Top 7 Best Chef Knife In India 2023 – Reviews and Comparison

best chef knife in india

Are you also looking to add the best Chef Knife in India to your kitchen arsenal?

A chef is not the same as a regular kitchen knife we use for everyday cooking.

A Chef Knife is something that you must have not just to add another tool to your kitchen kitty, but a Chef Knife can also be a go-to tool for 90% of daily kitchen tasks such as dicing, slicing, chopping of fruits, vegetables, meat and fish.

Generally speaking, an 8-10 inch chef knife should be good enough to handle the majority of the cutting and chopping.

If you have not used a chef knife before, it may be a little difficult at first, but remember longer the blade size, the more knife you have to do the work for you.

In this post, we will review the top chef knife brands in India, 7 Best Chef Knife in India and their pros and cons.

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If you are short on time, Victorinox Fibrox Pro Knife and Kai Hocho Premium Santoku Knife are the best chef knife in India in 2023.

Take a look at our “Buying Guide” to know everything about professional chef knives in India.

Top 2 Picks

Chef Knife

Premium Pick

Budget Pick


Victorinox Fibrox Pro Knife, 8-Inch Chef's FFP, 8 Inch, Black
Kai Gift Box Hocho Premium Santoku Knife, 6.7 Inch. Blade, Black, Stainless Steel Chef/Kitchen Knife

Chef Knife

Buy Now


Best Chef Knife

Blade Material

Blade Thickness

Check Price

Victorinox Fibrox Pro

Stainless Steel

3 cm

Amazon Solimo

High Carbon Stainless Steel

3 cm

Kai Hocho

Stainless Steel

1.5 cm

Godrej Cartini

Stainless Steel

2 cm


Stainless Steel

4 cm

Silver Shark

Stainless Steel

2 cm


High Carbon Stainless Steel

3 cm

Top Brands

Even though Chef Knives are a part of Kitchen knives, but it does not mean a good manufacturer of kitchen knife will also manufacture high quality Chef knives. Chef knives need a different level of precision and only few brands in India master that. Best Chef Knife brands in India are:

  • Victorinox
  • Amazon Brand Solimo
  • Godrej Cartini
  • Kai Hocho


1. Victorinox Fibrox Pro Chef’s Knife, 8-Inch Chef’s FFP

Victorinox Fibrox Pro Chef's Knife, 8-Inch Chef's FFP

There is no doubt that Victorinox is one of the best chef knife brands in India and all over the globe.

The Fibrox Pro Chef Knife from Victorinox is 7.9 inches in length and has also been rated as the Best Chef Knife in a leading gourmet magazine.

To prevent the handle slip in your hand, Victorinox has come up with this Fibrox Pro chef knife where the handle has been textured and it provides a firm grip even when the knife is wet. This helps to avoid any injuries with the chef knife.

The knife feels very comfortable when you hold it and surely gives a touch of elegance to your kitchen not to forget weight of the knife is only 200 grams.

The blade of the knife is made from Carbon stainless steel, so you can be assured about the sharpness and accuracy.

You can get this chef knife for all your cutting, slicing and mincing tasks, this knife has been preferred not just by home chefs, but professionals as well.

To provide efficient and precise results, this knife has been crafted with a tapered stainless steel edge, razor sharp and laser-tested blades.

In our unboxing, we found this chef knife to be extremely sharp as it cuts through veggies like butter, but we felt packaging for this size of knife could have been a little better.

If price is not an issue for you and you want the best quality Chef knife in India, there is nothing better than Victorinox Fibrox Pro Chef Knife.

Other Details:
Iight – 213 grams
Dimensions – 43 x 10 x 3 cm
Material – Stainless Steel
Colour – Silver

Pros of Victorinox Fibrox Pro Chef’s Knife:
Extremely sharp
Very comfortable handle for long usage
Lifetime guarantee against defects in material and workmanship
Best Chef Knife in India
Best for professional use

Cons of Victorinox Fibrox Pro Chef’s Knife:
Packaging could have been better
A little pricey as compared to other brands

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2. Amazon Brand – Solimo Premium Stainless Steel Chef’s Knife

Amazon Brand - Solimo Premium Stainless Steel Chef's Knife, Silver

If you are looking for a good quality budget Chef knife, you can go for Amazon Brand Solimo. Solimo for those who do not know is an inhouse brand of Amazon which sells quality products at a nominal price in India.

This 8-inch professional quality chef knife comes with a superior high-carbon stainless-steel blade with razor-sharp edge which helps in achieving precision in your daily cutting, chopping, slicing or mincing tasks.

High carbon stainless steel blades also means you will not need to sharpen blades too often, plus the fact it is stain resistant too.

The handle of the knife has been designed ergonomically with a triple riveted handle for a secure and comfortable grip.

Overall, a durable, robust and value for money Chef knife from Amazon Solimo.

At this price, chef knife from Amazon Solimo is one of the best chef knife to buy in India.

Amazon also sells a very durable and useful Santoku knife which specialises at creating very thin slices of foods faster and effectively, Best Santoku Knife in India.

Other Details:
Iight – 400 grams
Dimensions – 36.32 x 8.89 x 3.3 cm
Material – High Carbon Stainless Steel
Colour – Silver

Pros of Amazon Brand Solimo Premium Chef’s Knife:
Made from High-Carbon stainless steel
Triple riveted handle

Cons of Amazon Brand Solimo Premium Chef’s Knife:
Victorinox handle’s grip is better than this one

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3. Kai Gift Box Hocho Premium Santoku Chef Knife

Kai Gift Box Hocho Premium Santoku Knife, 6.7 Inch. Blade, Black, Stainless Steel Chef/Kitchen Knife

This chef knife from Kai Hocho is one of the best professional chef knife in India in 2023.

The Kai Group is based in Japan and has been selling traditional cutlery throughout the world for more than a 100 years.

In fact, a lot of famous kitchen knives are modern versions of old Japanese traditions, also known as the home of forging blades.

Santoku knife is pretty much similar to a Chef Knife except for the fact they vary in shape and style.

You can buy yourself a Santoku knife if you like veggies or fruits to have precise and thin cuts.

This is a 6.7 inch knife, a little smaller than the standard 8 inch Chef knife.

The blade of this knife has been designed using traditional Japanese method and it can cut the vegetable from top to tip in just 1 single drawing motion.

Knife has a nylon resin handle which makes it comfortable in the palm of your hands.

Be it chopping, mincing, dicing or even peeling skin finely, this Santoku knife with a pointed tip will come extremely handy.

To summarise this Santoku knife from Kai Hocho, it’s an affordable version of Victorinox with almost the same level of precision and sharpness, easily the best Japanese Chef Knife in India that you can buy online.

Other Details:
Iight – 200 grams
Dimensions – 27.5 x 2.7 x 1.5 cm
Material – Stainless Steel
Colour – Black

Pros of Kai Hocho Premium Santoku Chef Knife:
As sharp as Victorinox
A Japanese masterclass
Glides effortlessly through meat and vegetables
Superior build

Cons of Kai Hocho Premium Santoku Chef Knife:
Could not find anything

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4. Godrej Cartini Chef Knife

Godrej Cartini Chef Knife

Godrej is one of the top brands in India in home appliances. When it comes to the sister brand Godrej Cartini, it is also one of the best brands in India in kitchen knives and chef knives.

This is a quality chef knife from Godrej, extremely sharp and sturdy too.

This chef knife has been created from Stainless Steel using forged construction.

Steel quality is very good which will ensure longer edge retention and resistance to rust.

Handle is comfortable too and it will fit into your hand easily.

Considering the knife is extremely lightweight (200 grams), you can perform all cutting and chopping tasks comfortably.

As an icing on the cake, you get a 1 year warranty from Godrej on this chef knife. Be advised you will need to get a sharpener in case you decide to buy this knife.

Other Details:
Iight – 197 grams
Dimensions – 33.5 x 5 x 1.9 cm
Material – Stainless Steel
Colour – Black

Pros of Godrej Cartini Chef Knife:
Sharp blades
1 year warranty

Cons of Godrej Cartini Chef Knife:
Blade might loose the sharpness after a while, get a sharpener

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5. Roston Titanium Coated Chef Knife

ROSTON Titanium Coated Kitchen Knife Chopper Knife Chef's Knife Stainless Steel for Chopping Vegetables and Cutting Fruits (14 cm Blade)

This is an attractive Titanium Coated Kitchen knife from Roston.

A knife with titanium coating is basically non-stick, non-slip and is very much resistant to corrosion. This knife looks very elegant and sharp as compared to any other category of kitchen knives.

Due to the titanium coating, this knife is virtually indestructible and very light with a weight of only 100 grams.

Another benefit of this knife is you can go weeks and even months without the need to sharpen it.

You will not have to worry about scratches and fingerprints as the titanium coating will prevent it.

The knife can be used for all slicing, dicing and mincing of all kind of vegetables, fruits and bread.

Handle of the knife is strong as well as comfortable providing you a firm grip. You will receive the knife in a high-quality black box.

Roston has another Chef Knife made from German stainless steel in Grey colour, size of the blade is 14 cm.

Other Details:
Iight – 100 grams
Dimensions – 24 x 4 x 4 cm
Material – Stainless Steel
Colour – Black

Pros of Roston Titanium Coated Chef Knife:
Very Sharp and thick blades
Indestructible and lightweight
Elegant and robust looks

Cons of Roston Titanium Coated Chef Knife:

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6. Silver Shark Stainless Steel Chef Knife Set

Silver Shark Stainless Steel Chopper with Chef Knives/Chopping Knife for Kitchen/Knife Set for Kitchen/Chopper Knife for Kitchen/Cleaver Knife/Meat Knife...

A Stainless Steel chef knife set from Silver Shark which includes a:

Chopper knife – 11 inches
Big Chef knife – 10.5 inches
Small Chef knife – 10 inches 

This is basically a top to bottom Stainless Steel Chef knife set where handles are also made from stainless steel, this is a downside too as you will need to keep this knife set away from corrosive liquid.

The good thing about Silver Shark Chef knife set is the handle is not separate from the head, so there is no risk of breaking the handle like other conventional knives.

I found the handles to be a little thin as compared to the width of the blades, thick handles could have been good.

Overall, this is a pretty nice chef knife set in a nominal price and since it comes in one piece without any joints, it will surely last longer if you maintain it well.

Other Details:
Iight – 320 grams
Dimensions – 28 x 7 x 2 cm
Material – Stainless Steel
Colour – Silver

Pros of Silver Shark Stainless Steel Chef Knife:
Handle and blade in one piece, good for longevity
Sharp and smooth blades

Cons of Silver Shark Stainless Steel Chef Knife:
Not resistant to rust
Thin handle

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7. Q’sica Premium Non-Stick Chef Knife

Q'sica Premium Quality Non-Stick 8.0" Chef's Kitchen Knife with Blade Cover, Black Handle

Last product in our list of Best Chef knife in India is a premium quality and non-stick 8 inches Chef knife from Q’sica.

This chef knife is entirely black in colour which gives a very elegant look.

Best thing is you will get this chef knife with a blade cover which is really good as these blades are sharp and storing them with other tools might damage the blades and other tools as well.

The blades are constructed from High-carbon Stainless-steel material meaning they are resistant to stains and also will not need sharpening frequently unlike other kitchen knives.

The handle comes with an Anti-slip grip for comfortable and longer usage.

Avoid washing this chef knife in a dishwasher, use hand wash only.

Other Details:
Iight – 130 grams
Dimensions – 32.7 x 6 x 2.9 cm
Material – Stainless Steel
Colour – Black

Pros of Q’sica Non-Stick Chef Knife:
Antibacterial Ceramic Coating
Nonstick Rustproof Blades
Elegant Looks

Cons of Q’sica Non-Stick Chef Knife:
Not for professional use

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Which is the Best Chef Knife in India 2023

Which is the Best Chef Knife in India

These 7 knives are the best chef knives in India as of 2023, but if you have to make a choice amongst these 7, here is what we will suggest:

1. If price is not a constraint and you want the best and premium quality Chef Knife in India, you must go for Victorinox Fibrox Pro Chef’s Knife.

2. If price is a deciding factor and you are looking for a low budget chef knife, you can buy Roston Titanium Coated Kitchen Chef Knife.

3. Lastly, if you want your veggies and fruits to be cut very finely in thin slices, don’t look for anything apart from Kai Hocho Premium Santoku Chef Knife as this is the premium and best quality Japanese knife in India.

Buying Guide

Buying Guide - Best Chef Knife in India

How to Choose a Chef Knife

Buying the right Knife requires you to learn a few new terms, although you won’t become an expert, but you will surely know to choose a Chef Knife for your kitchen:

1. Price: Depending on how much you want to spend, your choice will vary. India is a very competitive market where you can get a decent quality Chef Knife in less than 500 INR as well. At the same time for a premium quality Chef knife, you will have to spend around 2,000 INR for example – Victorinox Fibrox Pro Chef Knife.

2. Type of Blade Steel: Look out for a Chef knife with blade made from high carbon stainless steel material. These blades are hard and sharp and do not require frequent knife sharpening, resistant to stains as well. I also want to go on the record and say irrespective of the blade material, it is always a good idea to clean your knife as soon as you are done with them.

3. Length of the Knife: A standard chef knife has a length of 8 to 10 inches. Although, it is very important for you to feel comfortable with the length and pick one, you can try out a longer model to tackle hefty vegetables. At the same time, if you do not like big knives, you can pick a Japanese Santoku knife which is not more than 7 inches generally.

4. Width of the Knife: You can choose a Chef knife with bigger width if your main purpose is to cut ginger, garlic, cabbage etc. A thinner blade might be a better choice as it is easier to manoeuvre through tomatoes or a raw fish.

5. Handle of the Knife: A handle is the business end of any kitchen knife and is one of the most important things you should consider before looking for a Chef knife. If the knife doesn’t feel good and comfortable in your hand, it’s simply not for you, try the next one.

5 Benefits of Buying a Chef Knife

benefits of a chef knife

When you have the right tools in your kitchen in just the right quantity, your cooking goes to a next level. You will often see many people enjoying cutting, slicing once they have a proper tool such as a Chef Knife. Here are 5 other reasons why you should have a Chef Knife in your kitchen:

1. Multi-Purpose Utility: Unlike a bread knife that can be used to carve breads or a peeling knife which is used to peel skin of veggies, fruits, a Chef knife is not one dimensional. You can use the chef knife as a multi-purpose tool and can chop veggies, slice fruits, mince herbs, cut meat, etc.

2. Razor Sharp Cutting: When you start cutting and chopping food items with a chef knife, you will realise these food contents don’t require brute force to cut as compared to dull old traditional knives. Eventually, you will start enjoying cutting and chopping tasks and this is where your creativity will kick in.

3. Enhanced Control: A chef knife gives you more control as compared to a regular knife when you are slicing or chopping. It is much easier to control blade movement with a chef knife, all thanks to their sharpness.

4. Trend Setters: Keep a regular Kitchen knife alongside a Chef knife and compare these two knives not just in terms of what they can do for you, but also in terms of looks and elegance. A chef knife is any day more attractive than a regular knife and adds a touch of trendiness to your kitchen, not to forget it is a multi-tasker too.

5. Versatile: Be it chopping, cutting, slicing, grinding or mincing from fruits to vegetables and from vegetables to meat or fish, a chef knife is up to the task as it is perfect for everything, even the regular onion chopping that is done everyday in Indian kitchens.

How to Clean a Chef Knife

how to clean a chef knife

Cleaning a Chef Knife is not a complicated process, if you maintain it well and know how to clean and sharpen your chef knife, it will surely last for many years. There are things that we do not recommend doing with a Chef knife.

For example – never wash the chef knife in a dishwasher even if it is compatible. Firstly, it is not safe for anyone who is loading or unloading the dishwasher as the blades are extremely sharp and can cause fatal injuries. Heat and moisture of the dishwasher will end up ruining the blades of your chef knife and since detergents are abrasive, it will cause corrosion over a period of time.

You can simply clean the chef knife by rinsing the knife and placing the blade against edge of the sink. This will reduce your contact with the blades and also the chances of you getting injured. You can use something like a Scotch Brite to wipe away from the blade, spine to edge. After doing this, turn the blade over and wipe again from spine to edge. Now, carefully wash the handle and then rinse and hand-dry the knife.

This is it, that’s exactly how you can clean a Chef Knife carefully and safely. All you have to do is keep the blades away, use a soft cloth or rag, press the blades against some hard surface and you will have a clean knife in a matter of seconds. You can repeat the same process for Santoku, Butcher, Bread knife as well.

How to Sharpen a Chef Knife

how to sharpen a knife

Knife sharpening has always been there from the ancient times when the man used to sharpen his knife with a stone to 2023 when we have different kinds of knife sharpeners available in the market.

There are different types of knife sharpeners depending on your budget. You can choose from:

Electric Pull Through Sharpeners: These sharpeners have a rotating grinding stone mounted on a motor with slots to pull the blade. There will be a variety of sharpening options in an electric sharpener. Since they are electric, they will require a power source and hence can be expensive too. You can check one of these electric sharpeners here.

Manual Pull Through Sharpeners: As the name suggests, these sharpeners are manual and there is no motor in it. You have to manually place a blade and pull it to sharp. These sharpeners are affordable than electric sharpeners and also an ideal choice for knife sharpening.

Stone Sharpeners: Something that is being used right from the previous generations till today. It is basically a stone upon which you need to place the blade of the knife at a certain angle and then grind to make it sharp.

FAQFAQs - Best Chef Knife in India

Q. What are some of the best chef knife brands available in India?
A. When it comes to Chef Knives, some of the best brands in India are Victorinox which is known for its premium quality, Amazon Brand Solimo known for its affordability and Godrej Cartini known for quality and affordability both. In all these 3 brands, choose Victorinox if you are not tight on the budget as it is undoubtedly the best Chef knife brand in India.

Q. Which is the best chef knife and a knife sharpener in India below 5,000 INR?
A. 5,000 INR is a good budget in India if you are considering to buy a Chef knife along with a knife sharpener. For a chef knife, you can pick the 8 Inch Victorinox Fibrox Pro Chef’s Knife with stainless steel blades and plain blade edges. You can also get a branded knife sharpener from Victorinox, known as Dual-knife sharpener with Oval sharpening stone and a massive 10 year warranty.

Q. Which is the best chef knife set in India?
A. Silver Shark Stainless Steel Chopper with Chef Knife, Chopping Knife and Kitchen Knife is t
he best chef knife set in India.

I hope this post on “Top 7 Best Chef Knife In India 2023 – Reviews and Comparison” was useful and informative to you. I also encourage you to read the customer reviews of any product before buying. Should you have any questions on this, feel free to leave a comment. If you want our team to review a product you are interested in buying, you can reach out to us at, and we will be happy to review it.

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