store the food items in this foldable chopping board.

As far as the material is concerned, this cutting board is made from non-toxic premium plastic and silicone.

The stands of the board are designed in a way that the board will not slip irrespective of the weight of fruits & veggies on it.

With a weight around only 0.50 kgs, you can easily carry this portable cutting board from one location to other and with an extremely affordable price, QiMH 3-1 Multi-purpose board is the Best Vegetable Cutting board in India.

Other Features:
Weight – 0.55 kgs
Dimensions – 42.42 x 30.99 x 14.48 cm
Colour – Grey and White
Material – Plastic Silicone

What We Liked:
3-1 Multi-purpose utility
Affordable price

Lightweight and effective

What We Didn’t Like:
Plug needs improvement

3. HOKIPO Bamboo Chopping Board (With Handle)

HOKIPO® Bamboo Chopping Board with Handle -Extra Large - 40 x 30 x 1.8 cm

A lot of people prefer to go for a bamboo chopping board and if you are also looking for the best bamboo chopping board in India, you can buy HOKIPO Bamboo Chopping Board.

When it comes to bamboo, it is one of the most lightweight yet harder than wood.

Cutting and chopping is easier on a bamboo chopping board and the fact that it prevents scratches and resists bacteria make this material even more better and in demand too.

This simple looking chopping board from HOKIPO is one of the best selling chopping and cutting boards in India. It comes with an aluminium handle for easy grip and carry.

Thickness of this chopping board is on the extra side making it a durable product.

You can use this board both sides and choose from Extra Large, Large and Medium size too.

Maintenance required is almost nil for this board and cleaning is super easy within a few minutes.

About the brand, HOKIPO is an Indian company and has a knack for manufacturing premium quality products.

We did review one of their Laundry Bags a while ago, you can check it here.

Other Features:
Weight – 1.1 kgs
Dimensions – 41.6 x 29.7 x 1.8 cm
Colour – Brown
Material – Bamboo

What We Liked:
Premium quality Bamboo
Good for knives

Choice of 3 different sizes

What We Didn’t Like:
Aluminium handle can be better

4. Make in Modern Acacia Wood Cutting Board

Make in Modern Acacia Wood Cutting/Serving/Chopping Board, 1-Piece, Brown

Similar to bamboo, the demand for the best wooden chopping board in India is also very high.

If you are also one of those looking for the best wooden chopping board in India, take a look at Make in Modern Acacia Wood Chopping Board.

Acacia wood for those who do not know is a substitute of the much expensive teakwood. This type of wood is similar to teakwood in many ways.

Acacia wood is derived from Australian native Acacia trees whereas Make in Modern is an Indian home decor company.

The wooden board from M&M is a simple and elegant looking chopping board that can cut fruits, vegetables, chop meats etc.

Just in case, if you end up with scratches on one side, you can the other side as well to do chopping and cutting.

M&M offers to replace the chopping board without asking questions in case you receive the wrong one (refer to product description for latest details).

As far as looks are concerned, this one looks very pretty with dark and rich wooden colour. Wood used is of great quality and will not dull the knives.

There is a circular hole which allows you to hang the board when not in use.

We found this wooden board to be reliable in terms of quality, easy to clean and maintain, perfect to do the job and hence, it is one of the best wooden chopping boards in India.

Other Features:
Weight – 0.9 kgs
Dimensions – 32.9 x 30.8 x 3.4 cm
Colour – Brown
Material – Wooden

What We Liked:
Premium Quality wooden chopping board
Easy to clean and maintain

Attractive looks

What We Didn’t Like:

5. Amazon Brand Solimo Chopping Board

Amazon Brand - Solimo Plastic Cutting/Chopping Board

This good looking plastic chopping board is from the house of Amazon. The board is made from high quality food grade plastic, which means your food contents will be safe.

There are 3 best things about this chopping board that we discovered from our review:

  1. The Turquoise colour of the board is amazingly attractive
  2. With a perforated and rugged surface, you will get good friction and the board will not move while in operation
  3. Design is super sleek, saves a lot of kitchen space.

This chopping board is dishwasher safe and can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth in case you do not have a dishwasher.

Considering the price is very affordable, we found this chopping board from Amazon to be the best plastic chopping board in India.

Other Features:
Weight – 0.41 kgs
Dimensions – 1 x 34 x 22 cm
Colour – Turquoise
Material – Plastic

What We Liked:
Very attractive colour
Sleek and lightweight

Rough base allowing for non-slippery cutting and chopping

What We Didn’t Like:
Size is on the smaller side

6. Piesome Large Bamboo Cutting Board (Anti-Bacterial Surface)

Piesome Large Non-Slip Wooden Bamboo Cutting Board with Antibacterial Surface with Handle, Chopping Board for Kitchen, Cutting Board, Cutting Board for Kitchen, Vegetable Chopping Board for Kitchen

Bamboo is considered to be one of the best wood for chopping board and this large size chopping and cutting board from Piesome is made from 100% organic bamboo.

Being organic and premium bamboo, you will not have to worry about one of the major concerns with chopping boards i.e. bacterial resistance.

This chopping board because of non-porous surface has anti-bacterial properties and is totally eco-friendly.

The board comes with wall hanging handle and also has smooth corners and edges for easy handling.

To clean the chopping board, simply rinse with warm water and let it dry, DO NOT soak completely in water.

Due to premium wood quality, your knives are going to be safe and won’t loose its sharpness.

If you are looking for a premium quality chopping board that is large in size and is easy to clean and maintain, you must go for Piesome, as it is the best chopping board for vegetables in India.

Other Features:
Weight – 0.90 kgs
Dimensions – 11.99 x 10.01 x 2.01 cm
Colour – Brown
Material – Bamboo

What We Liked:
Strongest in terms of quality
Perfect for slicing, cutting large quantities

Does not require a lot of maintenance

What We Didn’t Like:
Not meant for dishwashing

7. All Time Plastics Chopping Board

All Time Plastics Chopping Board, 37cm, White

The last product in our review of Best chopping board in India is a plastic chopping board from All Time.

The chopping board from All Time is an ideal choice for those who are looking for the best chopping board for raw meat or chicken in India.

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This is a very thin and sleek chopping board, also lightweight at around 700 grams.

You will find this white colour chopping board to be very minimalistic in design yet effective.

The board comes with a textured surface which prevents skidding while chopping, the brand assures no cracking, chipping or wrapping.

Plastic used in the chopping board is 100% food grade, so your food ingredients are safe from toxins.

The board is also resistant to heat, can be washed in the dishwasher and waterproof as well, this makes the cleaning process easy.

With a very nominal price, you can pick this chopping board if you are looking for a lightweight and sleek board to chop your vegetables.

Thickness is 1 cm which may not be apt for some people, hence keep that in mind before making a decision.

Other Features:
Weight – 0.71 kgs
Dimensions – 37 x 25 x 1 cm
Colour – White
Material – Plastic

What We Liked:
Sleek and Lightweight board
Minimalistic design

Textured surface

What We Didn’t Like:
Board may be too sleek for some people, but you can always keep a soft cloth underneath the board to make it a little thick.

Which is the Best Chopping Board in India 2023

Which is the Best Chopping Board in India

By now, we have reviewed 7 Best Chopping Boards in India with different features, sizes and materials. The main thing you should consider while buying a chopping board is the material, dimensions and ease of cleaning.

So to make this easy, we are going to pick 1 board basis the type of material used:

Best Stainless Steel Chopping Board in India – EverEx Chopping Board
Best Plastic Chopping Board in India – QiMH 3-1 Chopping Board
Best Bamboo Chopping Board in India – Piesome Chopping Board
Best Wooden Chopping Board in India – Acacia Chopping Board

At the same time, if you are looking for the best vegetable cutting board with attached knife in India, you can choose Anjali Fantastique Flexie Stainless Steel Vegetable Cutter. For someone who is looking for the best professional chopping board in India, they can go for Touchwood Premium Professional Mahogany Single Block Chopping Board.

Buying Guide

Buying Guide - Best Chopping Board in India

Even though a chopping board is relatively inexpensive, but you still have to be cautious of a few things such as which type of cutting board should you buy or should you have a separate cutting board for vegetarian and non-vegetarian food items, we will review all of this in our Buying Guide for Best Chopping Boards in India.

Types of Chopping Boards Material – Which is the Best?

In general terms, there are approx. 30 types of chopping boards, but for Indian style of cooking we mainly use these 4 types of chopping boards:

Types of Chopping Boards - Which One Should You Buy?

1. Plastic Chopping Board

Plastic Chopping Board

Plastic chopping boards are preferred by a lot of people around the world as it is easier to clean these boards especially if you are chopping, slicing meat. There is always a risk of your knife getting dull after a period of time if you are using a plastic cutting board. If not bought right, plastic boards made from ordinary quality can lead to infections or contaminations.

Therefore while buying a plastic chopping board, always look out for high quality plastic or food grade plastic. Another thing you should know is plastic chopping board’s life span is less than bamboo or wooden boards and they are cheaper too (under 500 rupees INR).

Best Plastic Chopping Boards in India:
Amazon Brand Solimo
All Time Chopping Board
Swift International Extra Thickness Board

Pros of Plastic Chopping Boards:
Easy to clean
Can be washed in the dishwasher
Comes in attractive and vibrant colours

Cons of Plastic Chopping Boards:
Can harbour bacteria
Dull blades of the knife over a period of time
Less durable than wooden/bamboo chopping boards
Every cut on the surface stays there forever

2. Stainless Steel Chopping Board

Stainless Steel Cutting Board (1)

Stainless Steel chopping boards are best known for their durability. Due to 100% stainless steel material, these boards will last for years to come without needing a lot of maintenance.

This board material is extremely hygienic and easy to clean, with a steel surface you will not have to worry about harmful elements.

In our review of stainless steel chopping boards, we noticed that one could get a little irritated with the constant sound of knife hitting the steel surface. Plus, steel surface can also lead to knives loosing their sharpness over a period of time. As far as the price is concerned, Stainless steel boards are a little pricey with costs going above 600 INR in India.

Best Stainless Steel Chopping Boards in India:
EverEx Chopping board
Organizemee Chopping board
Ohumlabs Heavy duty Chopping board

Pros of Stainless Steel Chopping Boards:
Easy to clean
Free from chemicals

Cons of Stainless Steel Chopping Boards:
Can result in dull knives
Harsh sound of knife hitting the steel surface

3. Bamboo Chopping Board

Bamboo Cutting Board

A lot of people confuse bamboo with wood which is not correct as these are two separate materials. Bamboo is actually a woody grass and is grown in tropical areas with a lot of rainfall such as China or North Eastern states in India such as Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram etc.

When it comes to Bamboo chopping boards, they are preferred by a lot of people as bamboo is sustainable and absorbs less liquid. In comparison to wooden boards, they are harder than wood which also means it will dull your knife faster than wooden boards. It needs regular cleaning and maintenance similar to wooden boards, but bamboo boards are more affordable.

Price starts from 300 INR in India and if you decide to buy one of these, make sure you oil the bamboo board from time to time.

Best Bamboo Chopping Boards in India:
Jinzifeng Chopping board
Yellow Weaves Premium Chopping board
Bulfyss Large Chopping board

Pros of Bamboo Chopping Boards:
Water resistant, hence no cracking or warping
Renewable, hence considered eco-friendly material
Durable & affordable

Cons of Bamboo Chopping Boards:
Not meant for dishwashers
Not good for knives

4. Wooden Chopping Board

wooden chopping boards

Wooden chopping boards are one of the most preferred and best-selling chopping boards not just in India, but over the globe as well. Wood is said to have anti-microbial properties which means your fruits and vegetables will be safe from any type of infection or contamination.

As far as health of a knife is concerned, wooden boards are the best. Similar to bamboo boards, oiling on a regular basis will enhance the quality and life of your wooden chopping board. Remember for meat chopping, you should prefer plastic chopping boards and keep a wooden chopping board for vegetables and fruits.

The best material in wood is Teak Wood that you can get in India, but it is a little expensive and starts from 1,000 INR, but you can be assured that it will last for years to come and will require minimum maintenance. Eesome and Old Trunk are the best Teak Wood chopping boards in India.

Best Wooden Chopping Boards in India:
Piesome Chopping board
Rylan Premium Chopping board
Apronn Large Chopping board

Pros of Wooden Chopping Boards:
Durable and reliable
Easy to maintain
Good for knives
Best to prevent bacteria contamination

Cons of Wooden Chopping Boards:
Not meant for dishwashers
Can be expensive

Other Chopping Board Material

In addition to the plastic, stainless steel, wooden and bamboo, there are other chopping board materials too. Let’s review and analyse which chopping board material is the best for your health and hygiene.

1. Silicone Chopping Board

Silicone Chopping Board

Plastic and silicone are the best choices, if you are looking for the best chopping board for raw meat and chicken in India. One great benefit with silicone chopping board is that it is dishwasher safe, and it also available in many colours. Silicone as a material is also very flexible, and they can be easily folded, when you are not using them for better storage. While chopping on a silicone chopping board, its grip will help you to chop more in less time.

2. Glass Chopping Board

Glass Chopping Board

Glass chopping boards are pretty and classy, most importantly, they are easy to wash. However, similar to other chopping board material, glass may not be an ideal choice if you want to cut down veggies, fruits, or even raw meat. Chopping veggies on a glass chopping board can dull your knives faster than you will know. Moreover, since glass has a smooth surface, there is also a risk of self injuries, if you are not careful. Glass chopping boards are good, if you want to cut down a piece of cheese or paneer.

3. Marble Chopping Board

Marble Chopping Board

Chopping boards made from marble are perfectly safe and easy to clean, however, similar to glass, there is a risk that you will end up giving yourself injuries, while trying to chop veggies on a marble cutting board. Moreover, the knives will loose their sharpness due to the rock hard surface of the marble cutting board. A marble chopping board should only be used, when you don’t need to use a sharp knife, such as fresh pastry dough, cream dough, etc. 

Best Chopping Board Material

Best Chopping Board Material

Now that we have reviewed all 4 types of chopping boards, let’s understand which one is the best for chopping and which one should you avoid.

A lot of people used to believe plastic chopping boards are the best until a foreign University proved otherwise. As per the experiment, 99% of the bacteria died within 3 minutes on a wooden chopping board whereas all the bacteria was alive on the plastic chopping board.

That’s why brands started coming up with food grade plastic material to keep your food contents safe.

In comparison to plastic, wood is more durable and it is a renewable resource too whereas plastic is not. Wooden boards also keep your knives sharpness alive which may get impacted with plastic or stainless steel chopping boards.

In a nutshell, you can get yourself a high quality plastic chopping board or a wooden chopping board, both these boards are good as long as you know how to clean them from time to time and keep it hygienic.

If you see too many scars, it means the time has come to replace these boards because more the scars, harder it will get to clean and sanitize them.

The best tip is to keep separate boards for raw meat and vegetables. You can go for a plastic chopping board for meat and a wooden chopping board for fruits and vegetables.

By doing this, you will reduce the chances of cross-contamination. You can also use food grade mineral oil or bleach to clean these boards regularly.

How to Choose the Perfect Chopping Board

How to Choose the Perfect Chopping Board

There are several factors you should know while looking for a vegetable chopping board such as size, surface, must-have additional features, etc. Let’s take a look at all these factors:

1. Material: Depending on your requirements, you should choose a chopping board. To keep this very simple, if you are going to chop meat, go for a food grade safe Plastic chopping board. On the other hand, consider buying a Wooden chopping board for cutting vegetables and fruits. It won’t be a bad idea to keep 2 boards to segregate vegetarian and non-vegetarian chopping requirements.

2. Size: Chopping boards come in different sizes and dimensions. You don’t want to buy a board that is too large for your kitchen and it ends up occupying a portion of your kitchen. At the same time, be sure to check the dimensions of the chopping board before buying.

3. Surface: Cutting and chopping can become more easy and effortless if done on a rugged surface. Chopping boards come with rugged as well as flat surface, you can choose the one with rugged surface as it can control the juices from items like tomatoes, meat etc and not let it spill all over the board. Go for a flat surface if your main use it to chop onions, carrots and other dry foods.

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4. Non-Skid Feet: Just as the surface of a chopping board can make a difference in your experience, having non-skid feet on the board will ensure a stable operation and zero mess.

5. Avoid Handles: Though handles can prove to be a good utility for easy handling, but sometimes the chopped food can get onto the handles or fall into the open space leaving some mess for you to clean up.

6. Use Multiple Boards: In order to ensure the health and hygiene while chopping, make sure to use different chopping boards for different purposes, especially when you chop raw meat and chicken in your kitchen. This will help you to avoid any type of cross-contamination. For meat, you can use a plastic chopping board and for veggies, you can use a wooden chopping board.

7. No Feet: A chopping board which comes with the feet is not a very good engineered design, since there is always a risk of misbalance in case one of the feet wears off with the time. Additionally, a chopping board without feet can be used in a reversible way too, which means, you will have 2 chopping boards for the price of 1.

8. Cleaning & Maintenance: While wooden and bamboo are one of the best chopping board materials, they can be a bit difficult to maintain. You will need to clean them asap and apply oil from time to time. If this is an issue for you, go for a plastic chopping board, as it is much easy to maintain and clean.  

How to Take Care of your Chopping Board

Just as any other kitchen appliance requires maintenance and look after, a chopping board is no different and these steps will help you to increase the life of your chopping board.

1. Follow the Order: In case you do not have 2 separate boards for vegetarian and non-vegetarian food ingredients, ensure you chop the veggies first and then raw meat, fish etc. This will help you to avoid cross-contamination.

2. Clean ASAP: Doesn’t matter what have you chopped meat or veggies, always ensure you clean the cutting board by washing it with hot soapy water as soon as possible. The last thing you want is a taste of garlic in your freshly chopped apples.

3. Oiling: With a wooden or bamboo board, cleaning with water may not be a good idea depending on the type of surface and material. For these chopping boards, a food grade mineral oil is always the best solution.

4. Water: Cleaning the cutting or chopping board with water is different, but letting it swim in water can prove to be a mess. Always ensure you dry out the board after cleaning it and not let it stand in water or sink.

5. Dishwasher: Never wash wooden chopping boards in a dishwasher as a sudden increase in the temperature may damage the wood.

Safety Tips While Using a Chopping Board

1. Only choose a chopping board which is food grade safe, you can find this information on the product label.

2. For additional safety, you should disinfect the chopping board with one tablespoon unscented chlorine bleach every once in a while.

3. When the chopping board has visibly worn out and cuts have appeared in the surface, it’s time for you to replace the chopping board.

4. Keep a different chopping board for veggies and meat.

5. Clean the chopping board as soon as you are done with some hot soapy water.

6. Let the board air dry itself, once you have washed them.

How to Clean your Chopping Board

Depending on the material of your chopping board, regular cleaning is recommended from time to time. While cleaning, there are a few things you should keep in mind and this is exactly what we are going to discuss now. 

1. Be gentle: You should make it a habit to wash the chopping boards gently with soap and hot water. If it is a wooden or a bamboo chopping board, ensure you dry them out completely with a clean towel. One thing you must not do is to put them in a dishwasher as the intense temperature will just damage the chopping board.

2. Oiling: Every now and then, make sure you coat the chopping board with food safe mineral oil, doing this twice a month is recommended. This will protect the chopping board from stains and odours. Besides, oiling the cutting board properly will also keep the board clean and hygienic.

 3. Storage: When you are done cleaning the board, ensure to store them in a vertical position. Keeping them horizontally will not allow the board to dry out and if it comes in contact with water, the board might get damaged over a period of time.

4. Difficult stains: Just in case, if you are caught up with a stubborn stain on the chopping board, there are a few things you can try out to remove the stains. To start with, you can mix one tablespoon baking soda, one tablespoon salt and one tablespoon water. Now, simply apply the solution on the board and wash away the grimy stains. Another thing you can try is using some salt and lemon. Here, you will need to sprinkle some salt on the board and also cut the lemon in two pieces. Now, all you have to do is rub one piece of lemon on the salted chopping board. After this, rinse off the board with some water and see the magic for yourself.

5. Do not try this at home: With a list of all the things that you must do to maintain your chopping board in a good condition, there are also a few things that you should avoid. For starters, never place your wooden chopping board in the dishwasher, always handwash them. Never prepare raw meat and cooked meat on the same board without washing them in between. This will help you to avoid any kind of contamination. If you need to dry your chopping board, always use paper towels instead of tea towels.


FAQs - Best Chopping Boards in India

Q. Which is the most premium quality of a chopping board in India?
A. If you are going to cut and chop raw meat or fish, you should choose a plastic chopping board, on the other hand a wooden chopping board is an ideal choice to chop fruits, veggies. For plastic boards, check if it is food grade safe and if you want to buy a premium chopping board, you can go for Teakwood chopping board as it is very resistant to moisture being a tropical wood material. Oils present in the teakwood naturally helps to resist water and prevent warping.

Q. When should I replace my chopping board?
A. If you see too many scratches or the surface of chopping board has gotten misshaped, it is time you should replace the chopping board. Too many open spaces will allow the germs to accumulate and infect your food.

Q. Which oil is the best for chopping board?
A. Due to its non-toxic, odourless and flavourless properties, you can choose the mineral oil to clean and maintain your chopping board. Beeswax and coconut oil are easy alternatives if you do not have the mineral oil.

Q. Which is the healthiest chopping board material?
A. By far, wood is the most healthiest and safe material for a chopping board. With time be it plastic or wooden chopping board, germs will accumulate but scientifically wood as a material has proven to kill bacteria within minutes whereas plastic does not have those features. In terms of cleaning, plastic board is much easier than wooden.

Q. Which is the best chopping board with attached knife in India?
A. With two sided razor sharp blades to chop all fruits and veggies as per your required choice and a handy tray for rinsing of vegetables, Anjali Cut-N-Wash Chopping Board is the best chopping board with attached knife in India.

Q. Why you should have a chopping board in your kitchen?
A. Having a chopping board in your kitchen has several benefits such as huge savings of time and effort, organized cutting and chopping which is required for some dishes. The time you save with the help of a chopping board can be utilised for other tasks.

Q. What are the alternatives to a chopping board for kitchen?
A. A chopping board has many other alternatives such as you can get yourself a vegetable chopper which will help you in chopping, slicing, cutting fruits and vegetables within seconds. You can look for a non-electric chopper or an electric chopper. Depending on the type of chopper, the price will vary from 150 INR to 1,200 INR.

Q. What are the chopping board materials you should avoid?
A. If you are going to chop wet ingredients, avoid any board material which is porous. At the same time, glass or marble board material is not recommended, since it can dull your knives within a short span of time. For a wooden cutting board, avoid a cheap board as it may not be a good quality wooden board and can cause contamination.

Q. What is the most hygienic chopping board material?
A. As per a study conducted by Dean O. Cliver, it was found in an experiment that wooden cutting boards are the most hygienic of all cutting board materials and wood is also more resistant to contamination of bacteria as compared to plastic, or any other material.

Q. Is marble a good cutting board?
A. Marble has a natural nonstick surface, however, since the surface of a marble cutting board is very hard, it can dull your kitchen knives while chopping veggies. This is why, you should only buy a marble cutting board for soft foods such as pastry doughs, pasta, etc.

Q. What cutting boards do chefs use?
A. Most of the professional chefs prefer working with at least 2 chopping boards to avoid any type of food contamination. The majority of the chefs use either wood or bamboo chopping boards, since they have a good surface, which is stable for the knives too.

Q. Which is better, a bamboo or a wood cutting board?
A. Although bamboo and wooden cutting boards do look similar, there is a noticeable difference in how they react with the kitchen knives. Bamboo is less durable as compared to wood, and can damage the knife blades over a period of time.

Q. Is there any advantage of a wooden cutting board over a plastic cutting board?
A. Durability is one of the biggest reasons, why people prefer a wooden cutting board over a plastic cutting board. A plastic chopping board will last for an year or two, whereas, a bamboo chopping board will easily last for 5-10 years.

Q. Do wooden chopping boards or plastic chopping boards harbour more bacteria?
A. Any day, a wooden chopping board will outperform a plastic chopping board as far as the bacterial contamination is concerned. As per a study, it was concluded that three minutes after contaminating a board that 99.9% of the bacteria on wooden boards had died, while none of the bacteria died on plastic.

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