Top 3 Best Baby Carrier in India (2022)

Best Baby Carrier in India

Having the best baby carrier in India for your child can certainly help you in multi-tasking as well as keeping your baby happy and comfortable. Research has proven babies who are held close often cry less but this is not always feasible because of two reasons. One it’s not physically convenient to hold your baby for entire day and second, you can either carry your daily tasks or hold your newborn. This is why, we have Baby Carriers that will not only make your life much easier but also allow you to carry on with your daily tasks while you hold on to your baby.

As a child goes through different stages of body development, needs also differ depending on individual growth. For example, newborns pretty much needs the parents almost all the time which is why Baby Carriers are your best bet from 0 to 6 months or up to 8 in some cases. Post this age and for the next 18-24 months, you will need a Stroller or Stroller & Baby Carrier both for added convenience. 

To understand what is going to be a perfect fit for your baby, we have also written a post on Best Baby Stroller, Baby Carry Cot, Baby Rocker and Best Baby Cribs in India.

Best Baby Carrier in India - Comparison (2022)

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TRUMOM (USA) 3 in1 Baby Carrier

TRUMOM (USA) 3 in1 Baby Carrier for kids 0 to 36 months old ( Upto 12 Kg)

650 grams

0-3 years

Upto 12 kg

3 Carry options, Extra wide seat, Front pocket, Soft luxurious feel, Breathable fabric

Infantino Zip Travel Carrier

Infantino Zip Travel Carrier Black - Jet Black

386 grams

6 months-3 years

Upto 18 kg

Foldable, 2-In-1 Carrier, Padded shoulder straps & a wide waist belt, Wide seat

LuvLap Elegant Baby Carrier

LuvLap Elegant Baby Carrier (Black)

640 grams

4 months-2 years

Upto 12 kg

Cushioned Comfort, Removable & Adjustable Hard Board Support with Air Holes, 4 in 1 Carrying Positions, Adjustable Wide Shoulder Belts & Waist Belt

Types of Baby Carrier in India

Types of baby carrier in india

Best Baby Carrier in India - Reviews (2022)

Ratings 5/5
"It’s value for money, we have searched different brands like luvlap, babyhug but this is the best. It gives wonderful support and comfortable too"
Trumom User
  • Product of Nureca Inc New York, USA
  • 3-1 Career, you can carry your baby in 3 different positions such as forward front position, inward front & also in a backpack way
  • The belt has been designed to ensure your baby’s weight gets distributed evenly and equally so you can hold your child for a longer time
  • Baby seat comes with extra wide space & enough padding to ensure comfort for a longer duration
  • Use of premium quality buckles, fabric, zippers, stitching etc
  • Anti-allergy fabric to reduce any chances of skin allergy
  • Comes with a handy front pocket where you can keep baby’s small toys, diapers, feeding bottle, cell phone, keys and other essential items
  • Very lightweight carrier
  • Padded shoulder straps & padded head support for safety and comfort 
  • Double sewing reinforcement technology for more safety
  • 6 months of Warranty, you will need to register here within 15 days from date of purchase  
  • Dimensions- 23.9 x 10.4 x 33.3 cm
  • Iight: 649 grams
  • Known to be the Best Baby Carrier in India
"Very easy to carry and light weight. The zipper system is good as it even protects from dust and other germs when not in use. Can be kept in diaper bag, car dashboard or handbag as well"
Infantino User
Ratings 4.9/5
  • Another American Brand with a solid reputation in baby products and also known as Best Baby Carrier Brands in India
  • For children up to 18 kgs
  • This carrier comes with a zipper waist pocket, so when you are not using it, you can easily put it inside the waist belt which is actually a pocket itself 
  • 2 in 1 carrier can be used in Facing In And Backpack Positions as per baby’s comfort and choice
  • Comes with well-padded shoulder pads and a strong waist belt
  • Baby Seat has been designed keeping ergonomics in mind so it supports the baby from the hips to the knees
  • Perfect for family picnic, fun park, etc
  • Made with pure cotton 
  • Super lightweight product with weight only 386 grams
  • Natural round back to support the child
  • Available in Black and Jet Black colours
  • Dimensions- 25.4 x 7.6 x 25.4 cm
  • Known to be the Best Ergonomic Baby Carrier in India
"I bought this when my baby was 4 months old and now he is 9 months. Still using the carrier almost daily. Very sturdy and comfortable. Helps carry baby properly"
LuvLap User
Ratings 4.9/5
  • A famous and reputed brand in all Baby products
  • Certified as per European Standard EN 13209, meaning this carrier is safe for your child
  • Age: 04-24 months, Iight – up to 15 kgs
  • There is a Soft Cushioned Seat with padded Arm and Leg Hole openings so your baby can rest comfortably
  • Includes Removable & Adjustable hard board support with air holes to ensure protection and ventilation for your baby’s head and back
  • With 4 in 1 carrying positions, your baby can now enjoy inward facing, outward facing, piggy back position and also it’s shaped for breastfeeding as well 
  • 2 Shoulder Belts + 1 Chest Strap + 1 Waist Belt for Superior Lumbar Support
  • Both wide shoulder straps are made with breathable mesh fabric lining which makes it very comfortable to wear even in hot weather conditions
  • Adjustable opening buckle makes it very easy to insert the baby 
  • You can use the front pocket to keep essential items for the baby 
  • Available in Black, Red, Dark Blue and Green+Black colours
  • Dimensions- 35.8 x 23.8 x 9 cm
  • Iight: 640 grams
  • Known to be the Best Baby Carrier Brand in India

The Final Verdict - Which is the Best Baby Carrier in India?

If you have a newborn, you are going to need a Baby Carrier as you can complete your daily tasks much easily considering these carriers are 100% handsfree. Plus the fact, your baby being new in this world will need a lot of you and there is nothing better than a Baby Carrier that can help you get there.

If we to have pick the Best Baby Carrier amongst these 3, it will be TRUMOM (USA) 3 in1 Baby Carrier as it offers a premium quality comfort when it comes to padding and even the seating and this is very important as baby needs to feel comfortable more than anything else. Don’t forget, Trumom also offers a 6 months warranty upon registration. 
If we were to spend more and get a high quality Mei Tai Baby Carrier we will go for Infantino Go Forward 4-in-1 Evolved Ergonomic Baby Carrier.

Frequently Asked Questions on Best Baby Carrier in India

Q: Which is the Best Baby Carrier for a newborn baby in India?
A: If you have a newborn less than 5-6 months, you can go for Ring Sling Baby Carrier as newborns do not have a developed spine which is why Ring Sling is a better choice. You can check Best Baby Sling Carrier in India here.

Q: Which is the Best Baby Carrier in India?
A: TruMom, Infantino and LuvLap are the best Baby Carrier in India in 2022. You can also check
Kiddale Ergonomic Baby Carrier Sling Bag if you are looking for an affordable Sling Carrier. 

Q: Are Baby Carriers safe?
A: Baby Carriers are safe for a child who is of 6 months or more in age. This is because, a child less than 6 months has a weak neck and spine. It is recommended that you read the manufactures instructions carefully.

Q: Can I sit while wearing a Baby Carrier?
A: As long as your baby has ample space to breathe, expand body parts as per the need, has clear airways etc you should be good.

Q: Which Baby Carrier is good for breastfeeding?
A: LuvLap Elegant Baby Carrier is a good option if you want to breastfeed your baby while using the carrier. 

Q: How long can you carry a baby in a carrier?
A: There is actually no rocket science behind this, keep it simple and you can use the Baby Carrier as long as both of you are comfortable. 

Q: Which is the best Baby Carrier option for a heavy baby?
A: You can go for Infantino Zip Travel Carrier as it can carry a weight of up to 18 kgs.

Q: Which baby carrier is good if I have back pain?
A: If you have back pain, you can go for LuvLap Elegant Baby Carrier as it comes with 1 Waist Belt for Superior Lumbar Support. It is still recommended that you and consult a doctor as well.

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