Top 3 Best Car Vacuum Cleaner in India under Rs 2,000 (2022)

Best Car Vacuum Cleaner in India

Today, we are going to discuss Best Car Vacuum Cleaner in India and most importantly, we have picked 3 Best Car Vacuum Cleaners under 2,000 that will be apt & affordable for car of every segment. But before we do that, let’s take a quick detour of why a vacuum cleaner is required for your car?

Buying a car is often a dream for so many of us and it’s like the second home where you build memories and this possession is very close to your heart. But like every other possession, your car also needs maintenance and cleanliness. When it comes to cleaning our car without the help of service centers, most of us are always doing it wrong.

Wiping the exterior and interior with a wet cloth, well guess what this doesn’t help at all. In fact, we end up spending more time without a fruitful result. There is no piece of cloth that can pick up minute dust particles. You are always going to need a Vacuum cleaner for your car especially if you are one person who has kids in the family who likes to eat snacks while being in the car or a friend who wants to smoke with or without the windows open.

I have made your work cut out by choosing 3 Best Car Vacuum Cleaners under 2,000 and also by giving tips on how to keep your car clean by vacuuming it like a PRO. While you are at it, you can also check out the 5 Best Tyre Inflator in India and Best GPS Tracker for your Car in India.

Best Car Vacuum Cleaner in India - Comparison (2022)

Vacuum Cleaner





Bergmann Stunner Car Vacuum Cleaner with Stainless Steel HEPA Filter (Black)
RNG EKO Green RNG-2001 Car Handheld Vacuum Cleaner (White)
Maharsh Vacuum Cleaner Blowing and Sucking Dual Purpose


0.9 kg

0.45 kg

2.2 kg


40 x 12 x 12 cm

34.3 x 8.9 x 8.9 cm

35 x 12 x 20 cm

Special Features

1. Voltage – 12 Volts, Wattage – 150 Watts
2. 100% copper motor, HEPA Filter
3. 5m power cord
4. 3 Attachments (nozzle, brush & flexible hose pipe)
5. 1-year warranty

1. Voltage – 12 Volts, Wattage – 150 Watts
2. 3.6 cm diameter 100% Copper motor, HEPA Filter
3. 5m power cord
4. 2 Attachments (brush & connector)
5. 1-year warranty

1. Voltage – 240 Volts, Wattage – 1,000 Watts
2. Blowing and suction dual-purpose motor, HEPA Filter
3. 5m power cord
4. 2 brush and 1 nozzle
5. No warranty


Who should buy this?

If you have been looking for an affordable vacuum cleaner that is an international (German) brand as well

If you are looking for an Indian product that comes with a high power motor and It & Dry cleaning mode

If you are okay with a product that doesn’t have warranty, but is a powerful multipurpose cleaner with Suction & Blower Functions 

How to Vacuum your Car like a Pro in 5 Steps?

Open Doors & Windows: Whenever you are vacuuming your car, always keep the doors and windows open. This is simply because, you do not want the dust and debris smoke to stay inside the car with the circulating air. Opening doors & windows will also help to eliminate the odours from the car. On top of that, it will much easier for you to access all areas of the car if you allow windows and doors to be open. 

Remove Larger Objects Yourself: You will make the overall job and process much easier if you can get a bin or a bag and throw all the larger objects such as bottles, papers, coins etc into the bin. This is because you don’t want your vacuum cleaner to pick things like coins and papers and eventually end up with damaged or clogged hoses. Besides, it’s much easier to do a quick clean up of larger items within 3-5 minutes and then using your Car vacuum cleaner.

Remove Car Accessories: It’s much easier to clean your car in a raw state. For example, try to vacuum your car after removing all accessories such as floor mats, dashboard covers, seat covers, cup holders or any other item you think can be a hindrance in easy access to all parts of the car. Before putting them back into the car, spend 2 minutes each on cleaning these items separately for a fresh look and feel.

Pay Attention on Floor Mats: Just like major source of dust in your home is through your shoes, it’s the same with car. Floor Mats are usually the culprits in a dirty car. So next time you clean your car, before putting the mats back on, wash it for 5 minutes and then use the vacuum to suck up anything that might still be there. By following this, you will see different & clean floor mats.

Follow a Pattern: Practice makes a task perfect, ensure you follow a pattern while cleaning your car. For example, once you have removed larger objects and all other accessories, start vacuuming your car in a pattern, you can start with driver seat and dashboard, after that you can move to co-driver seat and then the back seats and trunk. Repeat this pattern a few times and you will end up as a PRO.

Best Car Vacuum Cleaner in India - Reviews (2022)

Ratings 5/5
  • German Brand
  • With a suction force of 5 KPA, a powerful 150 watts & 100% copper motor you can be assured to clean out dust from every nook and cranny of your car
  • Only Brand to provide Stainless Steel HEPA Filter in this range as compared to paper based filters in other brands. Benefits – Brand ensures no filter replacement required for life of the machine
  • Made of top-quality unbreakable ABS Material (one used to make mobile phones)
  • 100% pure copper high power & high speed motor with metal fan as compared to aluminum motors with plastic fans used in other vacuum cleaners
  • A 5-metre power cord good enough for the SUVs as well
  • The body has a mirror finish which gives this vacuum cleaner a sleek & stylish look
  • Comes with Nozzle, Brush & Flexible Hose Pipe attachments
  • Brand claims 1-Year No-questions asked warranty
  • In the Box, you will see 1 Car Vacuum Cleaner, 1 Nozzle, 1 Brush, 1 Flexible Hose Pipe, 1 Extra Fuse, Warranty Card & User Manual
  • Available in Black and White colours
  • Dimensions- 40 X 12 X 12 cm
  • Iight: 898 grams
  • Known to be the Best Car Vacuum Cleaner in India
Ratings 5/5
  • Comes with CE-ROHS Certification, meaning no known-toxic materials, top-notch from a safety standpoint
  • High power 150W, 4.5 KPA suction & a sound level of less than 72 decibels
  • 5-metre wire good enough to reach trunk of SUVs as well
  • Includes It/Dry cleaning feature, best to absorb spilled liquid inside the car
  • Extra brush to clean dust & extra connector to clean all corners of the car
  • Comes with a storage bag to keep everything in 1 place and for travel purpose
  • Easily removable & washable HEPA filter
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • In the Box, you will see 1 Vacuum Cleaner, Extension Connector, Brush Connector, User Manual and Storage Bag
  • Dimensions- 34.3 x 8.9 x 8.9 cm
  • Iight: 449 grams
Ratings 4.9/5
  • Serves a dual function of both blower & suction
  • Can be utilized for vacuuming of furniture, frames, car, computer, etc
  • Voltage -220W, Frequency – 50Hz & Power – 1,000W
  • Detachable & easy to clean
  • Comes with a large rotating brush to easily absorb dust on the floor without bending
  • You can select the required air nozzle, insert it into the joint of the hose and turn it clockwise to a fixed degree
  • The Slings design allows you to slap it around your waist 
  • Iight: 2.2 kg
  • Known to be the Best Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner in India

The Final Verdict - Which is the Best Car Vacuum Cleaner in India?

Like we mentioned above, Car is an expensive belonging and unless you want to spend minimum 500/- on car washing every month, you are going to need a Vacuum Cleaner. While choosing these 3 Vacuum Cleaners, we took into account the overall performance, features, customer reviews & ratings and brand’s value. 

Our 1st choice amongst these products is going to be Bergmann Stunner Car Vacuum Cleaner because of the amazing features it carries such as 5 KPA suction, Stainless Steel HEPA filter, 100% pure copper high power & 3 attachment it carries and not to forget brand claims a 1-Year No-questions asked warranty. In a nutshell, Bergmann Stunner Car Vacuum Cleaner is the best Car Vacuum Cleaner in India.

Frequently Asked Questions - Best Car Vacuum Cleaner in India

Q: Do I really need a car vacuum cleaner?
A: Even if you take out your car once a week, chances are you will find the interiors of car dusty especially when you have pets or kids in your family. These minute dust particles will not look like a major thing, but over a course of time these particles can cause breathing issues, even allergies. It is therefore recommended to either get your car cleaned with the help of a professional service or get a vacuum cleaner and save money in the long run.

Q: Is car vacuum cleaner any good?
It is next to impossible to remove minute dust particles from every nook and corner of your car, that’s why car vacuum cleaners are your best bet to safeguard your vehicle’s interior as a pristine haven.

Q: Can I vacuum my car with the regular vacuum cleaner?
You can try cleaning your car with the regular vacuum cleaner, but it will not help as the standard household vacuum cleaner may not have the reach to get down into narrow areas of your car’s interior. This is why, you should go for a handheld vacuum cleaner specifically designed for the car.

Q: How often can I vacuum my car?
A: This really depends on your overall usage, who all gets into the car, do you have pets or kids, etc. On an average, cleaning your car with the vacuum cleaner twice a week should do the job for you. Remember to dust first and then vacuum.

Q: Which is the best car vacuum cleaner in India under 2000 rupees?
A: Bergmann Stunner Car Vacuum Cleaner is an affordable and best car vacuum cleaner in India under 2000 rupees.

Q: Which is the best and most powerful car vacuum cleaner in India with wet and dry function?
A: Inalsa Vacuum Cleaner It and Dry 1000W with 3 in 1 Multifunction It/Dry Blowing, 14KPA Suction and 4 Different cleaning tools is the best and most powerful car vacuum cleaner in India with wet and dry function.

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