11 Best Mixer Grinder in India Reviews & Buying Guide

11 Best Mixer Grinder in India Reviews & Buying Guide

The best mixer grinder is one of the essential kitchen equipment, allowing you to execute a variety of chores with ease. You can do everything from creating smooth batter to extracting and blending fruit juices. There are different types of mixer grinders in India, each of which serves a unique purpose. Selecting the best option can be a hassle. I will, however, assist you in choosing the best kitchen mixer grinder.

Our team has created a guide to assist you in selecting the best mixer grinder in India from the list of the top 11 models. Before purchasing the best mixer grinder for the home, we have listed the most crucial criteria, such as specs, pros, and cons. Here is a ranking of the 11 top mixer grinders in India:

How do we test mixer grinders? Here are the criteria:

  • Durability
  • Customer Reviews
  • Performance
  • Motor Speed
  • Accessories
  • Portability

11 Best Mixer Grinder in India That Offer The Best Performance

Best Mixer GrinderMotor Speed (Power Requirement)JarsWarrantyScoreBuy Now
Sujata Dynamix Mixer Grinder900 Watts32 years warranty4.6/5Buy on Amazon
Bajaj Easy Mixer Grinder500 Watts32 years warranty4.5/5Buy on Amazon
Sujata Mixer Grinder SuperMix SM900 Watts32 years warranty4.5/5Buy on Amazon
Bosch TrueMixx Pro Mixer Grinder1000 Watts42 years warranty4.4/5Buy on Amazon
Panasonic MX-AC400 Mixer Grinder550 Watts42 years warranty4.3/5Buy on Amazon
Panasonic MX-AC555 Mixer550 Watts52 years warranty4.3/5Buy on Amazon
Preethi Mixer Grinder Zodiac MG 218750 Watts52 years warranty 4.3/5Buy on Amazon
Preethi Mixer Grinder Chef Pro750 Watts32 years warranty4.3/5Buy on Amazon
Bajaj Rex Mixer Grinder500 Watts31 year warranty4.2/5Buy on Amazon
Prestige Iris Mixer Grinder750 Watts42 years warranty3.9/5Buy on Amazon
Rico Mixer Grinder750 Watts32 years warranty3.8/5Buy on Amazon

Best Mixer Grinder in India — Reviews

Sujata Dynamix DX Mixer Grinder (900-Watt Motor and 3 Jars)

Looking for a powerful yet compact mixer grinder for your kitchen? Look no further! The ideal option is the Sujata Dynamix 900-Watt Blender Grinder. It is one of the most powerful and compact design mixer grinders on the Indian market. You get stainless-steel jars that can be used for different grinding tasks, including the preparation of chutney, and wet or dry ingredients.

Sujata Dynamix DX mixer grinder features double ball bearings that improve performance, lower maintenance requirements and extends the product lifespan. This powerful mixer grinder is powered by a powerful motor that can handle all grinding needs, including turmeric or Idli batter.

The Sujata Dynamix DX has stainless steel blades that enable faster and finer grinding and is entirely shockproof. You can use this mixer grinder for up to 90 minutes as it is compact and portable. Also, you can change the speed of the mixer grinder thanks to its speed control. One of India’s top mixer grinders is unquestionably Sujata Mixie, thanks to its performance, build quality and efficiency.

Colour: WhiteMaximum RPM:  22000Item Dimensions: 49 x 22.5 x 35.5 CentimetersPower: 900 Watt motorIight: 5kgIncluded Components: 1 unit Motor, 1 It Grinder jar, 1 Chutney jar, 1 Dry Grinder jar
User-friendly.2-year manufacturer warranty from the date of purchase.Low maintenance.Trouble-free running.Totally shockproof and safe.Retains the flavour and aroma of juices and food.It comes with 3 jars for your different grinding needs.Powerful stainless-steel blades.Double ball bearings for efficiency.Powerful 900 watts motor.Vibration-free operation.No safety locks are provided.The juicer machine won’t work on UPS.No juicer bar included.

Overall Score: 


This mixer produces results quickly thanks to its powerful motor and double ball bearings. Sujata’s mixer grinder is durable and easy to clean. This less popular brand won’t function with UPS.

Who should buy it?The Sujata Dynamix Dx900-Watt mixer grinder is a compact and reasonably priced option. This durable model is safe to use and vibration-free. It contains shockproof technology, so your children are safe.
You can utilise the Sujata Dynamix Mixer Grinder for all your grinding and blending requirements. It is safer to operate and cuts more precisely thanks to the strong motor and stainless steel blades.

Bajaj Easy 500-Watt Mixer Grinder with 3 Jars

One of the best kitchen appliances at an affordable price is the Bajaj Easy 500W Mixer Grinder. Small and portable, Bajaj Easy mixer grinders are suitable for both individuals and families. Three stainless steel jars—a 1.5-litre liquidising jar, a 1-litre multipurpose jar, and a 0.4-litre chutney jar—come with this grinder.

The Bajaj Easy 500W Mixer Grinder boasts a strong 500-watt motor that makes it easy to grind both wet and dry ingredients. It is capable of producing 20000 rpm at its top speed. The Bajaj Easy has a 3-speed option that you can use with an inch to adjust the speed. If we consider the price, the Bajaj Easy Mixer Grinder is the best mixer grinder in India in 2023. It is the finest in its class and offers value.

With a two-year warranty, Bajaj mixer grinders are promised to last a lifetime. A PC dome cover is also included with the liquidising jar.

Colour: WhiteMaximum RPM:  20000Item Dimensions: 25 x 25 x 35 CentimetersPower: 500 Watt motorIight: 4kg 200gIncluded Components: 3 Jars Included (1.5L Liquidising Jar, 1L Dry grinder, .3L Chutney Jar)
2 in 1 functional blade.Easy grip handles.3 jars included.100% copper motor.Powerful 500 watts motor.5-year warranty on the motor.No polycarbonate dome.Easy to clean.Value for money.Noisy.Not for hard grindings.Heats up quickly.The chutney container is small.

Overall Score: 


Chutneys and purees can be easily made using the powerful Bajaj MG 500 W Mixer-grinder with a 500 W Motor. It may be quieter than some other types available, but even if the chutney container is smaller, it will still function properly.

Who should buy it?If you want to prepare delectable meals for your family, the Bajaj MG Easy 500W Mixer-Grinder is a fantastic option. It is quick and simple since the user has easy access to the rotator and 3-speed control. You can prepare curry paste, chutney, or dosa batter in this mixer. This strong mixer grinder has a 500 W motor. Ingredients can be ground and combined fast.

Sujata SuperMix SM Mixer Grinder, 900 Watt, 3 Jars 

If you’re searching for a strong yet fairly priced mixer grinder, the Sujata Supermix SM 900Watt model is a great bet. This model is fantastic and has a powerful motor.

The 900-watt Sujata Supermix SM mixer can be used to make dry spices, idly batter, and Indian masalas. Cooking will be much simpler with this grinder. Three jars are included in the set: one large jar for dry grinding and two stainless steel chutney jars.

Fixed blades make it simpler to operate the mixer grinder and produce excellent mixing and grinding results. Double ball bearings, which are less expensive to maintain and give great efficiency, are found in the powerful motor of the mixer grinder. The jars are made of high-quality stainless steel. The 1.5L large jar is a transparent and unbreakable blender jar.

Colour: WhiteMaximum RPM:  22000Item Dimensions: 49 x 23 x 36 CentimetersPower: 900 Watt motorIight: 5kg 500gIncluded Components: 1 unit Motor, 1 Blender jar, 1 Chutney jar, 1 Dry Grinder jar
2 years warranty on the product.Double ball bearings for efficiency.Low maintenance.Trouble-free running for years.Totally shock-proof and safe.3 speed with rotary action switch.Whipper button for momentary motion.Easy to use.Easy to clean.Most powerful 900 watts motor.22 rpm operation retains the flavour and aroma of juices and food.90 minutes continuous running for longer use.2 separate stainless steel jars.Vibration-free operation.High-strength stainless steel blades that cut finer and faster.No reset button like in normal mixers.The grinder jar gets hot.

Overall Score: 


Users appreciated the Sujata Supermix SM 900-watt mixer-grinder model as being superior to other models available on the Indian market. You can have overheating issues and require regular maintenance.

Who should buy it?The Sujata Supermix SM mixer grinder model is a terrific option if you’re seeking an effective household item. Users have the option of dry or wet grinding. You can get a Sujata Supermix SM 900 mixer grinder to grind several batters daily. A heavy-duty motor mixie is both safe and long-lasting. However, if you run the mixer grinder continuously, you must give the motor time to cool off as this can lead to overheating.

Bosch Pro 1000W Mixer Grinder MGM8842MIN

If you want a mixie that combines cutting-edge technology with a classic pounding effect, the Bosch Truemixx Pro 1000 Watt Mixer Grinder is a fantastic option. Delicious pastes, purees, and batters are made easy with this mixer.

Bosch has successfully merged German technology with a very particular culinary tradition in the kitchens of India. With one of the most advanced stone grinding technologies, the Bosch TrueMixx Pro Mixer Grinder gives you the flavour and texture of dry grinding. It has a 1000-watt 3-C series motor with 100% copper windings, which deliver high torque. Delicious pastes, purees, batters, and even powders can be made using it.

For effective grinding, there are four stainless steel jars with flow breakers. The Active Flow Breaker technology and its finest stainless steel blades guarantee a powerful performance in both dry and wet grinding. It comes with a plastic spatula, a pounding blade, a 1500 ml blender, a 1500 ml wet grinder, a 1000 ml dry grinder, a 400 ml chutney grinder, and a 1500 ml wet grinder jar. This model is unique and more effective than other versions since it uses different technology.

Strong plastic lid locks on mixer grinders to stop spills and allow for hands-free operation. This enables you to control your cooking safely and effectively.

Colour: BlackMaximum RPM:  –Item Dimensions: 49.5 x 21 x 21.9 CentimetersPower: 1000 Watt motorIight: 5kg 200gIncluded Components: Mixer Grinder, 1 x Plastic blender jar 1500ml, fruit filter, 1 x Dry grinding jar, 1000 ml, 1 x Chutney grinding jar, 400 ml
High-quality stainless steel blades for perfect grinding and juicing.Stone Pounding technology.Blunt Pounding blade.Fluffier batter with active flow breaker.More quantity of juice than a regular juicer.Sturdy lid-locks for hands-free operation.Value for money.Overload protector for safe operations.Ergonomic design of jar handles for easy operations.Concealed bush for contamination free mixing and grinding30 minutes motor rating (5 min On and 2 min Off, maximum 6 cycles).Strong suction feet for added stability.Two-year manufacturer warranty.No LED indication.A bit noisy.A lil costly.Not so easy to clean.

Overall Score: 


The stone-pounding mechanism of the mixer grinder will produce astounding results in a matter of minutes. These jars can produce nutritious juices and light batters, but they cost more than other models available.

Who should buy it?This Bosch TrueMixx Pro model is an excellent substitute for more expensive mixer grinders, so you can spend money on it. With its very silent operation and fusion of technology and tradition, it will make cooking much simpler. A well-known manufacturer of premium mixer grinders is Bosch. This explains why so many customers select Bosch products. Utilizing a special technology, the TrueMixx Pro 1000 Watt Mixer Grinder is more effective than other versions.

Panasonic MX-AC400 550-Watt Super Mixer Grinder with 4 Jars (Black)

All of your grinding and mixing needs can be satisfied with the Panasonic MX-AC400 mixer blender. Panasonic is renowned for producing high-end kitchen equipment and appliances.

It may be used for a variety of purposes, and it is expertly designed to operate easily. The Panasonic mixer grinder is a compact mixer grinder that readily fits into any kitchen.

The Panasonic MX-AC400 comes with 4 jars to satisfy your grinding and mixing needs: 3 are made of stainless steel, and 1 is a durable blender jar. Everything from creating pastes and mincing meat to extracting juice from fruits and vegetables may be done in these jars.

The motor’s 550 Watts of power is more than enough to finish all grinding and blending jobs. The multifunctional MX-AC400 mixer grinder was created. It is simple to use and has the extensive capability.

There is a circuit breaker system in the Panasonic MXAC400 mixer grinder. Additionally, it has blades made of hardened stainless steel.

Colour: BlackMaximum RPM:  –Item Dimensions: 53 x 22.5 x 41 CentimetersPower: 550 Watt motorIight: 6kg 550gIncluded Components: Mixer Unit-1, Jar With Lid,Filter Unit,PC Jar With Lid,Mil Jar With Lid,Chutuney Jar With Lid,Spatula,Fruit Pusher,Whipping Blade,Operating Instruction.
Safety locking system as per international standard.5 years motor warranty.Flow breaker Jar help to increase grinding efficiency.Circuit breaker system.Juicer Type: Centrifugal Juicer.Double Safety Lock System.Samurai edge with hardened stainless steel blade.550-watt powerful motor.Magic seal protection.3-speed setting.Sturdy handles.Heavier than other opponents.Noisy.Not meant for tough grinding.

Overall Score: 


This mixer grinder was created specifically to carry out tasks like juicing and blending. The output from this mixer grinder is prompt and effective. Some people dislike the way the lid is made.

Who should buy it?The 550-Watt Panasonic MXAC400 SUPER MIXER Grinder is designed to meet all of your grinding and blending needs. You can dry-grind spices, prepare pastes, squeeze juice from fruits or vegetables, and blend shakes with this 4-jar mixer. You can ask it to do anything. It is simple to use and makes cooking enjoyable. There are several appealing characteristics of the Panasonic MXAC400 550-Watt SUPER MIXER Grinder that will entice you to buy it. Before making a purchase, compare to see if the product quality is equivalent.

Panasonic MX-AC555 550W Mixer Grinder with 5 Jars, Gold, Bronze

The Panasonic MXAC555 mixer grinder is another well-liked product from the company. Anyone who requires a quick and easy mixie should consider this mixer grinder model. This mixer is controlled by a powerful 550-watt motor. It generates the most production. It’s simple to produce tasty dishes using this mixer.

The mixer grinder comes with 4 stainless steel jars, 1 polycarbonate juicer jar, and 5 high-quality jars. There are double safety locking mechanisms on this mixer grinder. For small kids, the child lock on this appliance is helpful.

Colour: Gold, BronzeMaximum RPM:  –Item Dimensions: 15 x 14.4 x 13.6 CentimetersPower: 550 Watt motorIight: 7kg 400gIncluded Components: Panasonic MX-AC555 (Bronze) Double safety locking mixer ginder with Four Stainless Steel Jar (Chutney Jar, Big Chutney Jar , Grining Jar ,Blender Jar Polycarbonate (PC) Juice Extractor Jar)
Warranty: 2 Year warranty on products and 5 years on Motor.Double safety locking system.Convenient Piano Type Button Switches.Child Lock Safety.Juicing, blending, dry grinding, coconut milk extraction, coffee grinding, wet grinding, egg beating, meat mincing, ice crushing.The True 5 stainless steel Jar Mixer.Powerful 550 watt motor.Multipurpose stainless steel blades.Convenient juice extractor.Flow breaker jars.Circuit breaker system.High noise levels.

Overall Score: 


The mixer grinder has double interlocking facilities and an auto-off mechanism for safety. Compared to models from other top brands, it is quieter.

Who should buy it?With a chic switch button, the Panasonic MXAC555 550 Watts Blender Grinder is easy to use. The stainless steel jars assure the longevity of the product. The ultimate kitchen appliance for Indian households is a mixer grinder. In India, the Panasonic MXAC555 Mixer Grinder is suitable for both mixing Kenwood mixers and general household use. The 550 Watts Panasonic MXAC400 mixer grinder can be used for blending and juicing. The equipment, nevertheless, can be quite loud.

Preethi Zodiac MG-218 mixer grinder, 750 watt, Black/Light Grey, 5 jars

A top-rated mixer grinder for larger families with a variety of mixing, blending, and grinding needs is the Preethi Zodiac MG 218. You receive 5 jars of various sizes that can be used for nearly any mixing or blending task.

The flour can be quickly kneaded using the Zodiac MG 218 mixer. Additionally, it has quick slice and grate speeds of two pulses each. The heavy-duty, 750-watt motor is strong and extremely effective.

The mixer grinder by Preethi is made with food-grade, ROHS-compliant parts. The mixer grinder can be used for grinding for up to 30 minutes. The MG 218 mixer grinder is strong and can be used to knead flour or blend liquids.

Colour: Black or light greyMaximum RPM:  –Item Dimensions: 32 x 58.1 x 32 CentimetersPower: 750 Watt motorIight: 8kg 490gIncluded Components: Bottom assembly, Jar, Chutney Jar, Lid, Dome, Master chef and jar, Atta kneader, Chopping blade, Slicing blade, Grating blade, Citrus press, Juicer jar, Stirrer, Instructional manual, Customer care list and Guarantee card
Easy to use.Graceful design and elegant colour.Speed controls having rotatory switch with 3 speed and incher.Master chef jars which kneads aata in 1 minute and chops vegetables with 4 pulses.Razor sharped stainless steel blades that allow finest grinding and juicing experience.Vega W5 motor.3-In-1 Insta fresh Fruit Juicer Jar – Centrifugal juicing for instant juice, Super Extraction for coconut and tamarind extraction and Blending.Motor Warranty: 5 Years, Product Warranty: 2 Years.Safety indicator.LED indicator.Powerful 750-watt motor.More expensive than other opponents.Noisy.Not very easy to clean.

Overall Score: 


Customers praise the performance of the product. You could prefer a different model if you don’t use it frequently because it can be expensive.

Who should buy it?A 750 Watt strong motor powers the Preethi Zodiac MG 218 mixer grinder, ensuring reliable functioning. You can use this product to assist you with all of your tasks, including slicing veggies and kneading atta. 750-Watt Preethi Zodiac 218 Outstanding results and five-jar operation are provided by the best blender grinder. This will assist you with a variety of kitchen tasks. It can be used for a variety of tasks, such as blending and mixing. The price of this mixer grinder model may be higher than that of other mixer types.

Preethi Chef Pro Mixer Grinder, 750 watt, 3 Jars, White

The mixer grinder from Preethi is compact and stylish. To help you with your cooking, there are three jars: a large one that holds 1.5 L, a medium one that holds 1.0 L, and a small one that holds 0.5 L.

Making masala and batter with the Preethi Chef pro mixer grinder is quick, simple, and hassle-free. This mixer grinder makes cooking easier by reducing the amount of effort needed. Mixie jars have transparent dome-shaped lids and are entirely made of stainless steel.

The mixer grinder’s stainless steel blades can quickly mince vegetables and split coconut into pieces. Because of its shock-proof ABS body and triple PVC insulation, the Preethi Chef Pro-750-Watt mixer grinder is secure.

Colour: WhiteMaximum RPM:  –Item Dimensions: 44.5 x 38.5 x 24.5 CentimetersPower: 750 Watt motorIight: 4kgIncluded Components: 1 Mixer grinder, 1 1.5 Litre big jar, 1 1.0 Litre middle jar and 1 0.5 Litre chutney jar.
100% stainless steel jars with flow breakers for fine grinding.Life long free service.Clear transparent polycarbonate dome and lid, Straight Jars for efficient grinding.The jars and blades are rust proof.The domes and lids are made of unbreakable polycarbonate material.Sturdy ergonomically designed handles.Machine ground and polished steel blades for optimal grinding efficiency.PVC insulated 3 core, flexicord with 6 Amps plugtop and earthing.Warranty: 2 years.Heat Sensitive cutoff for protection against voltage fluctuation and overload.Powerful 750 watt motor.Noisy.A better model is available at lesser price.Low quality in comparison to others.

Overall Score: 


In the kitchen, the Preethi Chef pro mixer grinder can be a real benefit. It is ideal for blending masalas and preparing batters. While using this mixer would make cooking easier, you may also get a better option from another brand.

Who should buy it?The portable machine has the power to quickly grind all the ingredients you require. If you need to knead and chop, grate or slice, as well as carry out additional chores like meat chopping, citrus pressing, pureeing, etc., the Preethi Chef Pro-750-Watt Mixer Grinder is the perfect option. This food processor works quickly, easily, and without fuss. To improve your kitchen, the Preethi Chef Pro750-Watt Mixer Grinder was expertly developed. It can reduce the time needed to chop, grind, and grate ingredients for purees and batters. Additionally, a better model is available for less money.

Bajaj Rex 500W Mixer Grinder with Nutri-Pro Feature, 3 Jars, White

Are you looking for a compact, user-friendly mixer grinder? You ought to take a look at the Bajaj Rex.

All of your kitchen’s mixing and grinding requirements can be satisfied by a Bajaj Rex 500W mixer grinder. It is one of India’s best and most reliable mixer grinders. Along with blades, the package comes with three stainless steel jars: a liquidising jar, a multipurpose jar, and a chutney jar. It’s made of durable rust-free ABS plastic.

The 500-Watt motor is shielded from power surges by the motor overload protection mechanism. It has vacuum feet that prevent it from moving. Everything from making chutney to extracting and combining fruit and vegetable juices may be done with this mixer. The Bajaj Rex Mixer Grinder is among the best in terms of value and is also one of the most affordable models available. The jars are simple to handle, making it simple to attach them to the mixer grinder. Additionally, there are three speeds available.

Colour: WhiteMaximum RPM:  –Item Dimensions: 16.6 x 11.2 x 5.5 CentimetersPower: 500 Watt motorIight: 2kgIncluded Components: Mixer grinder, Warranty card, Instruction manual and Service details
Sturdy stainless steel jars.Easy grip jar handles.Multi-functional blade system. Elegant body design.500W motor is powerful enough to carry out several tasks.3 jars – a 1.2 L liquidizing jar, a 0.8 L dry grinding jar and a 0.3 L chutney jar.3 speed control.Multifunctional blade system.The Rex 500W has a sturdy rust-proof body and a highly durable stance.LED indicator.Affordable.Lightweight.Noisy.Average build quality.

Overall Score: 


A fantastic kitchen tool that offers outstanding performance in stainless steel is the Bajaj Rex Mixer Grinder. Because of how simple it is to grind and blend, you can use it to aid in cooking. However, it is a noisy product that is of low quality when in use.

Who should buy it?The Bajaj mixie will be the ideal tool if you’re looking for a simple chutney-making method. It can be used for both wet and dry grinding, and the liquidising jar can also be used to extract the juice. You can quickly make fresh juice with this mixer so that you can start your day with freshly squeezed juice. If you want something that can handle everything, this model is a flexible option. The Bajaj mixer is a multipurpose mixer. This mixer uses less energy and is perfect for creating purees and chutneys. The containers are simple to attach and remove, which can help you save time.

Prestige Iris 750 Watt Mixer Grinder with 3 Stainless Steel Jar + 1 Juicer Jar (White and Blue)

The kitchenware brand Prestige is well-known. One of the best-selling brands in India is known for its reliability and popularity. The Prestige Iris 750W is a juicer in addition to a grinder. This versatile device can rapidly and simply handle any mixing work because of its 750W motor.

The fourth stainless steel jar is for the juice, while the first three are for mixing, mincing, chopping and grinding. Prestige Iris 750W is composed of ABS plastic, which makes it both incredibly durable and portable. It does a good job of withstanding overheating. This is the model to choose if you want a mixer grinder that grinds perfectly, is affordable and makes very little noise.

The Prestige Iris Mixer Grinder’s multi-function blade design makes it simple to process food. Each jar is easy to attach to the mixer grinder because of its easy-to-grip handle.

Colour: White and blueMaximum RPM:  20000Item Dimensions: 51 x 28 x 29.5 CentimetersPower: 750 Watt motorIight: 6kgIncluded Components: No of Jars: 4; Jar Size: It grinding jar (1.5L), Juicer Jar(1.5) LDry grinding jar (1 L), Chutney Jar (300ml); Jar Material: Stainless Steel + Juice Jar(Polycarobonate).
3 speed control.4-Super Efficient Stainless Steel Blades.Superior Grade Plastic Body.Versatile jars designed to perfection with superior quality stainless steel.Handle the jar with ease with the ergonomically designed sturdy handles.Powerful 750 Watts motor.Motor Warranty: 2; Product Warranty: 2.Overload protection switch.Juicer jar with sieve.Light weight.Noisy.Poor material quality.

Overall Score: 


Despite having a lovely design and a 3-speed control, the mixer grinder variant is not as well-rated due to the poor quality of the material. Even though some consumers noticed problems, it is a nice product at a reasonable price.

Who should buy it?Do you desire something reliable and powerful? A fantastic choice is Prestige Iris. You don’t have to struggle to find a place to fix your equipment. Don’t worry if something does go wrong. It is simple to obtain spare parts. If you want to get the most for your money, this is the best option. Due to its high performance, this mixer grinder can make cooking easier by requiring less effort.

Rico Mixer Grinder 750 Watts Motor

If you’re searching for a powerful and modern mixer grinder, the 750-Watt Rico Mixer Grinder is a great option. European design standards were followed in the construction of the Rico Mixer Grinder. It supports Japanese Quick Grind Technology, which accelerates grinding.

The 750-watt heavy-duty motor for the Rico Mixer Grinder is entirely built of copper, ensuring a long lifespan free of corrosion. Rico’s mixer grinder has three reliable, durable stainless-steel jars.

Liquidating jar – 1.5 litres

Chutney jar – 0.5 litre

Multipurpose jar – 1.1 litres

The Rico Mixer Grinder is not only a powerful machine but also stylish and simple to use. ABS, a shock-resistant material that withstands testing, is used for the mixer’s body. Using the 3-speed selector knob, you can modify the grinding speed. The knob has a whipper option as well.

Colour: RedMaximum RPM:  –Item Dimensions: 31 x 23 x 45 CentimetersPower: 750 Watt motorIight: 5kgIncluded Components: Mixer Grinder Body, Accessories, Manual instruction, Warranty Card
Powerful copper turbo motor.3 speed selector knob with whipper option.Easy grip anti slippery handles.3 stainless steel jars.Anti-skid feet.Elegant & Compact Designing.Safety Assurance.Premium Quality Material.Unbreakable poly-carbonate dome covers.Circuit Breaker for overload protection.Beautiful ABS plastic body.Heavy duty 750 watts motor.Easy to use.Easy to clean.Jar flow breakers helps in reducing chunks.Plastic quality is not good.Noisy.

Overall Score: 


For design and aesthetics, Rico Mixer Grinder receives a perfect score. Installing this grinder will make any kitchen more cheerful. It is a reliable machine that may be used for a variety of grinding applications.

Who should buy it?Anyone searching for a 750-Watt mixer grinder that is both aesthetically beautiful and strong enough to handle a variety of grinding needs should choose the Rico Mixer Grinder. Rico’s powerful mixer grinder can accomplish everything, including creating chutney and extracting juice. The Rico Mixer Grinder, 750-watt, costs a little bit more than its competitors, but it outperforms them all in terms of quality, appearance, and performance.

Here are our top 11, one of which is the best mixer grinder available in India. Are you still undecided about the mixer grinder you should buy? Check out the in-depth mixer grinder guide to assist you in making your choice.

The Complete Guide To Buying the Best Mixer Grinder In India

India is famous for its spices and masalas. Indians enjoy a wide variety of chutneys in their cuisine. A mixer grinder is necessary for any Indian kitchen.

A small mixer grinder will do for a household of two to three or a single person. A mixer grinder with higher functionality and more jars is preferable for large families.

There are numerous mixer grinder model-specific considerations that could affect your choice of the best mixer grinders in India. You should think about these factors when buying a mixer before making a choice. You should take into account the brand, design, durability, warranty, and other elements. The best mixers for your kitchen will be covered in greater detail in the following blog post.

These are the elements that will help you select the best mixer grinder for India.

  1. The Price

Buying a mixer grinder might cost as low as 1,000 rupees or as much as 5,000 rupees. Some mixer grinders, though, are more expensive. Price will vary depending on the mixer grinder’s features, size, and brand.

  1. Type of machine

Every kitchen appliance used for household chores like chopping, grinding and pureeing needs a mixer grinder. You can prepare your meal more quickly and with less trouble if you use a mixer grinder. When selecting the ideal mixer, take your needs into account. Purchasing a mixer grinder is less expensive than purchasing a mixer and grinder separately.

The mixer grinder and the juicer mixer grinder are the two primary varieties. Food ingredients can be blended, chopped, minced, and mixed in mixer grinders. Using a juicer mixer, you may also extract and blend fruit and vegetable juices.

  1. Product Design

When picking a mixer grinder for your kitchen, power is a crucial factor to take into account, but you also need to pay attention to the product’s style. Mixie needs to have a chic appearance that will spruce up your kitchen.

Both a tower and an L-shaped design are possible. The tower style is more popular because it is easy to use and keep clean.

  1. Types of Blades

Blades for various types of grinder mixers vary. Blades for mixer grinders are removable and constructed of stainless steel, making them more durable and convenient. The blade can be changed as often as necessary.

  1. Speed Controls & Settings

The ideal grinder is a mixer with speed control. To ensure that the food stays excellent and that you have the best cooking experience possible, you can regulate the speed of the mixer grinder. Using the speed control settings, you can keep an eye on and manage the speed and operation of the blades inside the mixer grinder.

As a result, you can adjust the level from low to medium to high as necessary. When purchasing a mixer grinder, you should take this factor into account.

  1. Quality and durability

Since mixer grinders are kitchen appliances that are used frequently, it’s critical to choose one that will last longer. You should confirm that the mixer grinder’s outside body is constructed of high-quality plastic after looking at the material.

To avoid rust, the best stainless steel jars are also really great. Plastic jar lids need to be break-resistant, thus it’s crucial to check them.

  1. Warranty

The warranty on mixer grinders may differ from one manufacturer to the next. Before you buy a mixer grinder, look into the manufacturer’s warranty on the mixer. During this time, if the mixer grinder breaks down, the manufacturer will either replace the broken part or fix it.

The majority of mixer grinder companies have a 2–5 year warranty. Even the most well-known mixer grinder brands in India have a 7–10 year warranty. A mixer grinder’s motor has a longer warranty than its body.

  1. Maintenance

During the warranty term, you can speak with the dealer about service or maintenance. You can still get your mixer fixed even after the warranty has run out by just paying a nominal fee to a nearby dealer or service facility.

Along with the specifications and names of the best mixie companies, these are the most important recommendations to keep in mind when searching for the best mixer grinder in India.

Features Of Best Mixer Grinder In India

Speed -You can have more control over the blending, grinding, and combining of ingredients using mixer grinders that have various speeds.

Overload Protection –The motor is subjected to increased loads if you use the mixer grinder to process more than the recommended quantity. This can make it more likely that the machinery will sustain damage. To avoid this, install a circuit breaker. By providing overload protection, a mixer grinder can protect you from unfavourable overload circumstances and last longer.

Jar Count –A varied number of jars is included with each mixer grinder. The usual number of jars is 3. Some offer more than others. You should have as many jars as possible to fulfil your various grinding and mixing needs.

Pulse Facility/Incher –You can chop delicate things like parsley, onions, and hard-boiled eggs with this pulse setting. Making milkshakes with inchers is a breeze.

Locking System –If a locking mechanism is present, a mixer grinder won’t start until the jar is properly positioned. For families with young children, this function is essential.

Type of Switch –Rotary and piano are the two available types. Some juicer mixer grinders may also include press switches. These switches you may typically utilise with dials. Compared to other types of switches, piano-type switches are push-button speed selectors that are simpler to operate.

Mixer grinder’s safety tips

Although using a mixer grinder can be relatively simple, there are a few things to be aware of to prevent any risks or accidents. As follows:

  • The inner walls and the blades of the mixer grinder jars may be damaged if hot items are added to them.
  • You should add enough water to the batters or purees to avoid overloading the motor.
  • Make sure your mixer grinder has an earthing system to prevent electric shocks.
  • Before you begin, let the air out of the jar. Additionally, check to see that the lid is securely sealed to prevent spills.
  • You should shut off the main switch to prevent shock incidents.
  • Put the mixer grinder on a non-slip surface to guarantee safety.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best mixer grinder brands on the market in India?

Sujata and Bajaj, Rico Appliances (Panasonic), Preethi Zodiac (Panasonic), and Prestige are the manufacturers of the top mixer grinders in India.

What is the duration of the mixer grinder’s warranty?

Each company provides a motor warranty of five years and a product warranty of two to five. The warranty services offered by various brands can differ.

Is it still safe to use the mixer grinder if there is a burning smell?

After the first or second use of the mixer grinder, it is safe to use if there is only a slightly smoky scent, but if there is a burning smell, you should contact customer support.

Can you use any liquid in a mixer grinder without risk?

The liquid may be used in a mixer mill. To lessen the risk of shock or damage from overload, we advise using a shockproof mixer grinder.

How many different types of jars may be created with a mixer grinder?

The mixer grinder comes with three different sizes of jars: the smallest is for dry grinding, the middle one is for preparing pastes of various kinds, and the largest one is for making shakes.


A highly prized kitchen appliance is the mixer grinder. Vegetables, fruits, and other ingredients are swiftly chopped and reduced in size. Every kitchen must have a mixer grinder. Selecting a mixer grinder that will meet your demands and save you time is crucial. The best mixer grinders in India are those that we have described at a reasonable price in the market as well as on online shopping sites to help you make a good purchasing decision.

Simple information is provided in this post so that you may comprehend the pro and cons of each mixer grinder. This article’s buying guide for mixer grinders includes details on all the important manufacturers and many mixer grinder models, making it simple to select one.

To make it simple for you to distinguish between each mixer grinder, we have produced various tables that list its pro and cons. To make your work as simple as possible, all mixer grinders come equipped with the latest technology, including an LED indicator, a multi-blade, and multiple jars for different uses.

Our information on all mixer grinders is provided in the hopes that it will be helpful to you in choosing the right one. Post any other questions or concerns you might have in the comments section.

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